Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A 30 Minute Painting Just for Fun... and My First Giveaway !

 I wanted to do an easy easy easy, fun painting today...  i was inspired by a simple little heart painting on the 
scroll down the post on the link, and you'll see it

she has this wonderful little painted heart, and i think she painted it
there's something about it that i just love
I bought a 2 canvas pack at Michaels for $7.99, and decided to be invested in not being invested in making anything perfect... 

it was fun...

and the pinkness inspired me to throw some pink at this other little hydrangea painting i had... the brush already had pink in it, so why not!

Here is my 30 minute painting... 

Ok,  it's so simple that a child could do it...

but, what the heck, ...i like it..., it was fun and easy, 
and i needed to do something that was was just simple creation

and you know what,... 

there is something just in the doing of it
in the letting go
in learning to play with the paint
in accepting it might look stupid and being ok with that

...that is spirit art for me right now...

it's hard for me to let go like that

If i hadn't just done it, 
that little heart might have never happened

I'm just sayin guys...
you can paint,
but if you don't
you will never have tried

you can paint a heart, just like i did
and like Tausha did
with your own colors
in your own way
try NOT to be perfect
it's hard!

Here are some photos of the $2.99 each brushes from Michaels i used..

colors used:
titanium white
raw umber
yellow ochre
ultramarine blue
cadmium red, (i think) it was a warm orangey red

anyway.... the lucky little hydrangeas that were close by watching,  got a little kiss of pink from the same brush...

The hydrangea painting is  16 x 20  

and guess what

It is my first giveaway!

If you'd like to win it, you'd have to be a friend/follower

and leave me a comment letting me know if it is a painting that would work for you

that's it !

 i'll put all the names in my pink hat and draw a winner
on April 15th, which is my daugher's birthday!

 ...the end...


  1. I'm going to try paint a heart now Cindy,you have inspired me!.....I love your little heart painting and the hydrangea painting is beautiful omg what an amazing would work for me i love hydrangea and have been planting in the garden at Shingle Cottage,i will be just happy with my name in your pretty pink cowgirl hat lol xxx

  2. Cindy your work just amazes me!!! You have a beautiful gift!!

  3. People who paint don't seem to know what a miracle it is! haha! I've dabbled enough to know it's possible, but you have a wonderful talent for it. Congratulations on your first giveaway! I've never done one. I almost never enter because I don't need a thing. But one of your that's another story. IT WOULD WORK FOR ME!! Are you kidding?!

  4. The hydrangeas are beautiful! As are all of your paintings. I would hang it on my stone fireplace that goes all the way up to the vaulted ceiling in the living room. Perfect! (If the heart is looking for a home, I will give her one, as well!)


  5. The hydrangeas are beautiful! As are all of your paintings. I would hang it on my stone fireplace wall that goes all the way up to the vaulted ceiling in the living room. (I would also give the heart painting a home, if you are looking for one for her!)

  6. Third time to try to post: Your hydrangeas are beautiful; I love all your paintings. I would hang this one on my stone fireplace wall, which goes all the way up to the vaulted ceiling in my living room. I would also love to have the heart, if she needs a home! :)

  7. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cindy, I am so excited for this giveaway!!! I have been totally loving the painting over your mantle. I think these darling hydrangeas would be just perfect above my fireplace. I follow your blog through google reader. Thank you so so much for the wonderful give away.

    **Crossing my fingers to be chosen!**

  8. The hydrangea painting is beautiful and would make a great birthday present for me this month :)
    I recently started redoing my living room and it would work so well on this blank wall that is just waiting for the right art work.

  9. I LOVE this painting...I love hydrangeas and I love oil paintings. I have been learning to paint myself and I love the colors and the detail!

  10. OMG i love it!! It's beautiful.


  11. That only took you 30 minutes? It is absolutely beautiful Cindy. I would love love LOVE to win it. Please throw my name in the pink hat. I still can't believe it only took you a half hour. You are one amazingly talented girl.


