Monday, January 27, 2014

Hi Guys!

Everytime i come over here to do a blog post, i get distracted by all the stuff you have going on and then i run out of time!

Good golly molly, ya'll are some interesting and talented friends!

Of course then there's Pinterest which can suck me in so bad... 
and Facebook, with kitten and puppy videos and cool decorating ideas
i don't even do instagram or twitter and i'm still overwhelmed
Social media is crazy right now, there are so many things!
i'm not even sure what i think about it at all... 
how do you guys prioritize your social media stuff!!??

Anyway, I've been crazy busy at work, so there is no time to goof off and read blog posts... and then i come home from work, and me little Daisyboo dive into the warm bed for a quick little nap, and then Mr. Fractured gets home from work, and then before i know it, it's the next day and back to work!

Sure would be nice to be a millionaire so i could work a little less

Do ya'll ever fantasize about what you'd do if you won the lottery?  It's a really fun game to play...

Ok, so i'm just gonna chatter on and show some pics since i don't have anything even remotely important or profound to share...

Here is a horse painting i am working on today...
I have to let it dry some before i do more to it

and i'm not exactly sure what i might add to the painting, 
some queen annes lace at the bottom left?
 a pink bridle?
sometimes simple is the best
anyway - just not sure yet... i'll have to live with it a while

now check out this insanely wonderful, shabby, adorable sofa!

It's at one of my favorite shops in the world 
"Salvage Sisters" in Burlington, NC
 it's not really for sale, it's for renting for weddings and stuff... 
I'm so renting this when and if me and Mr. Fractured get married

I know ya'll probably thought we were married, but we're not yet

Every spring i get all gushy and start thinking about planning a small wedding with wildflowers and twinkle lites 
all kind of hippie and fairieish...(new word)
and then it never fails, one of his or my ADULT KIDS will have a crisis (mine) or move back in our house 3 - 9 months for one reason or another ( his)

and then we both end up so emotionally disturbed from the whole experience
that we don't get married

Mr. Fractured's kids are "perfect"
my kids are, how do we say it, uhhhh challenging

 see my face - 
that challenging !
this is probably after a phone call from my daughter
actually could be a call from my son too


Plus i can't even plan something 15 minutes ahead of time

so the whole marriage thing is just too daunting  for me

I have the dress, i have the rings... and that's it so far

 Ok, i told you this was going to be a random bunch of stuff so there's more...

Here's another little painting i just finished

I am calling it "night light"

because white flowers just glow at night

anyway I wasn't sure if it was any good

but my friend liked it 
so now i like it

Isn't that stupid
that i don't know whether to like something unless someone else does
what is that?

It does look pretty in her shop
especially with all the white and gray goin on... 

It's not big, so if anyone wants to buy it, i don't think shipping would cost too much
it's $225.00

Ok, check out these paint colors
aren't they pretty!

I am DYING to paint something in a soft lavender
 I got the idea from 
"Bella's Rose Cottage"

Her house is painted in this heavenly lavender and everytime i see it i want my house to be all in lavender too 

wouldn't one of these colors be gorgeous with a cream stencil on top

kinda like Michele at "Hello Lovely" did in her magical little closet room 
you should go see, it's soooo pretty

Also been busy mailing out prints!
Lots of trips to my printer, proofing prints and then to fedex after work

Now i just have to show you two things from Pinterest

Look at this lantern - oh my gosh - isn't it wonderful!

sorry, i couldn't track the source on this one

and this dresser
love it to death...
love that shabby brick wall behind it too...

So you see, at least half of this blog post is about stuff ya'll are doing!

You're so smart and talented and inspiring!
 I'm serious!

and i know i talked about 50 different things in this blogpost
it's just that I haven't talked to you in so long 
and there are so many things i want to ramble on about

I am really curious though...
How DO you prioritize your social media stuff
there's so much of it!

and now luckily Mr. Fractured just came home and spared you even more random meanderings!

...the end...