Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hi Everybody, I'm Not Dead...

  I know I haven't posted in a long long time!

It's been a hard summer.... 
I mean nothing overtly horrible or bad happened...

It's just i've had alot going on, and alot of people around, ALL THE TIME, and i can't really talk about it all, because i would get in big trouble!.... except that...

HOLY  F!#$!, 
i need my space and my routine, and quiet time, or basically i get  anxious, and depressed and crazy as a loon...

So, i just couldn't bring myself to do blog posts...

I mean, i'm curious, How many of you get energy from alone time, versus energy from being around people.

Mr. Fractured is low maintenance, he doesn't pull at my energy force... he's quiet, he's routine, he does his chores... We have a rhythm, and it works.  Geeeesh, he can fall asleep in a chair in 32 seconds... it's insane
  He dosen't care if we're boring and neither do i.
  Relationships are interesting.  After living this long, i've decided, i have no idea what the hell to think of it all, except some people suck the life force out of you... 
STAY AWAY from them if you can, 
and some don't.  
It's ok to play with them

People always tell me how social i am, and how happy i always seem, and how they think i would be so fun to hang out with.
Every time someone wants to have "FUN" i want to shoot myself in the face!  
Planning to do something "FUN" means you have to drive or fly somewhere where there are usually alot of people you don't know, and do things you're not used to doing, without your stuff that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

If i think of flying somewhere, i immediately visualize being trapped in a guided missile, made of thin metal, packed with highly flammable jet fuel, and being launched 25, 000 feet in the air through cumulus clouds and lightening strikes, where you could potentially plummet to the ground, 
(which, lets' face it, ... would take a really long time at 25,000 feet)
where you would then explode into flames

and if you survive and make it,  to wherever you are going
you have to do it again and fly back!
uhhhh...i don't think so

i can watch the discovery channel 

hang gliding

not a chance

it's freakin cold, what the heck!?
and you will break your leg and have to be airlifted outta there
and dangling up high in those ski lifts
nuh uh

riding a subway to a 6 story mall packed thousands of people
subway - terrorists
what if i have to go to the bathroom!?
trapped in the elevator
total sensory overload 
panic attack

just wrong in so many ways

i can do that with just about any suggesetion of "fun"
you should try me out, just ask me one

 Fun to me, is hanging out with someone i am completely comfortable with, listening to my music, staying at a little beach cottage right on the beach, painting, fixing up the house, a bonfire, shopping, (not with men)... picking, that bud lite every evening... especially when it's summer and i can sit outside ...

I had a person who rented a room in my house once
(another story)
anyway, she would take naps on the sofa, help with the dishes, roast marshmallows with the kids,
just easy stuff you know...
I could come home from work and say "don't even talk to me now..., i have to go take a nap" 
and it would be just fine
i LOVED her, that's fun to me, having a friend like that
 Do i sound crazy to you?

Well, I am
The way i see it, everyone has their "crazy" when stressed

Anyway,  i have talked way too much
let's just look at some things around the house

Get some visual's going on here, i'm sure no one came here to read a book about my weirdness and opinions

 This little shelf is my solution to dealing with a massively ugly heating vent thing...

the air can pass through, and it is a little less visable...

The cute little shadow boxes with shells in them are from Kohls, i got them on clearance and I love them!

I bet Kohls might still have some...

Ok, so i thought i was so clever with this

I had these target canisters, and i decided i could just tape them off and paint chalkboard paint on them and write on them... and that would be the best idea ever!

Except then... on Pinterest i saw that you can get the cutest little chalkboard decals that are a hundred times more charming... so then i felt stupid
 whatever....  !

Here is a cool old velvet pillow I found at the thrift shop.  It is pretty raggedy, but it is the best color and so soft, and i really like it

Hmmmm, what else can we talk about... 

Ok, you know how everyone is being all Bohemian and layers tons of bracelets together... Well, the thrift shop is a great place to find old necklaces and bracelets for nothin'!  And you can just wind a bunch on your wrist for a few bucks, and mix them all up!

You see that one with the shell on it?  Those are actually napkin rings from Pottery Barn... They are on a stretch band, and they came in a box with six separate rings, and i found them at the thrift shop...

Ok, the best trick ever, i found on Pinterest... Get some eucalyptus and hang it near your bathtub on in the shower... and every time the bathroom steams up it smells wonderful like Eucalyptus!  I had some that was dried, that i bought at Whole Foods months ago, and just tucked the bunch in a little handle on my bathtub, and it really really works... plus i think it is good for you 

I love coral and shells
I found this pretty little piece of coral and just grouped it with another shell i have and put them right on my coffee table

as you can see that candle is just about spent!  it is a Henri Bendel candle, they are the best candles ever!
This one is called Lavender Leaves, and it will make your whole house smell heavenly in about 5 minutes
they're a real treat for me, because they cost about $30.00 each

Bath and Body Works used to carry them

oh yeah, do any of you use Bath and Bodyworks wallflowers?
( and, yeah i know, those plug ins aren't good for you, but i've decided to accept the risks)
because there is a new scent that is wonderful
it's called London Calling 'tea and lemon'
and it makes your room smell like fresh brewed iced tea and fresh lemons
i love it!

you wouldn't believe how dusty that plate was when i was snapping this photo... i just wiped it off with my hand... i'm not really that clean you know...
i mean, cobwebs don't freak me out... 
my mom would have a heart attack and fall over dead before she would have a cobweb in her house
in fact i'm not sure i actually even really know what a cobweb is... i don't think they are spider webs???  are they?  - i mean what are cobwebs anyway?

Here are some pretty dried hydrangeas i tucked in this silver ice bucket - 
I love it when they dry this deep blue...

more dried hydrangeas on a silver tray, with a silver bowl (all thrift shop) - and some happy little chrysanthemums that look like daisys

Here is one of my meadow paintings i gave to my sister hanging at her house...
meadow paintings are some of my favorites, i never get tired of looking at a meadow...

Ok, so have ya'll had enough of me for the day?!

geesh that was a long post
i hope you don't hate me now...

I'm gonna be so embarrassed after i push "publish"
do you ever get embarrassed after publishing a post like I do?

anyway don't forget to tell me...

do you get energy from alone time
or energy from being with people

...the end...