  12. I love this painting and the painting of the hydrangeas! YOu better not forget to put my name in the hat....!!! I think you (of all people) would have loved the artistic genius of Annie just bubbles out of her, and it is ALL about imperfection~I really love that idea. Imperfect is perfect.

  13. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!! I want to win the giveaway SOOOOOOO bad!!!! Your paintings are the BEST! Crossing my fingers.

  14. Cindy, dear, I'm one of your biggest admirers. I'd be thrilled to have any of your creations, thank you so much for the chance to win. Your paintings have heart and soul, love each one!! xo

  15. Luv it.....would like to see it hanging in my bedroom.

  16. Already a follower and I can see this beautiful painting some where in my foyer. You are so talented...I love hydrangeas!

  17. I am a follower, and I would absolutely love to win!!!

  18. Cindy,
    Don't sell yourself short.Maybe a kid could paint.But you are an amazing artist.I would LOVE to win your painting.I am keeping my fingers crossed.Even if you taught me I could not paint like that.I can paint.But not as well as you.LOVE that painting.

  19. Oh Wow...any canvas you paint on would work for me. I love your art work, and follow you each and every day, and also love you on Pinterest. This is certainly a wonderful giveaway, and I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you so much, Cindy, for a chance to own something of yours.

  20. Cindy, everything you do looks beautiful and effortless. <3 it!!!

  21. Wow, love it. Makes me feel like spring! I just bought some hydrangeas for my front yard garden. If I had one of your painting I would make it work, lol, not that it would be hard to do! All your work is so awesome!

  22. Wow, love it. Makes me feel like spring! I just bought some hydrangeas for my front yard garden. If I had one of your painting I would make it work, lol, not that it would be hard to do! All your work is so awesome!

  23. Wow, I love the hydrangeas! They are beautiful and one of my favorite flowers of all time. They make me think of spring. I just bought some for my front garden. If I had one of your paintings I would make it! They are so gorgeous it wouldn't be hard to find a spot for them in my home.

  24. Okay ,I am your faithful friendly follower ,I would love to have one of your paintings, I love that touch of pink , and it would make a nice birthday gift for me since mine is the 22nd.

  25. Please add my name to the giveaway!!! I follow you so that I can see your paintings, I recently have been learning to oil paint...I have a ways to go, but it is fun.

  26. "Je Crois" - I believe....nice!

    Greg (the one that sits right next to you at work :)

  27. ohmygoodness!! The name of my blog is...Tattered Hydrangeas....hydrangeas are my very FAVORITE flower....I carried hydrangeas when I got married....I have planted several hyrangea bushes in my dining room is green and PINK....and I SO LOVE THIS PAINTING!!!!

    I really REALLY NEED IT!!

    And, I am going to buy the paint colors you used and try to paint myself a heart.... :)

    Lou Cinda

    Already a follower :)

  28. SO beautiful! It would be such an honor to have your painting hanging in my home...a bit of spring all year 'round (sigh). Your blog inspires me!
    Sandy Helmes

  29. I have been admiring, how you add the depth to a painting, so it doesn't look flat!! And the hydrangeas are the same way, you have caught the shadows and hint of color just perfectly. I have the perfect place to hang such a painting, as my entire house is kissed with pinks.

    This year, I hope to get some hydrangeas started in my yard, and have a few bouquets to bring in, one day.

    Happy birthday to your daughter, and keep painting!!!!

  30. Oh my goodness--enter me! That painting would be perfect in my house--and I would love to own a piece of your work. I think pink hats are lucky for me:) You are such a sweetie to do such an amazing giveaway! I love your little heart painting too. You have to give yourself more credit--some of us just can't paint. (trust me)

  31. I've been toying with the idea of painting something.
    You've given lots of inspiration.

    I think this painting is beautiful. I'd be proud to own it.
    Of course, I follow you...{smile}

  32. I love your paintings, I love hydrangeas and I am pretty sure I could find some way to use this painting!

  33. Yes, yes, yes, your hydrangeas would work for me! I don't have a green thumb and I can't paint, so I'd love it and would show it off like crazy.
    Your heart is perfect :o) and I know what you mean by letting yourself go, but with a different things.
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to have a piece of your beautiful art.

