Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Bush Alert!

Hey my sweeties... I wanted to show you guys a great bush, that looks like a white hydrangea, but it's not... and it's blooming it's little bushy butt off right now...

here is a closeup with a cute little pink azalea...

here is me screwing around in "Picassa"... 
the same closeup with the effect "Cinemascope"

here it is when the blooms are new and a touch green


 here, a little more mature blooms, and white as can be

close up

same photo "Cinemascope"
(in Picassa)

 same photo with the "Ortonish" effect, just a little, all in Picassa

here it is in a tarnished little silver vase...

i bet you think i just showed you waaaaay too many photos of this bush

...but heck....

i could have also posed it with 
me sitting beside it drinking a beer
or in the afternoon light
or in the morning light..
or with Ted sitting next to it reading a book...
or with me sitting beside it painting my nails...
you're lucky i stopped when i did!

anyway, this is an awesome bush
and here is it's little bushy name

Things are BURSTING into BLOOM around here!

I think heaven must be like spring and smell like lilacs, and have little soft white flower petals from the cherry trees drifting down 
and  flowers blooming everywhere

Here is my little house with the pink door with "Bushy"and a pink azalea, and see that crazy old Lady Banks Rose blooming on the arbor!

Mr. Fractured attacked that with the clippers a couple of years ago...
He's really cute and sexy and i like and love him and all...
but NOT when he cuts up my rose!
He was in Big Trouble!
you have to keep a close eye on them when they have clippers in their hands, they are not to be left unsupervised in the garden!!!

you can see my "Believe" sign is all wonky and backwards

Here is the same photo with a touch of the "Ortonish" effect in Picassa
i kinda like this effect, it makes things look sweet to me...

another view with a touch of the "Ortonish" effect

I don't know what that puddle in the driveway is,
probably some horrible thing leaking from my car

Ok, let's change the subject, 

you're probably thinking
 "thank god, 
"if she shows me another photo of that bush or shows the "Ortonish" effect again, i'm unfriending her"

Anyway...I moved the plates from the top of the mirror in the living room, to the sides, 
which  really makes more sense because it's a long wall, 
and that helped fill the side wall space
don't know why i didn't think of that before

"ortinish effect" oops said it again!

versus this....

i didn't need more height over the mirror... i needed width !

can't resist showing a couple more  more photos from the garden

just look at this sweet lady

and these petunias survived the winter, and have burst into bloom again right along with the pansies...

I've never seen that happen...

and seeing those spring pansies reminds me...
do you know what's pretty?!

make a lemon bundt cake

and frost it with lemon icing

 in the center hole in the cake

put a shot glass with some water in it
(i have plenty of those, empty ones) 

 and then put little purpley blue and white and pale yellow pansies in it, or whatever color you have...
they are edible, so no problem with that
The colors of the pansies in the center of the cake with the pale yellow icing is so delightful and springy!

it will be the prettiest cake you'll ever see and so simple!

That's all for now, and no more pictures of "bushy" 
i promise

.... the end...


  1. Wow Cindy! I love that bush and want to find one because it is to hot for hydrangeas where I live. Your home is so inviting, sweet and comfy looking. And, I love the "ortonish" effect also. It's fun editing photos and playing with all the possibilities.
    I love your posts!!

  2. I love your PINK door! Pink door + white house + roses and beautiful flowers = GORGEOUS!

  3. Snowball bushes are a wonderful bush. I have about 8 around my home and I just love them. Some of mine have gotten large over 12 feet and we have trimmed them down. My parents home still have them from when they planted them over 45 years ago. I have started adding other white viburnum bushes and they a great addition. Another white bush I love is the double white rose of sharon. Spireas are also beautiful too. I kind of have a white thing going too.

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Your home looks like a dream cottage!! It's so pretty! I love the arch,and your flowers are beautiful!Your living room looks beautiful too.


  5. Cindy,
    Your flowers are growing so beautifully.Still too chilly here.Well one day it is 80 and the next day 40's.Everything is in shock around here.

