Saturday, November 26, 2011

Faux Flocked Frasier Furs, and Other Such Things...

Ok, so i'm really enjoying saying faux flocked frazier fur... I'll stop soon, i promise...

Anyway the tree is up... and for some reason, it's really hard to photograph... but here are some shots of it... i wanted to do all white, but the pink fairy always comes in and dusts my tree with pink, and then she adds candy canes... oh well, it can't be helped... a pink fairy is gonna do what she's gonna do...

I found this sweet little wreath for $5.00 at Home Depot, it was for their black friday sale...

It needs some flocking too... but i'm gonna try to settle for some of that spray on snow that you can buy at Wal Mart for a dollar..
I had some bits and peices of ribbon, and tied them all together with a twist tie, so the ribbon is quite a mix
and a sweet friend surprised me with me this glitter "Nest" today, so i just stuck it  on the wreath...

Here is a little vignette in the corner, i've been trying to use things i already have...
i have no idea what that string thing is that is hanging from the front of the little vignette...
my photos are filled with strings, dust, random pieces of paper, whole foods bags... 
i'm really not that great at the staging photographing part of it all, i just don't really "see" this stuff, visually i see the whole picture, not details...

I messed around with the mantel a little more... Wonder how many times this will change before Christmas...

The kids came over for Thanksgiving tonight, and i made their favorite, pecan pie with chocolate chips, it's epic... 

To decorate the table i had some random glass jars, and i added dollar store peppermints to them.  This really looks pretty if you have some of those tall glass jars with lids, like the kind you see at TJ Maxx all the time for nine to 12 bucks... they're  beautiful done in different heights in groups of three filled with peppermints...

I had this shredded pink paper i got somewhere, and added it to the jar...
 and a few chocolate covered cherries...

It was my funnest Thanksgiving in a long time.  My daughter (she's 21 now) actually looked at me and talked to me.  We were playing on the computer listening to some pretty songs, and she sang some songs for me, she has a beautiful voice and she likes opera!  This is the daughter who was a Bon Qui Qui double, rap queen with semi criminal mind...
  I think everyone has seen Bon Qui Qui, but if you haven't please watch...  

When she was younger she used to sing... but 
between the ages of 13 and 18 when she was a psychotic teenager and pretty much out of her mind.... 
she stopped singing...
I never knew why,...
but she has found her voice again... that was the best thing ever for me...
  My son who is 24 now and is about 95% "normal, but the other 5% is Aspergersy... came too, and he was drinking beer, and sneaking vodka shots... add Aspergers and alcohol and see how much fun you have if that's your kid.  
Anyway, he was really sweet, and thankful, and got all emotional when Ellie and I sang together 

we hate it when he is buzzed and emotional...

 and Ellie and i just looked at each other like "kill me now" 
and Ellie informed me that I used to say that alot when they were young and we were in our house all together...

...terrific what kids remember...
you could connect an iv with your blood directly to them, and save their life and die right in front of them as you sacrifice your one and only life to save theirs..
but what they'll remember is the fact that you said, 
"just kill me now"   ...alot...

Anyway, it was one of my most wonderful thanksgivings ever.. it's been a hard year, and i am really thankful that we were together in all our dysfunction... 
It was us, and no one will ever get us like we do...

the end


  1. everything looks so pretty, I just did all mine too. hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. so happy for your "funnest" thanksgiving! what is important is being together and sharing things that are only special to your family. i don't know of ANY family that doesn't have some sort of dysfunction? your decorations look beautiful.

  3. wie wundervoll weihnachtlich.
    Euch eine schöne Zeit.

  4. Hi Cindy,
    You've got me crackin up again and it's so early in the morning! I love the way you tell it like it is with your kids. Little do they know what we as Moms would sacrafice for them. I'm glad that your daughter has found her voice again.

    Your home looks very lovely. I love a flocked tree but having one is not in the budget for me and I'm sure I would totally screw one up if I tried to do it myself! LOL!

    Time for me to get movin cause this "dysfunctional" family is stirring!


  5. Cindy you are cracking me up! Families all together are always so fun and sometimes crazy in many ways ~
    My girls are the same ages as your kids ~ It is a great time of life!!

  6. Everything looks so PRETTY! I love the ribbon and mercury glass and the touches of pink! It looks magical!

  7. Wow, I needed to read this~it is beautfiul, the truth is. So glad you had a wonderful time with your kids this year. Laughing so hard at the kill me now part...I can relate! The tree is so pretty, did you flock it yourself or did you buy it all flocked up!! haha, had to say that....

  8. Your posts are a delight to read, your photos are delightful too, string and all. I look at the whole picture as well.

  9. You do Christmas so RIGHT Cindy! I am in love with your flocked tree!!!
    Your writing is always right on too my friend. You always make me laugh! Isn't family just sometimes the weirdest thing ever? We get really crazy here sometimes with the stories of 'remember when mom'. They never forget...EVER!
    hugs from here...

  10. I am so happy for you Amy...all kids remember the weird stuff but deep down in side they remember the important stuff too! Your tree is so pretty! Love the flocking!~Hugs, Patti

  11. Love your faux flock... thinking I must do that.. but how.. hmmmmm. And yes.. my 21 year old came home, almost human that one.. but the 19 scowled, the 17 would not eat our food and the 10 and 13 were confused. Kill me now :)


  12. You're as crazy about pink as I am about red! Your tree is flocking gorgeous ~ :-) Seriously, it is really pretty and the touches of pink in all of your decor is very feminine and elegant.

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. You know, there are no Norman Rockwell families...those are only in paintings.


  13. ... no one will every 'get us' like we do. Priceless. Thank God for you and your wonder blog!!! Seriously. You make me smile and remind me to embrace, well, whatever happens to fall in my path. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving. Patty/BC

  14. That tree is how you've decorated it!! Have a wonderful week!

  15. This post was hilarious. Makes me feel better about my own Thanksgiving! Your flocked tree, wreath and mantel are gorgeous!

  16. I'm not sure how I ended up here tonight, but am so glad I did. LOVE your sense of humour and personally, I think you photographed your faux flocked Frasier fir just beautifully!

    I've got you marked and will be back for more laughs and pink inspiration.

    Ciao and happy holidays,

  17. Hi Cindy that you for your visit and the comment you left truly treasured.
    Your tree is beautiful and looks so ready for Christmas, I will keep my eye on you for all that you inspire through the holidays :)


  18. First off, I LOVE your flocked tree....and your sense of humor. Your home looks so pretty with the xmas decor.
    And how touching about your Thanksgiving day. It's true - just being together and happy is enough to make it special. :)

  19. What a lovely post love your tree and how you have decorated for Christmas. I have just found your wonderful blog. I'm now following you if you find a spare minute come and visit me follow if you like so nice to find new friends to keep in touch with on blogger. I hope you have a great day.

    Always Wendy

  20. kill me now.

    yours is a beautiful soul.

    so no surprise the bird has rediscovered her song.

    or that you can find humor in a potentially awkward mix of vodka, peace, and asper-ness.

    this has warmed my heart.



  21. that pie.

    i remember making something like this years ago called kentucky derby pie. is it the same deal?


  22. Funny story! Kids....they will break your heart over and over again...pie looks dang good.

  23. I just love your blog. I love how you narrate it like a normal person. I can relate. Show me a family that isn't a little dysfunctional and I'll show you a family that has no fun. lol


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