  34. Cindy you are sooooo talented...I love all of paintings! I collect hearts and your painting is so simple and precious. I also grow hydrangeas, my favorite blooms and your gorgeous painting of them would look beautiful in my living room along with my vases filled with dried ones.

  35. I so love the hydrangeas! Excellent paintings, so cottage!


  36. me me me. yes, gods of random. let the hydrangea painting live with me.

    i love it, cindy.

    i am such a fan.


  37. Love it! And all your other paintings, too!

  38. I have always loved hydrangeas. They remind me of my favorite aunt's house in Southern California. Hers were planted in the front yard next to the house under the front bedroom window. So beautiful. I think the painting would like to hang in my home.

  39. Gosh, this is beautiful! I'd love to hang this up :) Thank you, I'm a follower!


  40. You know how much I want one of your paintings so don't say the draw doesn't include Canada. I'll pay the shipping! Pick me, pick me!!! ~ Maureen

  41. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING!!! A chance to WIN one of your paintings! Count me in PLEASE, and yes, I am a very loyal, very devoted, follower. Fingers crossed, making a wish, and clicking my heels together I get drawn from the hat. Patty/BC

  42. ... P.S. I LOVE your heart painting. It is so soft and delicate, yet carries a story and hidden/suggested strength too (I think anyways). Patty/BC

  43. Cindy...I love it! I want it! You are so talented...I'll share it in the private group I admin for Robert Redford...all artists of one kind or another...your friend in California

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  45. LOVE your hydrangea painting. My girlfriends are going to hear about the 30 minute painting concept. What a great way to take the pressure off.
    Thank you!

  46. LOVE the hydrangea painting. My girl art group is going to hear about the 30 minute painting idea, What a great way to take the pressure off.
    Thank you!

  47. I adore hydrangeas! They are one of my all time favorites! Your painting is so beautiful and it would be such an honor to win! Thank you for being so generous. I am a follower and I have your blog listed on my favorite blogs on my own blog and your link! Hugs and Tweets!

  48. Would so LOVE to give this painting a home! Lauren

  49. i am finding the "looser" my art is, the better...but certainly not as beautiful as your he'art'. the hydrangea piece is gorgeous...i can not believe you are giving it away...what a sweety!! i would be so proud to own a little piece of you!

  50. Oh Cindy....that is so pretty! I love the blush of pink that you added! I would be honored and thrilled to have one of your creations hanging in my home! You already know that I am a faithful follower! ~Hugs, Patti

  51. Hi Cindy,
    I love the Hydrangea painting. I have a large white hydrangea in my front yard that has huge flowers every summer. I live in Canada, and would pay for the shipping if I am lucky enough to win. Love the touch of pink you added. I am a follower and your blog is one of my favorites.

  52. Hydrangea work for me anywhere in my life! They evoke memories from my childhood, especially at Easter. I love to arrange a bunch of them in an antique pitcher- beautiful! Your Hydrangea painting & the hint of pink captures the essence of the flower. Please tell your cow paintings hello for me- they are favorites! Happy Easter!

  53. Cindy,

    Your paintings are so gorgeous and so romantic! Reading your post about painting makes me regret not taking oil painting more seriously as a young girl. I used to spend a week at my cousin's house each spring break, and one spring break she taught me about oil painting and sent me home with a bag of oils, brushes, canvases. I was so inspired and had so many ideas for painting but was so afraid of wasting my two canvases on an ugly painting that I never painted anything. The oils dried up and that was the end of it.
    Funny thing, I just bought a case of oil paints at a yard sale for $5.00 last fall. I bought them to use as decoration because I have a major obsession with oil paintings and the "artist's studio" look.
    I'm always on the hunt for gorgeous oil paintings, but I rarely find any in the soft, romantic colors you use. So...yes, any painting you ever paint would be a treasure!
    Lovely giveaway!


