Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pink Stripes ... I Had to Do It...

Ok, I like stripes

I like zebra stripes, and black and white stripes, and i really love black and white stripes mixed with pink in a room... 

Don't know why i like them so much but i do

I also like buffalo gingham checks, but that's another story...


I saw Amy at Maison Decor  paint a vanity with some soft beigy stripes and it was insanely gorgeous ( go see for yourself!)
so i started thinkin...

Hmmmmmm... what can i paint stripes on???

  And the light bulb went off in my head!  My bedside dresser!

I mean with Annie Sloan paint, it's easy enough to paint over if it looks stupid, and there was a high probability for looking stupid here... 

so, i did it!

just taped it all up with that blue painters tape....

I just eyeballed this, because i can promise you,  i'd rather stick bamboo shoots under my nails than to sit there and measure every inch until it is perfect... noooooo, no , no

i mixed Annie Sloan Old White, with Annie Sloan Scandinavian Pink, until it looked pretty good, and then just painted it on...

It was a little too "sweet" pink, so i rubbed it with some light brown Briwax i had on hand to tone it down a little 

those are my faded pink gloves hanging over the side in case you were wondering

I like the way the wax takes it down from sweet to more frenchy

here are those pink leather gloves, they're so beat up, and so great

anyway, i kind of like it... 
especially with the little raggedy white christmas tree
 and if i get tired of it, 
no big deal .... 
just paint over it, 
heck it's a dresser i got at the thrift shop for $25.00!

here's the little raggedy white tree... thrift shop of course....

anyway, just trying to get decorated for Christmas here... and feeling a little overwhelmed with lack of time to do all the things i want to do.... like make gingerbread houses, i love gingerbread houses, and make pies, and make cute crafty things, and shop etc...

have you ever told someone
don't get me anything for Christmas for god's sake!!!
and have them look at you all hurt and ask why??? 

and you're thinking, because then i have to get you something, and i don't know what to get you, and i have to worry about my kids first and i don't have much money, and i don't have time, and i don't want to buy you something stupid just to be buying something... etc...
and you you know you totally sound like the Grinch

well anyway, i have

when i had young kids and my husband left me for his 
stupid eggocentric bitch whore secretary
(oops, did i say that? sorry guys -  i'm so over it all as you can tell...)

i would start getting the worst feeling when i would see the stores decorating for Christmas, and i hear Christmas music on the radio

how am i going to do this i would think?

working full time, raising kids traumatized by divorce,  renting rooms in my house to have enough money to get by

but i did do it
and then after it was all over, and i had made everything special for the kids, 
and i always did
i'd think ... phew... i pulled another one off

and i've done that for 25 years

we shouldn't have to feel like that, 
that pressure, to make everything perfect
the media tells us that if i don't buy my husband a car, or he doesn't buy me a heart shaped diamond necklace, or i don't buy the kids iphones or kindles or ipads
 we're clearly losers...

it's all so wrong

anyway, wow, not sure why i went there
maybe just to reflect and say..
phew !
life is really weird and interesting, and ridiculous, and tragic, and funny and insane 
i guess the holidays can make some people go a little crazy, and get a little emotional
not me of course...   
i'm just gonna tie pink bows, and paint pink stripes on things 
so now, i'm off to catch up on all your blog posts!
pink christmas bow of course... it's called pink psychosis

...the end...


  1. Dear, dear Cindy, You are my hero. I have longed to say something quite similar to this for a very long time but don't have your talent of expression. Overwhelmed is the word. So many good points here. The gifts. The pulling Christmas out of the hat like magic. The pressure. I've even had that stupid egocentric b---- w---- in my life, but it wasn't my husband, and she wasn't a secretary. But it was Christmas Eve. I give myself a break now because it's my kid's turn to do the magic. I think pink stripes is the answer. And you're so good at it. Love, Love, your dresser!!

