Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bedroom Settee and White Plates...

So, i repainted my bedroom about a month ago, and updated the bedroom floors from carpet to plywood strips, and my friend suggested adding two little settees she had in her shop...

So sure enough, i stuffed them in the car, and hauled them home for mr. fractured to carry in... 

 he's so lucky to have me disturbing the peace around there all the time... smile...

there are two of them -
but i have no idea what contortion it would take to get a good photo of them both, so this is the best photo i was able to pull out with my iphone...

of course there is a wadded up blanket on one of them... did you ever hear of STAGING A PHOTO Cindy!!??

(that's the blanket i drag onto the bed when daisy and i take a nap)

this is "Daisy" my nap and snuggle buddy,  and i loooove her

she's such a little scruff muffin

The little settees  pretty much go with the bedroom, simple lines, and curves and neutral colors...

view from the bed....

thank goodness for white plates and platters... they always look pretty to me...


so you've heard me talk about my friend with the shop 
this is the shop where i sell my original paintings also

she finds the best stuff!

and it's awfully tempting to want so many of the treasures she finds
so i have to be selective
and leave stuff for her customers!
she gives me great prices 
 but she has to make money too!

so now she has this chandelier that i am dying over
take a look

i can't even do it justice in a photo

it looks like crystal raindrops and icicles
oh my gosh

I can't afford it even with a discount, but i just had to show it to you guys

isn't it heavenly!

anyway, that's all i've got for now my sweet friends
gotta go catch up on you guys!

...the end...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Car Lashes!?

 Ok, so since i can't finagle a pink car quite yet... 

I have decided to add big ole swoopy eyelashes to my boring little SUV... 

Not so boring now huh!

I know maybe they are a little silly.... but i already like my car much better!

I can see her lashes every time i am driving down the road and it makes me smile!

You know, cars have personalities, and I don't know about you but i can get very attached to my cars!

 I was massively in love with my Mazda Tribute, but finally had to let it go and this was the 'next' car

I just wasn't feeling it for this one... but i like her better now

 Sooo...what do ya think?

 I was kind of embarrassed at first, and was wondering if they were too stupid... 
but my friend took one look at them and said

"Nobody but you should have those car eyelashes"

and then i felt better... smile

Mr. Fractured just stood and stared at the car for a minute and then shook his head and walked back in the house

doubt he'll be asking to drive it anywhere anytime soon...

hmmmmm... this is a whole new world of decorating opening up for me
wonder how else i can pimp my ride?!

...the end...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Introducing "Lily"

Hi Everyone...

I would like you to meet "Lily" a gentle sweet cow happily grazing in a spring meadow.  

She is one of my newest cow paintings, and prints of her are now available in my Etsy shop.

Most of you have probably already met Gwendolyn,

Marian is so sweet and told me i could use her pictures of Gwendolyn if i needed... check the difference between her photos and mine... she's really good with her new camera, and what a difference it makes

Well, i painted Lily literally at the same time I was painting Gwendolyn

I would take one canvas down from the easel, 
and then pick up the other and work on it, and then back again!

So that kind of makes them sister cows!

here is Lily sitting on the easel where she would great me each morning in my little painting studio...

I almost feel lame when i call the room i paint a "studio"

Because it's just this small little room on the back of my house with good light where i paint, and where my doggies sleep at night.

In the area where i live we have something called 
"The Open Studio Artist Tour" twice a year.. 
 You go around to different artist's homes and view their work 

Most of the artists have these amazing big windowed studios about the size of the downstairs area in my house...  with sinks with running water for washing brushes and counters and their artwork hanging all over the walls

It makes me feel weird, like -  why don't i have a studio!  
I think this feeling is what we call JEALOUSY! 
i don't want to feel jealous! it feels icky!

Anyway sweet "Lily" is now at my friends shop for sale

...so the original oil painting of her is still available

the price for the original is $500.00
not too bad considering that the giclee print of her is $265.00 !

so, that is "Lily's story... 
and there's something about her that i just love..

...the end...