Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A New Settee

Hi Guys!

Can you even believe summer is coming to a close!??!

The older I get the faster everything goes.  I mean really fast. Like a year seems more like 4 months fast.
 Before you know it I will be dead.  So that being said, I think it's ok to eat chocolate any time i want... right?

Anyway, Mr. Fractured and I finally took a little vacation and went to the beach.  Other than the drive down which involved apocalyptic thunderstorms that looked like F5 tornadoes were going to drop out of them,  and having to pull off the road 3 times, which made Mr. Fractured go into his "I'm being patient" mode... which really means, she's completely out of her mind... 
it turned out to be so relaxing and just beachy wonderfulness as the beach always is.  

One of the best parts of Oak Island, NC is that it is near Southport which is this little port town with boats and shops and benches and cute old houses and cottages.  

 check out what i found on the front porch of one of the little shops

This pink tattered and torn settee!

Here it is on the front porch of the little shop - that box covers up a hole in it, but i didn't care
It was love at first site...

Just look at those adorable rolled arms, and the pretty little legs

I really want it at my dining room table... but it's too short.  Soooooooo, here we go with the change one thing and completely redo everything else deal.  

I am going to have to make it taller or the table shorter or both... I know i can take at least an inch maybe two off the table base, but how to raise the settee... hmmmmm - do ya'll have any ideas on how to do that?

Plus my dining table is really too big for the room, and now the chandy doesn't hang over the center anymore 
aaannnd ... if i lower the table I may need to cut off the little apron around the round part of the table so your legs don't bang into it... and i need to move the little desk out of the way

all of that and more to infinity...

Moving stuff around did inspire me to move my "Miss Daisy" print to over my mantel and i really do like her there better than the rose that was up there
i just propped her up in front of the other painting

oh yeah, I didn't want to forget to show you guys this little cottage in Southport
How cute is that!
I could so totally live in that little pink house right near the seaport...


hmmmm...What else has been going on...

Well, i've been growing my first dahlias and it's been an interesting experience.

I had no idea the stems could get as thick around as a quarter at the bottom... so some of them have fallen right over from the weight.  
And I was thinking I'd only get a few blooms, but they are just now coming to fruition and i'm getting lots of the amazing big flowers, and some of the stems and blooms are already up past my waist!...
so i'm pretty sure I love them!

In the spring the garden was so tidy, and i planted lots of tomatoes and some hot peppers and squash ...

By July the tomatoes had gone crazy...
like, what the heck crazy!

they are growing up all over the place, as tall as me, covering up the peppers and sage and lavender
falling over the fence

everything is now totally overgrown and messy

kinda like a cottage garden, but not in a good way !

It's like a jungle!

plus there is the occasional poison ivy in the mix

I did pick this bouquet of roses just last week
i couldn't even believe something that wonderful came out of my very own garden

So anyway, i was out weeding and cutting back stuff, and had been all up near the poison ivy with my bare hands, 
and you know how it is in the garden, you go to do one little thing, and don't put on your gloves, and end up sticking your hand in places where you just really really hope a snake doesn't bite you

and i had a skirt on because i always wear dresses or skirts because i can't really stand the way pants feel all up on my legs
 i know, weird huh...
ok and i know this is TMI but 99.9% of my life i wear undies, but for some reason didn't have any on in that moment
probably just threw on a skirt to go water the window box or something

anyway a branch of a flower or something went up under my skirt and BAM something bit me right on my ass!  and it wasn't a small little bite either!  

i was like GAAAHHHH!  

I didn't want to touch anything because i had poison ivy on my hands, but i didn't even want whatever thing that was to bite me again!!!

And of course i didn't have my undies on!  Really???!! 

I froze for about a millisecond  and  then just dropped my skirt down around my ankles with my bare bottom and everything else showing... 

I mean i didn't know what the heck horrible thing was up under there 

 i  didn't really have good choices here

It could've been a hornet, or even worse, a spider 
or maybe even a mutant hornet black widow spider poisonous snake for all i knew.... 

anyway, i live on a corner of a neighborhood, where cars do go by and people walk by all the time, and i had to make it into the house with the skirt around my knees without being seen... 

It was a great look

I walked in and Mr. Fractured just stood there... like uhhhhhh
and he is very polite
so he wouldn't laugh at a lady in distress
but i could tell he was holding his lips together to keep from laughing
and as i was escaping from my skirt i just said 
"don't look at me"!!!
because seriously, my bottom half is not my best half especially in broad daylight...

and that is most of the latest from cindysfracturedfairytale and fractured cottage garden 

...the end...