  2. you are special.

    and you had to paint those stripes. had to.

    and now i think i'll have to as well. you'll be the first to see it when i do.

    the holidays are rough on us empaths. we feel things so deeply so even the beauty can hurt.

    there truly should be no pressure. this will be the first year we are not exchanging gifts in our family. yep. the boys are not expecting anything, and there are no presents around the tree. i'm kind of scared about it because it is breaking with tradition, but they are old enough to understand that the trappings aren't necessary and can actually cheapen this day that is so important to us.

    i will let you know if the day ends up being a disaster!

    love to you.


  3. I so love your posts! I have an ex husband too so I get it. So glad to see your not bitter LOL. I love your pink stripes--that dresser was an amazing find at $25! Looks even better with the stripes--and you are so right, when you see Amy do something else amazing you want to copy you can just paint over it. I know what you mean about the Christmas presents--hopefully they all read your blog. My feeling is most people know I have 4 kids and an extremely limited budget so I just don't feel bad if I can't return a gift. I make a really pretty thank you card. I hope you get to do everything during the holidays you want too--make that gingerbread house and please do post it. My gingerbread houses always seem to have structural problems :) Happy Holidays!

    1. Hey Sandy, that is so sweet of you!! I loved reading your comment~Cindy is awesome as are you my friend!

  4. You took the words right outta my mouth! Happy holidays!

  5. Honestly Cindy, I love reading your blog because your honesty is so refreshing. Instead of pretending to have the perfect life you share from your heart and it keeps me coming back. I agree with you about Christmas. We are toning everything back big time this year because my daughter is getting married January 5. We aren't doing much for gifts and instead I am doing a lot of baking and thinking more about the real meaning of Christmas. I love your pink stripes and I am like you about the measuring. Nope not gonna do it....too stressful. LOL Merry Christmas!

  6. Cindy,your blog is the best because it's so real and not sugar coated! I'm with you...I eye everything. Maybe it's because I fear the little hash marks on the ruler!!! lol
    The stripes look great. Love your Pinterest picks too.

  7. pink stripes are perfect for that wonderful dresser. I know how you feel. there's so much pressure that goes with Christmas. I'm sure that God wants us to relax and not buy into all that commercialized "stuff" that we get into so easily at Christmas. sounds like you have it right, dear girl!

  8. i just love you AND your big pink stripes.

  9. I will go puncture that bitch whores tires if you tell me too:)
    The pink stripes are the answer to everything.....and we have not bought presents in our family in 20 years. I would much rather buy a little something for someone randomly when I feel like it......

  10. Thanks for expressing yourself Cindy. I needed to hear this today...I've been sitting around feeling sorry for myself and not stopping to count my blessings.
    Also, you always make me laugh. I love your pretty pink striped dresser. I might have to try that!

    You are such a sweet and very strong woman.


  11. oh man I had to read this aloud to Dave and we were both rolling over laughing our butts off!!! And yes I just texted this sentiment to my sister yesterday! Then she texted back," WHY?? Is everything alright with you?? REally???" So I called her and said I just don't want to buy stuff anymore...I would rather go out to dinner with our husbands than do a gift thing...its just all too much. I am done with it~I want to have nice family times, not spend into oblivion...I am so tired and so busy working that just to put our tree up this year in an uncluttered setting is going to be a huge accomplishment! And one I want to this post was so damn on target for me. Thank you. ANd we laughed and laughed about the secretary comment too. You are just so fun and funny. I love your blog. Oh~I LOVE the stripes on the dresser~its very au courant...check out Traditional Home mag, they ahve a hot pink striped dresser just like yours in the Dec issue. Its awesome!

  12. Guess what, my kids are not getting ipads, xboxes or fancy holidays for Christmas. I am not getting that $200 bracelet advertised on tv, nor is my hubby getting his fancy schmancy new welder. There is too much hype on just one morning out of the year and if you think about it, did your santa get you everything you wanted as a kid... doubt it ;)
    Thank you Cindy, for bringing it down a notch, I'm not the only one out there that believes what you do!
    p.s. I LOVE that dresser! but I love pink too!

