Monday, May 14, 2012

Bathroom Redo on a Budget - From "Kill Me" Green, to Pink...

Soooooo, After messing around with paint colors from since time began... 
I finally picked a color for my
extremely green bathroom...

I know the color i picked will be such a total surprise to you... 

ok, so you're not surprised

I love love pink, but i have discovered you can hate it real fast when it's on your walls... 

but i found this inspiration bathroom ( in the previous post) and i couldn't resist

Of course, i discovered, the hard way,  again.... that the color match from the computer, was HORRIBLE glow in the dark peach on the walls...

I'll show you...

Below is the color of the bathroom, with the peachy pink test color... 
i was so mad it looked that awful, that i painted it back to the green!

Then i thought about it for awhile, and tried to figure out what in the heck was going on, why did it look so bad!!!??

and i decided, since there is absolutely no natural light in the bathroom, maybe i needed to go with a more lavender pink, not a peachy pink...

got a sample, tried it out, and hmmmmmmm.... maybe not so bad

It almost seemed neutral, and was very soft...

the next problem was that when i started to paint the walls this shade of pink, the lavender countertop all of a sudden showed up!  Why in the world would anyone put a lavender countertop on anything...???! 
 I never really noticed it when the bathroom was green...

crap! so now what???

What i would really love to do would be put a cool old vintage piece in here and all that...

but for now, i decided to just paint it!

 after Amy from Maison Decor suggested decoupage... i got an idea... 
i would paint the counter a cream shade and paint some Frenchy looking script on it

cheap, fast, and easy!

So that's exactly what i did!

What i think it says, because i used google translator, 
"The little pink washroom"
or something like that...

It could say "you need to wash your little pink ass" for all i know...
i really hope not

in progress...

all done...
well sorta, i would like to get a cute little faucette with white handles...
but the thought of me and mr. fractured and plumbing scares me
so we'll see about that

below with the wreath all lit up... 
the wreath hides the huge washer plug in the wall and the hose thingys
I usually leave the overhead light off, the ambient light from the little lites on the wreath are nice when you're in 
"Notre Petit Chandre Le Lavage Rose"

(it's just too dark though to show you in a photograph with the lights off)

in the corner is this old wooden thing i found at Le Dump, and painted years ago, and on top an old rusty chandy that needs to be rewired...  
I may have to repaint this piece... i don't know ....

It holds fingernail polish, and glass jars, and bits and bobs of things...
This is a very tiny bathroom, and it just kinda tucks out of the way behind the door

One thing that's cool, is that the pink is a more flattering color, and the soft glow from the pink radiates out into the hall.. 
Did you know that some decorators actually color coordinate wall colors to their clients skin tone...
isn't that cool!?
anyway, the color flows more with the colors and touches of pink already in my house

color is such a fascinating thing to play with,  
and be befuddled by...

So, it's not a 'rock your world' makeover... 
after all, i'm just an ordinary girl, with an extraordinary lack of money, working full time, and living in a little box of a house with particle board cabinets...

Who knows, one day i might even be living in my car, 
but you damn well better believe, 
if i live in that car
i will probably paint it pink

...the end...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pretty Roses and Neat Panorama View ...

How can i resist showing you guys these voluptuous, tender, little  pink roses from my yard... 

I know it's corny and hokey and all that
 but i think i'm gonna name my house

"Rosebud Cottage"

because there are roses everywhere right now!

"abraham darby"

Sometimes i just look at all this gorgeousness, and can't believe it's in my very own yard

"Abraham Darby"

I've missed alot of your posts lately, it's been really busy everywhere in life right now, i plan to catch up on you guys soon....

Sweet "Pearly Gates"  again

Little view of the rose arbor in the daytime...

"New Dawn"
a sturdy prolific little climber

"Rosebud Cottage" with the last light of the sun glowing on the pink front door

Ok.... thanks to a person younger than me, 
(which is just about everyone now) 
who knows about iphone apps like she was genetically engineered with a computer chip app in her brain
I learned about a cool app for your iphone that does panaroma views...
check it out

 living room shot without panorama

ok, now with panorama
and a little touch of mr. fractured's gray hair on the left
i haven't quite mastered it all yet

the app is called "Photosynth"
i think it costs like a dollar
and you just move the camera around the room and it snaps photos as needed to create the panaroma

and next to last for this post
here is another pretty picture,  just for fun...

i love this little thrift store lace blousy thing, so i drape it all over everything and take pictures of it
the blouse is on an old green velvet sofa from the thrift store
with some lace also from the thrift store...
thrift store, thrift store, thrift store
did i just say thrift store like 50 times?!

anyway, it's all from the guess what ?

and last, but most certainly not least, 
i'll leave you with this sign posted on the window at my favorite little country convenience store where i go and buy my Bud Light...
is it just me... or is this funny

i love country stores

...the end...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Funky Boots, and Ugly Bathroom Advice Needed!

Found me some fun, clunky, funky boots!  

take that ... !   you copperheads lurking around where i weed, 
like to see you guys bite through these bad boys!

Here are some other boots i found that i thought were adorable... but turned out they're just a little too small, so i'm gonna find a new home for them... aren't they cute...

posing on the mantel...

posing beside some faux fleurs

i put a little ribbon on them, and cut up a paper bag and burned the edges and made a tag for them, to sell at my friends shop...

I like the rounded toes, 
us old hippies used to wear stubby toe boots like these 
about a thousand years ago...

I mean, i'd like to wear the high heeled sexy cooler boots that are out
but they make every part of my body hurt and crippled
so, i'll pretend funky, and clunky are cool for now...

Talkin about my stuff brings me to something that's been on my mind....

Do you ever ponder if it is egocentric to blog about yourself and stuff you do, like... oh look at this, i did this, and i found this.. and me me me... etc???
well, i decided that it's ok, and that we talk to each other like friends and sisters

i'll tell my sister stuff like 
'i found the best lipstick' 
'this painting is one of my favorites'
'check out these slipcovers, i love them'

i also tell my friend her fingernail polish is too blue red

...and she tells me to stop being such a pain sometimes

and then i tell her she's being bitchy

but that's cause we love each other

it's great!

that's just what we girls do....

and it's not just egocentric
it's fun to talk about "stuff"!

so .... i just had to get that off my chest, and be sure you understand
i don't think i'm that great at all when i show you stuff
ya'll are just my friends, and i'm interested in what you do too!

moving along
...check this rose out...

oh how i love you "Abraham Darby"

and finally...
attention deficit disorder anyone???

remember the greenest bathroom ever and me trying to find a paint color...
if you want to read about's this post, just scroll to the end

anyway... i found a good pink
and now that i've started painting the walls pink,... the 
countertop is the worst thing ever!  
a cute vanity at Lowes is $419.00, then i would have to have it installed and buy the faucette parts

i could wait to find some cool old vintage cabinet, then put a hole for a sink
buy a sink and faucette
replumb it all

or i could just paint the top,  i saw countertop paint, but the colors weren't that great
 any fabulous ideas???

sigh... this cabinet is so builders grade ugly...

this was my inspiration bathroom
isn't it gorgeous!

so, i keep thinking there will be some really great idea out there that i just haven't thought of,... and like i said before

"you guys know stuff" !

...the end...