Monday, May 14, 2012

Bathroom Redo on a Budget - From "Kill Me" Green, to Pink...

Soooooo, After messing around with paint colors from since time began... 
I finally picked a color for my
extremely green bathroom...

I know the color i picked will be such a total surprise to you... 

ok, so you're not surprised

I love love pink, but i have discovered you can hate it real fast when it's on your walls... 

but i found this inspiration bathroom ( in the previous post) and i couldn't resist

Of course, i discovered, the hard way,  again.... that the color match from the computer, was HORRIBLE glow in the dark peach on the walls...

I'll show you...

Below is the color of the bathroom, with the peachy pink test color... 
i was so mad it looked that awful, that i painted it back to the green!

Then i thought about it for awhile, and tried to figure out what in the heck was going on, why did it look so bad!!!??

and i decided, since there is absolutely no natural light in the bathroom, maybe i needed to go with a more lavender pink, not a peachy pink...

got a sample, tried it out, and hmmmmmmm.... maybe not so bad

It almost seemed neutral, and was very soft...

the next problem was that when i started to paint the walls this shade of pink, the lavender countertop all of a sudden showed up!  Why in the world would anyone put a lavender countertop on anything...???! 
 I never really noticed it when the bathroom was green...

crap! so now what???

What i would really love to do would be put a cool old vintage piece in here and all that...

but for now, i decided to just paint it!

 after Amy from Maison Decor suggested decoupage... i got an idea... 
i would paint the counter a cream shade and paint some Frenchy looking script on it

cheap, fast, and easy!

So that's exactly what i did!

What i think it says, because i used google translator, 
"The little pink washroom"
or something like that...

It could say "you need to wash your little pink ass" for all i know...
i really hope not

in progress...

all done...
well sorta, i would like to get a cute little faucette with white handles...
but the thought of me and mr. fractured and plumbing scares me
so we'll see about that

below with the wreath all lit up... 
the wreath hides the huge washer plug in the wall and the hose thingys
I usually leave the overhead light off, the ambient light from the little lites on the wreath are nice when you're in 
"Notre Petit Chandre Le Lavage Rose"

(it's just too dark though to show you in a photograph with the lights off)

in the corner is this old wooden thing i found at Le Dump, and painted years ago, and on top an old rusty chandy that needs to be rewired...  
I may have to repaint this piece... i don't know ....

It holds fingernail polish, and glass jars, and bits and bobs of things...
This is a very tiny bathroom, and it just kinda tucks out of the way behind the door

One thing that's cool, is that the pink is a more flattering color, and the soft glow from the pink radiates out into the hall.. 
Did you know that some decorators actually color coordinate wall colors to their clients skin tone...
isn't that cool!?
anyway, the color flows more with the colors and touches of pink already in my house

color is such a fascinating thing to play with,  
and be befuddled by...

So, it's not a 'rock your world' makeover... 
after all, i'm just an ordinary girl, with an extraordinary lack of money, working full time, and living in a little box of a house with particle board cabinets...

Who knows, one day i might even be living in my car, 
but you damn well better believe, 
if i live in that car
i will probably paint it pink

...the end...


  1. Cindy,

    Beautiful job!
    The painted countertop turned out nicely and definitely blends better with the pink walls:)
    That little chandy is a fun little addition to your bathroom. Could you hang it above the washer and dryer??? Maybe it could be partically reflected in the mirror that you already have hanging there. Even if it's not rewired, it would still be pretty.


  2. "Did you know that some decorators actually color coordinate wall colors to their clients skin tone..."
    That is funny I have never heard of that.Well I love your bathroom it looks pretty.The color is soft and sweet.Love that script too.

  3. Your bathroom looks great! Pink is the hardest color. I love pink too but it is really hard to find the right pink. I think you found the right pink in this case! What kind of paint did you use to paint the counter? I really would like to do that in my master bath which is tiny and has I think exactly the same cabinet. Of course I would like to put a cool little antique cabinet in there--but one thing at a time. For now I could paint if it is something that won't chip off. Please let me know:)I really enjoyed your post. You are inspiring me to re-do my little bathroom. I hate to even clean it because it has stenciling in it that the previous owners did--that has to go:) I only like to clean when I can make something look perfect:) Have a great week!

  4. You are one of my heroes. You are fearless, and have a great sence of style. And I often laugh so hard when I visit you that it wakes up the cat! Congratulations on finding the perfect color. That script on your freshly painted counter is darling. Darling!

  5. Oh Cindy I like the pink...and this is coming from a huge fan of the color green!The whole space looks so soft and fresh! I love your little cabinet and chandy. And I would have never thought to put a mirror abouve a washer dryer but yours totally works!

    Enjoy your sweet new space!

  6. Cindy, imthinkmits a home run!! I love it especially the countertop treatment. You are a creative Diva without the attitude and I always get inspired from visiting your ordinary little house that you have decked out in not such an ordinary way~

  7. I think your counter turned out fabulous!! I love your wreath too.


  8. OMG, what a wonderful transformation!!! I love the soft pink, and what a great ideal to hide the plug with the wreath.
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  9. I love how it turned out, Cindy! And I really love that you painted the countertop!!! Most of all though, as you know, I love reading your writing. I skim lots of blogs because I have so little time but I always read yours because they are so witty!

