Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Funky Boots, and Ugly Bathroom Advice Needed!

Found me some fun, clunky, funky boots!  

take that ... !   you copperheads lurking around where i weed, 
like to see you guys bite through these bad boys!

Here are some other boots i found that i thought were adorable... but turned out they're just a little too small, so i'm gonna find a new home for them... aren't they cute...

posing on the mantel...

posing beside some faux fleurs

i put a little ribbon on them, and cut up a paper bag and burned the edges and made a tag for them, to sell at my friends shop...

I like the rounded toes, 
us old hippies used to wear stubby toe boots like these 
about a thousand years ago...

I mean, i'd like to wear the high heeled sexy cooler boots that are out
but they make every part of my body hurt and crippled
so, i'll pretend funky, and clunky are cool for now...

Talkin about my stuff brings me to something that's been on my mind....

Do you ever ponder if it is egocentric to blog about yourself and stuff you do, like... oh look at this, i did this, and i found this.. and me me me... etc???
well, i decided that it's ok, and that we talk to each other like friends and sisters

i'll tell my sister stuff like 
'i found the best lipstick' 
'this painting is one of my favorites'
'check out these slipcovers, i love them'

i also tell my friend her fingernail polish is too blue red

...and she tells me to stop being such a pain sometimes

and then i tell her she's being bitchy

but that's cause we love each other

it's great!

that's just what we girls do....

and it's not just egocentric
it's fun to talk about "stuff"!

so .... i just had to get that off my chest, and be sure you understand
i don't think i'm that great at all when i show you stuff
ya'll are just my friends, and i'm interested in what you do too!

moving along
...check this rose out...

oh how i love you "Abraham Darby"

and finally...
attention deficit disorder anyone???

remember the greenest bathroom ever and me trying to find a paint color...
if you want to read about it...it's this post, just scroll to the end

anyway... i found a good pink
and now that i've started painting the walls pink,... the 
countertop is the worst thing ever!  
a cute vanity at Lowes is $419.00, then i would have to have it installed and buy the faucette parts

i could wait to find some cool old vintage cabinet, then put a hole for a sink
buy a sink and faucette
replumb it all

or i could just paint the top,  i saw countertop paint, but the colors weren't that great
 any fabulous ideas???

sigh... this cabinet is so builders grade ugly...

this was my inspiration bathroom
isn't it gorgeous!

so, i keep thinking there will be some really great idea out there that i just haven't thought of,... and like i said before

"you guys know stuff" !

...the end...


  1. Cindy,

    I know you are not me,me me.But blogs take your readers into your world/life.And we read as you share.I love reading and I love sharing so I think it is all good.
    I love your inspiration.I don't have any suggestions for you other than save up and get what you really want.Don't do something just to make it look "Better".Wait and make it look amazing :-)

  2. Ok--that vanity looks just like the one I have in my master bathroom--which is a tiny bathroom. There is several things you could do--you could paint the countertops with that new paint my daughter blogged about and is really awesome. Or, what I want to do is find a small chest of drawers or some kind of vanity looking thing--cut a hole out of the top for the sink and use that. Seems easy to me, though I haven't done it yet. I love what you posted about blogs being "all about it". :) I never feel guilt about it because I started my blog to be like my own journal. It is just an added bonus that people want to follow along:)

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I would paint the counter to save money. Your such a good painter. How about faux painting? It sort of looks like granite when your done.And a pretty ornate mirror above the sink.I think you would save a lot of money that way.


  4. Hi Cindy!
    I just got my copy of the Prairie Style magazine and the girl at the check out said, "I wouldn't pay $9.00 for a magazine!" I looked at her and said, "if your friend was featured in it you would!" She grumped some more and I just smiled. Anyway, I'm so dang proud of you girl. The story about you is the sweetest ever.
    I just loved it! You are now an official "star!"
    As far as using our blogs to brag, well to tell the truth, I've often wondered about that. But, you are right it's more like talking with your sister or your good friend and sharing all the things that make us happy.

    Love the boots. There was a creepy snake hanging around our screened in porch the other day and I refused to sit out there. So Mr. Sissie goes and gets some "snake away" and sprinkles it around. It smelled so bad that I can see why it runs off the snakes!

    Glad you found a perfect pink for your bathroom.
    Can't wait to see it.


  5. oh I have an idea~how about you decoupage the countertop? like cut out some really pretty wallpaper and glue it down and then polyurethane it to the formica? you could do a faded rose paper or a marbleized paper~anyway just an idea. I HAVE had the exact same thought that talking about oneself is very ego-centric...but I think I came to the same realziation as you..its having GFs on a web-based plane....so its alright. And I know I get plenty of feedback...its ok to share, cuz those that want to listen do...and those that don't~well they aren't reading are they??

  6. Oh my gosh, Amy gave me an idea... i think with the pink walls, i will paint it a soft white, and maybe write or glue on some french script in a brown black color... now that might be cool!!! hmmmmm, what in the heck is the best way to do that???? Gotta think about it... ideas are welcome!