  6. I just want to come sit in your yard and have tea! Those flowers are beautiful and I LOVE your living room!

  7. I love every little thing about your house, inside and out! I could move right in. Can I, can I? ~ Maureen

  8. As a kid our next door neighbour had a snowball bush, always the first to bloom. It was always lovely and I remember I had to cup with 2 hands to hold one snowball they were so big. Fun! Thanks for taking me on that trip down memory lane. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! Inside and out, no matter what you change or paint or move around. It's all GOOD because it's YOUR'S! Yes, heaven must be like spring on earth. Such a treat. Patty/BC

  9. LOL... they're banking on those cute looks to get them outta jail free. I, just last week, caught my man butchering my weeping crab apple, while the blooms were on! Oh! Only because he was waiting on the cement truck and was bored. OMG!
    I love all your photos, even the ortonish ones :o) You have a beautiful home, inside and out. It's inspirational!

  10. Hi Cindy,
    Your pretty cottage makes me want a smaller house with cozy rooms. My house is all open and it's driving me crazy! I love the way you've planted your garden near the entry and that sweet arbor.

    I love your photos too and the plates on the wall over the mirror and on the sides look wonderful.

    I like your idea of photographing your flowers with real life....especially you drinking a beer.
    Sounds right to me. And yes, I agree never let a man around the flowers with cutters! LOL!


  11. Love your snowball bush! Love ALL the pictures! My favorite of your house is the one showing the garden arch and your pretty table and chairs. Picture perfect! I DO like what you've done with the plates too. So pretty inside and out! Now I have to go find some lemon cake to eat!!!!

  12. i will never tire of white (and green!) hydrangea. i have some pink and blue ones as well and am not shy about cutting them and enjying them inside!

    you are ortoncrazy!

    smiles to you, fancy photographer.


  13. I so wish I could sit in your beautiful garden and have a beer with you..

    I am loving that effect you did on your pictures. It does make them look sweet in a fairy tale sort of way.

    I love your snowball bush. I bought one last year and ours is just showing signs of life. Oh, and I so love your pink door...

    Your livingroom is so pretty--really enjoyed your post!

  14. I love snowball bushes! We had a few snowball fights with them when I was a kid. Your home is lovely and I am dying over your farm animal prints! Fantastic!

  15. Wonderful pics! I love all the shots of your yard and "bushy" and the ones of the inside of your home - so cute! Always in love with the pink door!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  16. What a charming storybook cottage you have! I just love the pink door. I wish that I could do that!!! Our homeowners association is very strict about that sort of thing. Maybe we need more women making those decisions!

  17. Hello beautiful! I love that bush and will now be scouring Lowes to find one....maybe even two!! :)
    Love your pink door.....mine is a pale dusty purple at the moment, but that could change at the drop of a hat around here! All I need is for the painting mood to hit me just right....and BOOM a pink or green front door! :) that's kinda how I got the purple one! Lol
    Love ya!

  18. Okay, I'm going to look into that Chinese Snowball plant because I love hydrangeas and while they may live here for a couple of years at times, all it takes is one scorching summer and boom-they're dead.

    I had to laugh about your husband attacking your rose bush with the clippers. Last night, my husband was weed eating while I was visiting a neighbor in our yard, and I caught a glimpse of him near the fence that lines my garden and I darted across the yard to stop him...but got there too late after he had lopped the top off of my tomato plant...

    Anyway, your yard looks beautiful, and I love that pink door. If I ever have an all white house, I'm going to "borrow" that idea!

    Have a great weekend!


  19. Man you are a scream!!! I love this bush and i think i had the same one at my old house. I love what you did in your living room. Perfect!!!!
    My husband is the exact same way with clippers! He mutilates everything and then we fight over it every single time!
    Your home is soooo charming Cindy!!
    Pamela xo

  20. Loved your pics and had to crack up with your wording of unfriending you so I friended you! Love how you express yourself, your artwork is amazing and your gardening is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the different photo effects, Have a great weekend!!

  21. I am wondering why you haven't been showing off the cutest house in the world til now?? Its simply darling and I love the yard, orntish (SP?) or not...Laughed out loud when you said that we were gonna unfriend you. you are so fun and cute and smart and have a great blog and a darling house.

  22. These pictures are gorgeous Cindy....ortinish or no them...I love your house door....arbor....want it!

    Lou Cinda ;)


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