Monday, August 27, 2012

White Sofa, Pillow, and Another New Painting...

So, since i'm feeling like the least interesting person on earth, I resorted to showing you some photos of my white sofa with pillow arrangements on it.

I guess that's one of the reasons i love a white slipcovered sofa, you can change out the pillows any time and introduce a new color into the room

Especially if i'm low on money, and can't "fill the void" with shopping...

That's what i call it when i'm feeling compelled to shop
or eat chocolate
or drink vodka

we all have some kind of a void, don't we?

 ...I remember once telling my sister how i just wanted to be happy...

and she said in the way that sisters do

"Stop trying to be happy, Nobody's happy"!

it was awesome 
i mean, isn't that smart!?
It actually made me very happy to hear that

I found this little pillow with white script at TJ Maxx
and heck, it was only $19.99
and it's down filled

I think it's cute as anything and a good price for this type of pillow


here it is with the cinemaScope effect in Picassa


kinda fun effect

here, wrinkley and smushed into my chair, the way it usually looks...

more sofa pics
you'll see lots of baskets everywhere, i love me some baskets!

 Here without the pink pillow

see that blue toile pillow
that is one of my favorite toile designs
it looks good with everything

 it's called

Covington Bosporus Flax

I'm kinda crushing on that new Annie Sloan fabric that  
Amy at Maison Decor will be carrying too

it's the one on the bottom right 
called Normandie Toile

I went to her blog, and ended up seeing this moira clock from another post... 
goodness gracious, look how adorable this is
Amy sells Moira clocks, and she'll paint them for you!

oops - got a little sidetracked there...

Back to my house...
here is a little standing lamp i've been messing with forever

I see so many bloggers do amazing creative things with lampshades, but i just don't seem to be able to come up with anything that great for this lamp

I tried a burlap bow, 
She can make anything look fabulous!

I need her here!

Anyway, my burlap bow was all floppy and messy, and it looked stupid

So i just wrapped some torn up pieces of silky pink fabric from the lining of a dress around the wire 

i can't stand the feeling of lining in clothes, i always cut it out 

 you can see the clothespins holding it all on together- 
maybe i should glue the wrapping and finish something!
ya think!??

 can't decide whether to paint the base or not...

 The roses are still being flirty and blooming their pretty little pink blooms, so i have to give audience to them of course

new dawn


 Here is my newest painting
it's 24 x 36

I do alot of  paintings of meadows, because i love a little sunlit meadow
and i think they open up a room, alot like a mirror does 

and that's all from me for now...

...the end...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dressin up the Door !

So, something that's pretty fun, and an easy fix for a boring door, is a big ole basket of flowers!

Mine are faux, a very nice french word for fake!

Anything in French sounds good even if it's poop,
i wonder what the french word for poop is...
i'm looking it up on my iphone right now,
hold on....
(this is how by brain works)
probably sounds really pretty...
ok, my iphone says it's Merde... or Defequer -
seeeeee.... so much nicer

ok, how did i get there???

anyway, doors.... (really!?)

this is my pink front door with a Picassa effect called CinemaScope...

Here's how it really looks

i added a silver tray behind the wreath just for fun
not sure if i like it or not...

but this post was supposed to be about my back door...
because i just hung a basket with faux fleurs on it too!

when we moved in it was just a dirty old grayish white metal door ...

I had seen a front door in this great shade of green, and decided to try it, and i liked it, it is a very happy color!

it totally complemented the flowers and pink geraniums in the window boxes nearby

Green is a great color, it goes with alot of things
here is a photo from Pinterest with green in a living room

When i look at the room, it just makes me feel good.. isn't that interesting!  it's such a color of life...

i really couldn't track down the original source

sooooo, anyway, last week, i had a pms attack, which involves creative surges,
 moving large pieces of furniture around the house,
 and pissing people off

but it does also involve - ideas!
this is were mr. fractured gets a look like shoot me in the face
not to worry mr. fractured,  no moving furniture this time...
why don't i just dress up this door with a basket of flowers too!

a few weeks back i showed you guys in a post how i painted the door to our attached shed a gray brown color...
i started by trying the same green, and it looked awful... !
why, why, why, do some colors look good one place and not another?;
anyway it ended up a kind of mushroom color
it had been a dingy gray white 

then i added a basket to it too...

what a difference these easy little additions can make... 