  7. Maybe you could drop this same sink into a small dresser or table . I like Amy's idea about the decoupage too . I have felt sometimes like I was bragging about myself with the "look at me ! Look what I did ! " But your right, if we didn't do that , what would there be to read about and inspire us. I love to see what your doing ! By the way I got my copy of Romantic Prairie Style today , I am so proud and happy for you , I only wish they had shown more of your paintings ,and had a bigger picture of your beautiful self !I'm just saying ! That's what blog sisters do .

  8. Hmmmmm...I'm still thinking on your counter top idea. Is it too crafty or outdated to do the whole broken vintage plates in mortar thing (like people did about 8 years ago??) That's the first thought that came to my mind, especially since you love roses and pink.

    Decoupaging may work as a short term fix, but it I wonder if it will last long since it will most likely get wet often.

    What about looking on Craig's List for a free standing sink vanity??

    A few years ago, we had three vintage sinks in our yardsale for super cheap and didn't sell one of them I couldn't believe it! People just don't appreciate the same junk we do.

    If I have a lightbulb moment, I'll let you know.


  9. Hi Cindy~
    I'm with you girl on the hippy boots! I think they are the cutest. I can't do the heals and pointed toe either... don't have the feet for it, or the hips, or the back; well, you know.
    Anyway-- I was thinking the other day about 'self-promotion' ..."hey, y'all look what I did!" and junk like that. I was thinking it was a little bit self centered. But I got over it...ha ha ha~

    I say...THAT PINK PAINT IS GORGEOUS. ...now onto the sink and cupboard; I like Amy's idea of DECOUPAGE. I was going to suggest...brown paper! My specialty...(excuse the self-promo) OR... how about decoupaging burlap and then Poly over that? Then you could still do your artist french words or paint technique.

    That's all I got.

  10. Melamine paint is available at most paint stores and can be used on kitchen counters and vanities. It's an under $10 fix. I'm pretty sure you could do a kick *ss job of decoupage, too and then seal it with epoxy! If I had copperheads around here the weeds would never get pulled! ~ Maureen

  11. You don't have to apologize or worry about what you write in your blog - it's YOUR blog! I love reading about projects, thrifting finds, adventures and family outings, pets, etc. Makes me smile to read what everyone is doing. Ok, about your counter top - have you seen the entry at Debbiedoo's about a granite-like paint treatment? She and her husband used it in their half bath and it turned out really nicely! I couldn't find her post, but here is the manufacturer's site http://gianigranite.com/indexcountertoppaint.html
    Maybe they will have something that you will like and can have fun working with! Hugs, Leena

  12. i would start with white paint for the countertop! be brave knowing it will have to go someday!

    blogging as we do is def egocentric. but if we're being totally honest, i also think it's an outlet for lonely souls. not losers with no life, but those spirits who feel restless and have a hard time sometimes living on earth while feeling things more deeply than others.

    but i could be wayyyyyy off.

    smiles and love to you.


  13. Funky and clunky boots are not cool? Say it isn't so! I love yours and now think that I need some too!
    No, I don't think that it is egocentric to blog about yourself. Reading different blogs provides inspiration, motivation, and enthusiasm to do different things for my home and I love reading what others have done to their homes! Love seeing the pictures too, and sometimes, if you are lucky, you get to see some cool looking boots and pretty flowers! As you said, we talk to each other like sisters and friends.
    I am loving that pink bathroom, and that picture makes me want to paint mine pink.

  14. paint the vanity top whatever color you like and then seal it with a clear semi glass clear coat. it won't last forever but will give you some time to save some moola for a new vanity or sink or taps. I think if you take the sink off it will be easier to do this and then after painting and clear coating the top pop the sink back in and caulk around it to seal against any water damage.- Patty/BC

  15. Funky, clunky boots better be cool, cause I have a pair with lime green tops!!
    I've seen bloggers that have painted their counter tops(Debbie Do's), and it looks awesome!
    Once you get the walls all painted, you will like your bathroom lots more. With your talent, I'm sure that room will look awesome by the time you finish with it.

  16. Cindy,
    How about tiling the top of the vanity? I just visited our local tile shop and it is amazing what they do for counter tops and there are many, many tile options. Plus you can DIY.
    As for the cabinet...a fresh coat of paint, change the hardware, and how about adding some appliques from doityourselfchic.com
    Just thinking out loud.

    I LOVE your blog! You keep it real.
    Laurie, NY

  17. I love Amy's idea about decopage....it would be gorgeous...and then with those pink walls....LOVE that idea! Amy is so smart!!

    Love the boots....

    I have worried about the same thing....I came to the same conclusion as you....we're good like that!

    Lou Cinda :)

  18. Oh i love this post. HOw did I miss it! YOu know I've been feeling the same way about talking about myself. Been writing a post in my head about sharing how normal my life is...meaning not perfect. That I do have really hard weeks and trials going on in my life. But my blog is just that, mine and that is where I like to keep my life beautiful. So thank you for sharing your heart here. I know that is why you have become my friend. Now about the bathroom...I think I would give up and just paint the d*mn thing white. tee hee Add color in paintings you hang or decor. Just my two cents. ox

  19. Yeah...go with white...then when it is messed up...go with white again. Love the pink though...that is a keeper.


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