Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Can't Believe it's Been 2 Months Since I Posted...

Wow.  Time is moving at warp speed in my world.  At this rate, it  feels like it was just yesterday that i turned 60  - and before you know it,  i'll be 95 years old, and then i'll be dead. 

What i take from that is to have as much fun as possible every single minute of the day even if it's illegal

So, the summer wrap up... 

It rained a lot here

We went to the beach for four days, and of course i came back with a chair stuffed in the back of the car... Last year it was a sofa - so i guess that's the new Oak Island Beach tradition, bringing back furniture so big that you can't see out the back of the car while you're driving home for 3 hours 

Anyway, it's a kind of epic chair in a really different melon color that i sort of love

(you can see my Dorothy picnic basket on the stairs behind it, there is always something on the stairs)

when we were at the beach, we scooted over to Southport, the cutest little village right on a port at the beach... oh my gosh i love it there.  
Here is one of the darling houses in Southport - I love these colors together!

So that was the beach trip - really just nice

Of course there are always the antics of Daisy and Willow to come home to.

This is what Daisy thought was a really good idea

she's smiling isn't she...

and the main place she hangs out is on the white slipcovered sofa... 

Ummmmmm... should i let her in .... ever?!

Willow has totally dominated this box, turned it over and thinks she is super stealthy hiding here...

The rest of the summer was all about the garden, weeding, and lots of flowers!  Especially the Dahlias.  At the end of the summer, when everything else is weedy and raggedy, you get these pretty girls.  I have more pictures of Dahlias than i do of my children

so, when you have Dahlias you make pretty bouquets, 
which your cat then destroys, and chews on

and then you're on Google looking up
 "are Dahlias toxic to cats"  
"are crepe myrtles toxic to cats"
"are hydrangeas toxic to cats"

My friend helped me make the cutest fall wreath...

and I hung stuff on the clothesline

Put out some pretty pumpkins

Did a painting of a sweet mama with her fuzzy baby sheep...

and I did a little surprise painting for a friend, which is on the Fedex truck out for delivery to her right now!  

I can't wait to see if she likes it.   

The inspiration photo was thanks to Anita of Castles Crowns and Cottages.  
Here is her Instagram  
 it's a beautiful instagram account!

Thank you Anita!

and so that's pretty much it 

and now i've got to go, because I am at work and I'm soooo gonna get busted doing a blog post!


...the end...