Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh So Random... Photos of things around the house...

Just some photos on a rainy Sunday afternoon...

faux fleurs

a little clock

a new bush from the garden center with burgandy leaves and these tiny clusters of blooms dainty and pretty...

a great dress i found at TJ Maxx... it's form fitting so it squeezes your fat in, sorta, look at that stomach!  geeeesh...

  i put a pink blouse on top of it...  
anyway, it's a great dress with gauzy fabric

see how pretty the fabric is...

the back of a little chair, with a raggedy little slip cover, i like this fabric...

cute little burlap covered glass vase thingy with a bee on it, from Marshalls, 
only $5.99!

Cowboy boots, and little vase from the thrift store...  you can still see the price on it!, 
I'm sooo tacky

Wonderful back lit vintage lace...  I love vintage lace

One of two pillowcases i won in a gave away from sweet Sissy,

"Pearly Gates"  rose... 

I think they named it well..

"Pearly Gates" in CinemaScope
hmmm.... looks like a painting idea to me....


corner of the coffee table

view of pink geraniums, looking out the window....

and that's all i've got for now
hope ya'll are having a wonderful spring sunday!

...the end...


  1. You LOOK BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!! I love the blouse and the Dress, just lovely fabrics... and your home looks lovely !!!! Very shabby .... Take care....xoxo

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Your photos are so beautiful and they are everything that I love and more. Your flower garden is so lovely and to look out your window and see all that pink is heavenly.
    Just exactly where is the "fat" on you! I see nothing but a slim and very pretty Cindy. Love your's so you!
    Thanks for the mention on the pillow cases, I'm so glad that you like them.


  3. Random beauty. Love your white skirt/dress...beautiful. We are roasting here in Cali but I'm sure spring rain will return soon.

  4. Cindy,
    Love your new skirt and shirt.Great finds.You always get lucky at marshalls/tjmaxx.I need to check that place out more often we have one of each in our town.Even a home goods.
    Pretty roses and geraniums too.That vintage lace is oh so pretty.Hard to find vintage lace.

    1. Sorry for writing here its the only way i can comment as there is no comment box below.............

      Cindy i adore your feminine style,you have so much prettiness around your home its a joy to see it in your pictures.
      I love your new dress with the top over it looks beautiful as do you my friend and you have beautiful hair,oh and pearly gates would make a beautiful painting,love that colour xxx

  5. I love this post! Your are having fun with your photography. Love that close up of your coffee table--who knew it was so pretty?! I love that guazy dress. I live Goodwill stickers on things all the time--drives my husband crazy but I like to think back to how proud of myself I am for the good deal I got.:) Looks like you live like on a country road. How pretty. TFS!

  6. Lovely pictures!! Love that white dress, so very feminine and pretty! They did nanme that Pearly Gates rose correctly! All of your pictures are just so very pretty!!!

  7. loving the photo of you in the mirror with the drapey top and that gorgeous living area behind you! also loving the photo that looks like lacy petticoats! yum!

    have a wonderful week, lovely lady.


  8. cindy when you do post like thesse i love it b/c it lets us see and confirm that you are a true beauty heart and soul, from your home to your paintings every little thing that you find beauty in amazes me. alot of us just over look what you bring to our attention and make us see the beauty in ex. the fabric of your new dress ,corner of your coffee table i for one love looking at the world ,well your world thru your artists eyes i soo aspire to be more like that. but first remember, you gottta teach me to paint!!!!!! oh and gonna get over my fear and starrt a blog im a fraidy cat.....blessings,susan

  9. Cindy-my painting came Saturday! !! Ohmygoodness!!! I love love love it!!! Just beautiful!! Your talent is so amazing!! I got a frame for "her" today but I have to paint I will be revealing her in her new home soon! Thank you so much!! Great post and as usual your photos are phenominal!

    Lou Cinda :)

  10. Darling dress! You're a cutie in it. It's fun seeing some sweet details in your home. Love that lacy window shot and all the pink touches. I need some pink geraniums!

  11. Well, I'd be taking photos of such a comfy, cozy, beautiful home too :) I can see several paintings here, especially a self portrait. You're living in a dream home m'lady.

  12. Hi Cindy,
    You look beautiful in the photo. We are always to hard on ourselves. I think the rose would make a beautiful painting. Love pink geraniums, they are my favorite.

  13. You look so pretty!!
    Great "random" post!

  14. You look like someone famous!!! Wow, and you are an artist and all pretty and glowy ~loved the random pretty today. sorry i haven't been around as much. xo


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