Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Have You Ever....

... Have you ever taken eleven thousand years to finally pick out a wall paint color, 

had Benjamin Moore and Home Depot put out a restraining order on you because you took too many paint color swatches

finally picked out a color you liked

Had your significant other 
(who will not allow you to paint because you are so messy)
paint the living room, dining room and kitchen....

and then decided that you really don't like the color at all

and then...

since you want to still live with that person because he is really pretty sweet and totally hot

...you slowly but surely start painting it the new preferred color that you should have chosen all along, while he wasn't at home so he wouldn't notice?

Have you ever done that?

So here is the new stealth paint color.

It is subtle, but if you look behind the lampshade and beside the curtain you may notice a square area that it is a tad less yellow and more grayish white
The color is "Halo" by BM

 Maybe you can see better here... -   see the yellowish color on top? It is Antique White.  That's the color i don't love - even though it is a nice color, the yellow bothers me
and you know how that is, 
if something bothers you, you become mentally ill until you can change it

you can see the more grayish white beside the door.  

and of course the random mess on the table

and here, behind the lamp is the new color, behind the big black box is the more yellow color that i'm changing

below most of the wall with the mirror is now the new color - I do like it better
you wanna hear something really slack
I haven't painted behind the mirror yet

Anyway, it is subtle, so you see how i can get by with it without Mr. Fractured noticing
I just couldn't bear to make him paint it all again...

good thing he doesn't read my blog!


So things are pretty much the same around here.... 

The roses have been great this year


This is a sweet one - just a little single petaled rose.  I love how simple it is

Here is a messy bouquet from the garden
Our cat Willow really loves to eat any flowers that i put in a jar and give attention to

you can imagine how thrilled i am with that

Messy bouquet again... 
Willow was helping me with this bouquet as you can see by the broken rose 

Yummy fading "Eden" roses

Here is a little photo of the front porch near dusk
I like to sit on that little bench, and watch the world go by

here is the view from the bench looking toward the street...  

My little "Daisy" is still blending in with the furniture

Willow has a new favorite toy - Paper that's in a box

apparently there are monsters and mice and all kinds of things to attack and kill under that paper...

Mr. Fracturedfairytale attempting to explain the rules of good behavior to Willow...

little does he know that the wall behind him is two different paint colors

 here she is just dying to go outside

and here is our solution

people think it's so weird and funny to see a cat on a harness

actually she has adjusted to it pretty well - except for the part where you put it on, or take it off

then she tries to kill you


I did do a series of 3 paintings that i kinda had fun with 

They're each 24 x 24 and I painted them using only 3 colors

Here they are again

I kind-of love them... 

I asked my daughter to help me name them

The one on the right she said he kinda looked like "derp", which he does - sweet but derpy - that's how he ended up being Wyatt Derp
The one on the left she thought looked kinda like a Billy Arthur - seemed perfect to me!

And then of course "Marley" named after Bob Marley - this is the second time i have painted him

I think they'd look cool on a dark grey/brown wall 

Ok, enough about these guys!

Sooo... I guess that's pretty much the overview...

I've been more on Instagram lately, 
so if you have an Instagram account let me know how to find you!  

It works better for me when i'm at work to do a quick instagram post or scan everyone's new pics

and did ya'll see Miss Mustard Seed's blog post about how she first got started...

It was so inspiring and touching to me
you should go read it...

...much love...

...the end...