So that's probably more than any of you wanted to know about the color of the doors at my house!

a nice little thought found on pinterest

and that's all for now from "Rosebud Cottage"

...the end...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday's Painting...

Don't mean to inundate you guys with paintings... 

but it is fun to share my work

here is today's painting
She's on a big canvas
30" by 40"

I think she turned out a little bit like a magical faerie horse...
 She made me paint flowers all around her

Hmmm, what should her name be?

any ideas?

...the end...

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Surprise...

Every once in a while, i find a face that is so compelling that i have to try and paint it

- This is one of those faces -

He has the softest, sweetest, and most loving expression
For me... this is the face of love in it's purest form
  I couldn't resist painting him... 

This guy will soon be shipped to a blogger a lot of us know and love

Can anyone guess who his mom is?

Let's see how long before she finds this little surprise...!

this is so fun

...the end...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Little Cupboard with White Dishes in it...

So a while back, i found the cutest little cupboard, and painted it white, and painted the inside blue, but i never really took time to make it pretty like i see so many of you guys do. 

I start so many things, and get distracted and leave stuff half finished.  
It's like i get to a certain point, and the idea is in my head, and that's good enough.  


I've been inspired a million times by cupboards filled with white ware... so i went on a thrift shop hunt!

I already had a collection of white pitchers...

And low and behold, that very same day, i found these wonderful old Homer Laughlin plates at the thrift shop for 49 cents a piece

There must have been around 30 of these plates, so i took a few and tied them up in some burlap and ribbon
i thought the extras would  would be cute as a little thrift shop gift for someone 

they are very functional plates, 
and they're not from China and loaded with lead
... at least i think they're not loaded with lead...
anyway they are 
-made in America-
that must be said with a southern accent, don't know why, but that's what i hear when i say it in my head

I find  Homer Laughlin platters and coffee cups and plates at the thrift shop alot
They have a great look and weight, and i love them

so, i piled in the plates...
 shopped the house for other white stuff 
and i filled up my cupboard!

I'm gonna keep watching thrift shops for other cool white stuff

I have collected silver from the thrift shop, and tried filling it with silver, but it didn't look right..

i also had bunches of wine glasses collected from the 
(you guessed it) 
the thrift shop

i sound like the girl from "American Pie" the movie, who starts every sentence with , 
"this one time at band camp"...

I've saved the wine glasses over the years for if i ever have a party and lots of guests
which i never do
Here's how it looked before with silver and wine glasses

sorry, i don't really have a close up shot of it

Here are a few of my many inspiration photos of cupboards with white stuff in them
I love how unconstructed this one is


oh my goodness

another beauty, Pinterest is so filled up with beautiful images, it will make you swoon

So, anyway... it could use a few tweaks and some more cool pieces

I mean it's not ready for "Better Homes and Gardens or anything

 but i do like it better 

everything in this photo looks just a tad crooked... 
as i said before, lower your expectations of good photos from me

You'll see one of my sheep paintings in the photo
 and it appears that it is in a frame here, but actually it doesn't really fit the frame, so i rigged it with the metal hanger thingy, just to see how it looked in the vintage shabby frame... 

So until i find a frame that actually fits it, it'll probably stay this way for a while

 and how else to end a blog post but with some other finds from the thrift shop, 
and a touch of pink of course!
some little silver baby spoons tied up in a little pink bow... 

they're so cute !

the silver on the spoon is worn thin at the tip
 and it has little dents in it, baby teeth?

 the whole spoon bends like butter it's so silvery and soft and worn 

how cute is that!
that's what i call patina baby
I'm totally gushing here...

So that's it for current thrift shop finds, white cupboards, white plates, and sweet little baby spoons..

"and there was this one time at the thrift shop"....

...the end...