  13. "we shouldn't have to feel like that, that pressure, to make everything perfect" and "and you're thinking, because then i have to get you something, and i don't know what to get you, and i have to worry about my kids first and i don't have much money, and i don't have time, and i don't want to buy you something stupid just to be buying something... etc..."

    ...and so you ARE a HERO for the past 25 years pulling off miracles each and every year for each one of your kids AND the "house" and your lives! YOU so ARE! And you can paint anything pink with any kind of stripes and squares and diamonds! on it as much as pleases you! OMG ,you sooooo said a mouth full about this "holiday" and what women particularly experience and I almost want to make a post about it too, but this is wonderful and the stripes are the icing on this cake! Have your cake and eat it too~ lady
    ps: that "Dream" on your wall is the most beautiful I've seen, leads me into Imagination-Land!

  14. I forgot to mention I'm over from Maison Decor's post about you and I just browsed through your paintings and am blown away in that impressed way that I love to be. I LOVE your paintings and if I could afford one, I would buy one! blessings, lady.

  15. I've followed you blog for awhile now and always meant to write and tell you how amazing it is. I read your posts and think, wow, I'd love someone like her for my best friend, funny, strong, yet vulnerable and real enough to tell about the good and the not so good in her life, not trying to appear perfect. I think you are absolutely one of the coolest people I have never met, and wish I could. Wishing you the merriest of blessings this Christmas

    1. Thank you..., that's so sweet and I'm very touched by what you said. I wish i could meet you too... I can't reply directly to your emails, because it says "norepy blogger", but i do hope you read this and know that i truly wanted to write you back...


  16. ".....because i can promise you, i'd rather stick bamboo shoots under my nails than to sit there and measure every inch until it is perfect... noooooo, no , no"......
    LOL LOL that is me all the way...measuring? yuck! I eyeball it all the time and its good enough. And I ADORE "Pink Psychosis" LOL
    Welcome again! hope to see you soon. lady

  17. I LOVE the pink stripes!! They are perfect and I like the way you just DO IT.. and not over thinking things. So many of us are afraid to step out of the box, right?!

  18. Hi Cindy,
    I LOVE your pink striped dresser it looks beautiful! i was going to stripe our chimney breast in the bedroom at the cottage but you know what? i'm running out of time we move in three weeks and i can't do it all,so it's white for now and it will stay white until we are moved in and i can breathe again and Christmas? me and Steve talked over the weekend we can not pull it off,we are going to have Christmas dinner and that's it and our gifts will be time with each other xxx

  19. Well....I'm so glad that you are finally over that secretary issue, Cindy. Bwahahaha!!!! But I know what you're saying about people buying you things. As a family, we actually stopped buying for each other because what does everyone do doing the year? Well, we buy what we need/want, don't we? (or am I the only greedy, selfish one around here....??? lol!) So when it comes to Christmas, I feel so stinkin' guilty, I don't want anything from anybody. (What am I going to do with that stupid garden flag....or plastic snowman...??? lol!) Seriously, we make Christmas all about Christ's birth and about the grandkids.

    Anyway, I adore your pink stripes, girlie!!!!! And your bedroom is soooooo dreamy! Great job!!!! You rock!

    xoxo laurie

  20. Visiting from Maison Decor - when I read "about you" I knew you were my kind of gal! Will become a faithful follower just to have a laugh or two.

  21. I found you through Amy over at Maison Decor and am so glad I did. You have a beautiful blog! I LOVE it. Perfect job on that dresser. I am your newest follower, kiddo. You are stuck with me now- xo Diana

  22. Well Cindy I love those stripes on your dresser! You kicked it up a notch! Oh yeah the holidays can be crazy.I am making most of the gifts this year.And my husband and I have not exchanged gifts in years.But that is okay.I get to go junking all year round and he never complains :-)

  23. I hopped over from Maison Decor and love what you did with the dresser- the stripes are just right! I can already tell you are a hoot, looking forward to checking out more of your blog. :)

  24. You and Amy have given me the courage to try stripes..I am loving your blog so refreshing to see someone write about real life! Aren't women amazing? I swear we mostly get through the worst of the worst of life's situations.