  54. Oh my gosh, i am humbled by everyone's beautiful comments, and support. I wish each and every one of you could win it. It pains me that i can't make that happen. I'm just gonna have to let the great power of the universe in all it's wisdom choose when i draw a name from the hat, that it will be the just right person...

    hugs to you all

  55. Oh Cindy....this is beautiful and would look lovely in my dining room! Please enter me!

    I just adore the heart too!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!


  56. I am a follower. I LOVE your paintings and would love to have one in my home!!

  57. I would LOVE the hydrangea painting. I can just see it on my wall! It's beautiful.

    I am in awe of people who can draw and paint, because any artwork I do usually looks like something a third grader does in art class. You have a wonderful talent!!

  58. Our daughter will be 20 years old on the 16th of April. She would LOVE this painting!! So beautiful : o )

  59. Cindy, your paintings are beautiful! Hydrangeas are a favorite flower and you have captured them wonderfully. I love the photo of the used brushes. Just last week I started collecting some for a display. Have a wonderful weekend Cindy!

  60. I just became a follower. Your paintings are amazing. I would love to have your painting in my home.

  61. Love the hydrangeas! Anything I love always has a place in my home and my heart.

  62. Oh I've tried to paint.....let's just leave it at that......I'm in. I follow.

  63. How beautiful...thank you for the chance!
    Hydrangeas are my favorite!

  64. Hi Cindy, how beautiful! That touch of pink really adds spunk to an already very pretty painting. If I happen to be the lucky winner, I think I would give it to my mom for Mother's Day, although, it would also look fab in my entry hall!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!


  65. You are a gifted artist... Your 30 minute heart painting is beautiful! I just might give it ago. I really love the added pink to your hydrangea picture.
    Have a wonderful Easter Cindy,
    P.S. Eat lots of chocolate I hear it's good for the soul. ;)

  66. Um, yes, that hydrangea painting would most definitely work in my house! Thanks for the chance to win. :) I love reading your thoughts on painting and the whole mental process of it. I've never tried painting on canvas myself, but one of my sisters used to back in high school and was quite good, especially considering she was self-taught. She recently moved to Mebane and so now that's she nearby, I think I'm going to get her some brushes, paints, and a few canvases to get her back into painting. I'll be sharing your blog with her for inspiration!

  67. Hi Cindy
    Oh! i would love to win this Hydrangea painting, I love your paintings,I have a place for it~~so I'm hoping :-)
    I'm signed on as your Friend!
    marian elizabeth

  68. Hi Cindy,

    I do love your blog and would be honored to hang your beautiful painting in my home. You are so talented and I love your sense of humor. Happy Easter!

  69. Hi Cindy! You have such a lovely style, I especially like the way you handle backgrounds. Did you do use raw umber and cad red light with ultramarine? However, it is complex and perfectly brings out your light subject matter. Your "whites" are luminous!

    Happy painting and happy spring. :D

  70. You are such a talented gal, Cindy!
    Hope you enjoyed the Easter weekend.

  71. Beautiful! You are so talented, Cindy! What a fabulous giveaway!

  72. Been following you by email alerts since Miss Marion Mustard Seed got her cow painting from you awhile back. I signed up to be a follower because I really want your painting...what a great giveaway. White Hydrangeas are one of my top five favorite flowers along with lilac, rose, peony, and foxglove.



  73. J'aime beaucoup...

    Bonjour de France


  74. Who couldn't use this painting?? My favorite flower and you capture it so well! I'm probably too late to enter for the give away but I love this painting (and all your others) and just wanted you to know it!


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