  10. Oh My Goodness It is most definetly a true blue makeover!!!!! I absolutely love it. The pink is a perfect shade of pink and what you did with the counter top, Oh my, I love. How did you do that french script? It is so beautiful. I love, love, love it! And your vintage piece with the chandie I like just the way it is, but I am really liking the eclectic cottage look right now and so it fits right into that type of decor. Did you see Tiffini's ( kitchen today? It has that eclectic cottage look. Love it! All thats needed is one of your paintings in tiny version. Maybe a french countryside cottage in an 8 x 10 or 10 x 10 or smaller size. You know you need to get a pink vintage travel trailer for your backup home. Thats what my 'Nora Pearl' is...we have almost lost our home in this economy but it is nice to know we have our wee trailer to live in if need be. We own it, we own all our vehicles, we have no debt except that oppressive mortgage payment. I have to live by faith with that one! Sending love to you my friend. Happy week. Do you watch the Bachelorette? Me and Dore will be watching tonight! ox Kerrie

  11. Girl you are too funny!! Your painted counter turned out so great, I know you're an artist, but that script is wonderful!!

  12. love it! and you always make me smile....i sure hope the "tanslation" is correct! i often wonder about translations, when i see someone with a tattoo in a different language...i wonder if the tattoo artist has played a dirty trick on the recipient and tattooed something innappropriate. he.

  13. Cindy, you ca-rack me up! Great job, you did a beautiful job on the countertop, paint color, EVERYTHING:)

  14. I love the solution you came up with for your vanityh! The French script looks great and is such an unexpected and creative touch! Smart cookie! Good call on the bluer pink as well - gorgeous shade! Congrats on a job well done and thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  15. I think the room is a total success! ~ Maureen

  16. Cindy the little bathroom looks beautiful! I love the pink color and your transformation on the sink counter! Very nice! I just read the article on you in Romantic Prairie Style... how thrilled you must be! I loved the photo of you! This is a wonderful way to get the news out of your awesome talent!~Hugs, Patti

  17. ha!

    it's tres tres belle, cindy. it looks fabulously romantic and chic and uniquely you. the vanity top is crazycool!

    by the way, i am seeing a pic in your sidebar (pink walls, ornate headboard) and thinking that is the exact headboard in my son's room. yes, son's! we've had it stored for years, and he wanted it in his new room because he said it made him feel very Aladdin. cooooool! i bet you'd like it!



  18. So pretty! Your counter is very.nice dnd it's amazing how the wall color softens everything up. What an artist you are to create sweet space!


  19. The pink paint is bee- ut-ta-ful..and your vanity counter top is to die for. Your art just flows through your home. LOVE it ALL!!!!

  20. Wonderful job! The color is so you and the vanity top looks like it's new. I love the wreath with the lights in it...did you make it?


  21. Hi Cindy,
    You are cracking me up!!! I just love coming here and seeing what you've been up to and I'm not dissappointed. Your bathroom looks so sweet and I love the idea of the script on the counter top.....very sweet.

    BTW, I just got home from a two day trip with my sister to the Depot in Concord. I actually got to see one of your paintings and I gotta tell you girl, it knocked my eyes out. Wow, what a lovely painting, I was blown away!


  22. Love your petite pink room, it turned out fabulous Cindy! Patty/BC

  23. Love it and YOU! :) (and of course all your pink) ;)
    I ADORE your little chandy! I bought two almost like that (well sort of) for my bathroom, but they're all white. I'll get to use them some day....we're gonna re-do the masterbath, but not any time soon. I'm just trying to buy all the stuff I need to re-do the bathroom with a little at a time. I have my mirrors and my chandys. I still have to buy tile, bead board and maybe a couple of pedestal sinks if I can't find an antique buffet I can use. :)
    Hugs girly!

  24. I LOVE it Cindy! The pink is gorgeous and I love the vanity top painted and the script love that!

    I have got the frame painted that your most gorgeous painting is in...I have tweaked and retweaked that frame I tell you! I wanted it to do that gorgeous painting justice! I am hoping to get some pretty photos this weekend with the sun all streaming in and coming!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  25. So pretty ~ Very beautiful blog as well.

    Pearl 13.1

  26. I was SO excited to find that washtub caddy...especially when he told me I could have it for $3 bucks! (to be honest, he asked $3.00 and I asked him if he'd take $2.00! lol I'm a scoundrel!) :)

  27. I LOVE the countertop! Such an inspired idea! The bathroom/laundry room turned out adorable! I too love pink and Have decided to use it in my new bedroom...whenever that time comes to paint!
    Have a blessed week my friend

  28. Oh goodness....what a wonderful makeover! You did an amazing job!

    LOVE IT!

  29. Well you know what.....I really like the color and I think painting the countertop was a great idea. Beats the heck out of looking at it everyday and cussing. AND...that thingy that the toilet paper is likey!

  30. This is the perfect place to wash your little pink 'ass' Cindy. I LOVE IT!!!! and you always crack me up!!!!
    I love me a pink bathroom : )))))
    sending big hugs...

  31. Lovin' your little pink bathroom, Cindy!
    Always a pleasure to visit you.
    I'm not positive, but I don't think that's what your sink says, but what do I know.

  32. Oh this was a great post why it took me so long to get over here is beyond me! Yes i work too much that's why. Anyways I love this bathroom and i love it pink and i love the french wording (even if it did say wash your pink ass!!)
    You are too funny!!!
    Love that cabinet from LeDump (we have that store too and it's packed with pickers)!
    Pamela xo

  33. How are you? I miss your posting. Hope you are well. Blessings to you!

  34. Love your sense of humour Cindy. Pink or peach are supposed to be very good colors for anybody's complexion in a room. It's just soft and female looking. Why the heck not? Love how you painted your vanity counter, did you hand write the words? If so you have gorgeous hand writing.
    Love that chandy and cupboard. The colors and painting are awesome. I'm subscribing to your blog and hope to visit often.

  35. You must hate having your washer and dryer in your bathroom.

  36. You must hate having your washer and dryer in your bathroom!

  37. Painting over the lavender counter was soo smart..and loved the saying. The 'little cupboard that tucks behind the door is cute too.. !
    I am 100% for PINK.. Great blog, see you soon on Pinterest !


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