  25. Oh I am loving this!!
    And also loving your thoughts about gifts...the best gift for me, time spent together!

  26. Oh my...I am in love with these pink stripes.Now I want to go paint my dresser! I am your newest follower.

  27. Cindy me to, i just lové seing strips. Lové them on a wall as well going in any direction :)
    Your chest of drawers is perfectly soft and fits the room dreamy
    Love that little vignette of Christmas on top of the chest as well it's all so romantically soft.

    Thank you my sweet friend for taking the time to visit and joy my heart with your comment. No! It is you I would expect to see gracing the pages of many inspiring magazines out there, your spirit and designs soulfully inspire, your rooms romance our hearts with those awwwww moments!
    Still love you Kooboos chair choice, can't wait to see what you inspire next.
    À Joyeux Noël

  28. I hear you loud and clear. When people ask me if my shopping is done I just say I'm just buying one gift and having them pass it around. Which reminds me of this cute story I read a while back about these guy who got a fruitcake for Christmas from his brother (as a joke I guess...I happen to like fruitcake to an extent lol) and they have been passing this fruitcake off on each other for the past 25 + years...the SAME fruitcake LOL

  29. Loved this post!!!!!! And SO LOVED your pink striped dresser!!!!
    I remember the days when we had absolutely NO money and I had no idea how we could make Christmas special for the kids so I totally related to this. I hate that so much is about the giving of gifts and not about just enjoying each other...maybe sharing a smile...sharing a little more of ourselves, like time...maybe just enjoying the simple things that this season brings.
    What a great write my friend!
    many hugs...
    Gosh I love that dresser!!!!! did I already say that? well I will even say it again...LOVE THOSE PINK STRIPES!!!!

  30. New your blog!

  31. Just found your wonderful blog! What a beautiful job you did on the dresser. I love the pink and white stripes! I'm so inspired by your project. New Follower!


  32. I love the pick stripes. Your dresser turned out great. the style of your dresser is great also. I totally get what you wrote. I laughed and shared what you wrote about "the Whore". There were many times i was left by my ex-husband. There were many times he would leave around Christmas time and i would panic and try to put Christmas on for my 2 children. And i did it. And once again i would say "Whew" just like you. Today i hate Christmas coming. Don't know if it has been because of the many times i had to pull things together on my own,not sure. But i do know that it is some commercial that bothers me. The partner that i have now (best thing that happened to me) loves Christmas, i don't. He said to me lets go and buy a tree, decorate it put presents under the tree and listen to Christmas songs, you know what i said? No. At 58 still can't get into "the spirit". No children at home now, both away and its the two of us. Maybe i will paint something pink.
    I too wish we were neighbors, you and i would be good friends. Have a wonderful Christmas, full of "the spirit", of sharing your time with friends and family. I love your blog and always go to it for inspiration and story telling.

  33. Wow. I think you nailed it! Looks fantastic! I have a piece I am going to paint. Similar size, etc, but it would have to be primed first. I think I'll keep this in mind! Yours looks great!!

  34. Christmas is not about diamonds or who got the biggest gift. We stopped buying and exchanging with family members ages ago. To me Christmas should be simple, shared with family, friends & lots of chocolate.:)))
    I love the stripes on your dresser gave me another great idea, see how inspiring you are?
    I love your little white tree, never paint it!!!
    Merry Christmas Cindy,
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  35. such pretty pictures !! Love your blog - Happy 2013

  36. This is just gorgeous ( I love painting sripes on furniture!!! )
    Love the pink and the dresser itself is beautiful -
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time!


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