Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Got my Slipcovers!

So the slipcovers for my new (old) sofa are finally done!

What do ya think?

Of course there are throws strewn all over it, and it's all a little messy.  I'm always attempting to take photos around messy pillows, and throws, and guitars, and cords from guitars, doggie toys, remote controls, crooked lampshades, eye glasses,cell phones,  glasses of soda... and sunlight blaring in the window.  

If i waited until everything was perfect and staged to take a photo, you would never, not once see a photo from this little house!!

anyway... just look at the coral color on the vintage throw (below) from my friend's shop... i'm debating buying it, but...
good grief!!!  
there are just too many wonderful things in the world!

even so,  isn't the color soooo yummy!

and speaking of the coral throw from my friend's shop 

JUST LOOK at this huge galvanized bucket filled with dogwood and wisteria, and the vintage doors propped on the wall

Oh my gosh, i am dying over this bucket, and i want it so bad, but it is really really big.

I measured and the top is 28 inches across... 

I mean my house is small, just a little cottage bungalow really, and i don't actually think i have a single place for it! 
believe me, i'm sure trying to think of a place!

Anyway, just feast your eyes on this gorgeous stuff...

I'm sure you can see why i would want it all!

so completely wonderful, i can't stand it....

Ok, Cindy, get over it, The bucket will not fit in your house!  It will take up half the dining room and look stupid, and you can't afford it!!!

But, but, but....

...the end...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Chair ...

My friend had this sweet little vanity chair at her shop the other day, and of course i picked it up and hauled it outta there...

I swear she must look for things she thinks i'll like when she's out shopping, and just wait to see when i'll spot it in the shop and grab 
it up...

when i walk in she probably starts counting
5 - 4 - 3 - 2- 1
bingo! she spotted it! 

I'm pretty sure i'm her best customer!

Here is the chair with a little makeover

 Recently i was at another cute little shop in town, and found this vintage tablecloth, i think it is barkcloth fabric, what exactly is that anyway???

It has the most wonderful texture, and i couldn't resist the flowers and  cheerful colors.  
It was a little tattered and worn in spots, but i just couldn't leave it... 
Why does the barkcloth feel like that, why is it so yummy!?

As i paid for it i was thinking, 
i don't need this, 
i don't know what i'm gonna do with it, 
why am i buying it... etc... 

...you've probably been there...

anyway, it wasn't long after buying the tablecloth that i ended up with the sweet little chair

and voila!

the pairing was meant to be
it was fate
sigh... so romantic
is it mentally ill to fall in love with "things" like chairs and fabric???

here is the before

 here is me draping the tablecloth on the chair getting the idea
is that how you spell draping, or is it drapping... why does that word always look so weird?

and, here it is painteddressed up,  and ready to use as spare seating anywhere!


that fabric just makes me so happy every time i look at it!

it's funny... i don't even like red
but i love this

and Courtney's red and white gingham sofa
scroll down you'll see the edge of it
and you'll be at the most beautiful blog ever! 

anyway, hmmmmm, maybe i do like red


So it's my daughter Ellie's birthday again

and time for another pansie cake!

 so easy to make

and so unlike the purple penis cake her friends gave her
lord help me

I was a little short on pansies this year, so I went to Home Depot and stole every one of those pansies
just chose the best colors to match yellow icing, plucked a few here and there and left as pretty as ya please
heeeyyyy, it was for a good cause ya'll!
see how i justified that
i'm  a total criminal sometimes
anyway, Ellie turned 23 April 15th
and she's finally almost sane!!!

well, except for a few exceptions 

and that's pretty much all i've got for now!

...the end....




Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I HAD to Show Ya'll This....

Just LOOK at this crazy romantic sofa!

You may remember i have a friend who has a shop with two other partners

I am the featured artist for the shop
My friend always gets really jealous when other shop owners want to sell my work
and she'll say
"You are exclusive to my shop!"
she's sooo bossy about it too!

But it makes me feel kinda good for someone to get jealous over me and my work
so i kinda like it...

seeeeee... here is one of my paintings at an event held at the shop


Anyway, one of the partners brought this sofa in to sell the other day

I almost fell over dead when i saw it!

Isn't it fun and cool and pretty!

the coral, white and gray pillows from Home Goods look so great on it too... 
a modern touch to the whole Romantic, Hollywood Regency flair and fluff

it even has a matching chair!

Donna, the partner who discovered and redid it said,

  "you should have seen it when i found it"!!

which says to me that the sofa must have looked fairly rough around the edges
most likely with some very dated worn fabric and cushions

She had it covered it in a heavy soft white linen

and tada!
a masterpiece!
she looks like a million dollars! 

i thought ya'll would get a kick out of it too

...the end...