Friday, October 29, 2010

Ok, one more of my favorite table.. It's my new best friend..

Dumpster Diving !

found two of these at the salvage shed at the local dump... the white one was $4.00...
try not to notice the tons of cords stuffed behind the suitcases, my sweet guy has lots of cords for his music stuff.. and guess where some of them are?

Pay no attention to that lady in the mirror

more sofa photos, and check out the cool lamps from Marshalls..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yummy Thrift Store Chair


Really Cute little Pendant light at Lowes

sofa Before and After

craigslist sofa... $75.00 Before (at the seller's house) and After at my house

Beautiful Fabric

look at this gorgeous fabric, it's "Corby check, Duck Egg" by Laura Ashley

What I Wore

do you ever put together a cute outfit, but then never remember it again, ever ever...? well that happens to me all the time, so i decided if i pulled off something that i liked, i'd take a little photo and put it in my closet... another blogger features "what i wore", so i think i'll do that too.. the little scarf is actually a little flimsy blouse in the prettiest fabric, that was waaaaaay too small for me... so i repurposed it! i hope showing "what i wore doesn't seem vain or eggocentric, i don't really think i'm that great, but i do think it's fun to see how people put together different outfits,,, usually i'm way to ADD to look normal at all..

Another Dining Room Redo Photo with a Cherub keeping watch

Dining with Angels... better photo of dining room redo...

The AMAZING Jennifer, At The Old Painted Cottage! You Have to go LOOK!

If you want to pay a small amount, for an amazing, unbelievably thorough, imaginative, talented lady to help you do a redo on a room in your house, you would be lucky as anything if you could get Jennifer from "theoldpaintedcottage" to help you. i'm gonna try to grab her button, but if i can't you HAVE go to her site, and watch in wonder at the transformations she did in her before and after photos, just click on "cottage 8" on her site, and your jaw will drop to the floor... plus she features a cottage of the month every month, and it is SO fun!

To Die For Pillow

look at this adorable pillow! i really want one! you can find the lady that made this on etsy

New Cow Painting, Almost Finished!

okey dokey , a new cow painting coming soon, i think she's sweet, do you like her?