Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Favorite Comfy Chair, and Daisyboo...

This is my favorite chair for watching TV.  I had two of these slipcovered recently, and it was so worth it.. I love them.

I drape my legs over the arm, put on my TV glasses, and then Daisyboo jumps up and snuggles right in with me.    If i get up, she gets up.  If i sit down she sits down.  
And since i'm totally Attention Deficit Disorder, and disorganized, and distracted, i get up and down alot...  

poor Daisy, just when she gets comfortable, 'boing' I'm outta the chair...  

You can see my comfy tattered pillow... 

Here she is... She's a little mop, and her face is always dirty, she's a wittle mess...

I don't know why , but when i talk to her, i talk baby talk... like , ohhh daisyboo, do you uuv your mama?? 

I bet some of you guys talk baby talk to your doggies and kitties, and have crazy gushy names for them too...

wook at that sweet wittle moppy face...she's just a wittle mess

pretty sickening isn't it...

she hates the camera, and refused to look at it...

when i try to wash her face, she turns this way, and then that way, and hides her head in the pillows... or smushes her head into my mushy soft taught and toned stomach..it's impossible to get to that little face...

big pink helicopter ears...

she's a very mixed up breed... but she barely sheds, so some poodle in there...

So, this is our chair...

And this is my favorite big fake flower pinned right smack on her shoulder !   I thought she should have some bling, and of course it had to be pink!

the end....


  1. Hi Cindy,
    What a pretty place for you and your widdle babee boo! I love the white slipcovers and I would love to have some made as well. And adding the pretty pink rosette is making her so happy.

    She is the cutest little baby.

    And yes, I talk baby talk to my kitties. They seem to understand it better!


  2. Oh she's lovely! Makes me miss my Lucy goose even more ;-)

  3. Slipcovers are the way to go! I love them! Daisy is soooo cute and she must love you a lot! The flower adds the perfect detail and I love the pillow. Look cumfy!

  4. love your sense of whimsy...I think you would like our chairs also

  5. what a great chair and adorable doggy! I have two dogs, but they're both 85 pounds a piece..no cuddling with them! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh it looks so romantic at your cottage and wittle daisy boo fits right in too! The lamp in the background is super great!

  7. Precious pup!! What better bundles of love in our homes than our furry family members! Love love love your posts! :)

  8. My little Yorkie does the same thing, which always prompts me to sing, "when I move, you move. Just like that...." Too cute. Love the chair.


  9. Love the chair! And haha - Daisy boo sounds like Lillie and Lola when it comes to picture-taking!

  10. Great idea with the flower! Your slip cover is woderful.
    Saw you over @ Dreamy White...we call those pumpkins Cinderella too...too funny!

  11. Cindy, just love your blog. You have such a great sense of humor! How did you find your seamstress? Your chair looks great!! Love your doggie too...

  12. she's so fluffy! and you've got to love no shedding. bella doesn't either and somehow she doesn't mat.

    i don't have a tv chair but hopefully that will change when we do some restyling around here.

    did you enter my giveaway? a stencil!


  13. Hey Cindy! I LOVE your big chair and pink flower...it looks so squishy and comfy!
    Thanks for your sweet words on my chairs..I love them SO much! I had to laugh when you said do you know how much they would cost as Bella Cottage caust that's where my inpiration photo came from and they were $395.00 EACH! I got all four of my chairs for less than that! lol (of course, I put a TON of work into them, but they are SO worth it!)
    PS..adorable pooch..my kind of doggy! :)

  14. Hey there! that chair is fantastic....but the lamp behind it caught my eye - that is gorgeous! always love coing over to peek at your posts! xoox, tracie

  15. What a cute widdle gurl.....and yes...I talk baby talk to my monsters also :)

  16. Cindy YOU won my giveaway!!!!! please send me your mailing address and color of 'Pacifica' sanddollar painting you want to seawashed@hotmail.com. I love your daisyboo...are you sure she is not a maltese? she looks so much like my bella bleu and she is pure maltese. She has peach in her ears and neck too when her hair gets long. I love them most when their hair is long and messy but my bella bleu likes to get her hair cut! She loves going to the groomer and getting 'pretty'. Your chair is perfect. ox

  17. As usual everything looks amazing Cindy! I could really use your hand around here these days...
    I love the dog's hair long he looks more cuddly.
    I'm so behind in blogging too. :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs Rosemary...x

  18. Such a widdo lovee you hab!! Haha! Darling chair too!

  19. OM Gosh! I WUV her, no shedding!!! that makes up for everything! I love your chair and your lamp too! I've been working on one that needs some of that effect, so I hope you don't mind my stealing your idea for the lamp.:)

  20. Oh I laughed at your baby talk...that is exactly how I talk to my pup. I bet I sound like such a dork. He also follows me everywhere and sometimes he looks at me like 'can't you just sit for five minutes' I am one of those who bounce up and down while I watch tv too. Rarely do I just sit for anything. I love your big comfy chair Cindy and your darling pup with the dirty face.

  21. i know!!!!! thanks for sharing the excitement with me--you're such a sweet friend. now how do we get Rachel to pay our homes a visit?


  22. WOW, Love that Chair!!! the flower is precious


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