Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Attempt at Making a Dreamcatcher... and Some Killer Eye Makeup Remover...

Ok, so since Rachel Ashwell has a dreamcatcher and since Tausha from Simply Me has a dreamcatcher, and since i think they're just cool, I decided to make my own...  I watched a video on youtube, and went for it...

See the tag  that says "sea," ... well i won a giveaway from Kerrie at Sea Cottage ...  
she tucked in several tags with the beautiful prints and cards she sent me... I LOVE them !
so of course i used one on something special...

 I went to Michaels and bought a wooden embroidery hoop, and some sinew, that's the stuff you make the webbing to catch the dreams with ...
 I had an old dress i bought at the thrift shop, just for the pretty fabric, and the pink lining from the dress, and some white fabric that i tore into strips,  and some netting stuff, and so i just went at it... 
after watching the video a couple of times...

 It was pretty simple actually, just wrapped the fabric around the hoop, no problem....

I was definitely a little iffy doing the webbing part,  so i'm pretty sure it's not officially dream catcher quality webbing...  

ok, .. so it was a webbing battleground, with sinew pieces everywhere, getting totally  tangled and having to redo it twice... 

but i think for a normal person it would be easy...

It was kind of fun though... i just put random things on it, like a little shell, and a dried rose and a crystal... i tied the strands of fabric on the sides with this sweet thin lace that was inside the dress..
I kind of like it...

and I love love my cards and tags and prints from Kerrie

I can't even bear to take them out of their ties and packaging yet.
You see the cute pumpkin... Well under that print is a print of a Sandollar... 
You know how some things have good energy...
Not only is her work precious, with soft beautiful colors, and well presented...

it also carries good energy... you can feel it...

Finally i want to share some of my favorite face cleaner girly stuff... you know, the stuff that is your "go to" favorite.. 
this is mine..

 The Logona is an oily makeup remover, so if you don't like oil,  you may not like it...  But, i think you should try it anyway... 

oops, i guess that sounds totally bossy... sorry

anyway, my eyes love it, and the skin around my eyes feels soft and happy and dewey after i use it.. and it smells lovely

I used to buy it at Whole Foods, but they don't carry it anymore, so i like it enough to order it online... 
I use waterproof mascara, and it works great removing it...

The other product i love is the Avalon organics lavender face scrub... I remove the eye makeup with logona, then give my face a good scrub with this wonderful stuff...
it's got those little grains in it, so it's an abrasive type scrubber... 

after i use it my face feels so clean, and renewed and my cheeks are pink... and it smells lovely...

used to get that at Whole Foods too, too bad for Whole Foods, they don't carry it anymore... i order it online too..

after all that, i use something else from Whole Foods, that i won't bore you with right now, that is if they still carry it ! 

and then a moisturizer... 

and that concludes my story of a dreamcatcher, a beautiful gift, and eye makeup remover...

...that is soooo random...

the end...


  1. Hey Cindy, I love the dreamcatcher, it's lovely! I've been thinking of making one after seeing them on Simply Me.

  2. I'm so happy you did this... I was at a festival over the weekend and they had a ton of DreamCathers with sea shells,and sea horses on them, it was so cute, i wish i had my camera.. Yours is so Beautiful I LOVE IT!!! Great Job!! Have a Great Week!!

  3. we LOVE random and don't ever forget it!

    Ah! i love the dreamcatcher and have had them on the brain as well. i think yours is beautiful and i am inspired to make one!

    i know i commented on your other post, but i am still so excited for you about that opportunity to be in that Fifi styling shoot! i would be pinching myself and hope you have let everyone in your town know by now (like the cashier at the grocery store who asks if there is anything on the bottom of your cart..."no, but did you hear one of my paintings was used by fifi...")

    hugs to you, friend.


    we're so on the same wavelength. today i thought about how i'd really like to blog about makeup because I LOVE IT. wow. you go.

  4. Hi Cindy!

    You did an absolutely fantastic job on that dream catcher!!! Seriously, ya'll are sooo crafty - I need to get on it then! lol Thanks for sharing!!!


  5. Your dream catcher looks as good as any other one I have seen. But wondering if the sinew part is supposed to cover the whole circle so it catches your dream? Or is it supposed to go through it...maybe someone should write about how a dream catcher works...its all greek to me!

  6. Cindy this is lovely! Are you having fab dreams now...that's what i want to know!!!
    I love any new info on make-up products...I am a sucker for all this stuff!!!
    Love reading your posts!!!
    Pamela xo

  7. Cindy your dreamcatcher is gorgeous!!! I want to make one. My daughter has been making them for two weeks now and is going to teach me how. She is covering the wall space above her bed with them. I would have never thought to use one of the sea tags for are so creative! It looks so beautiful. I am so happy you won my Giveaway. Thank you for all the kind words. You are a sweetheart. oxox

    PS the sea paintings are mine...they are my first try at it so I am guessing I will only get better at it. I hope. thank you.

  8. Beautiful! I think you did a wonderful job on it and I really like the added touches...very nice. Thanks for the "girly" info too!


  9. Ah ! The artistic mind ! Totally random ...
    I get it.
    I love your dreamcatcher !

  10. great job on the dream the picture of your sheep....your art work is wonderful!

  11. Hey sweet girl! Nice job on your know I have to like has pink in it! :) hee hee
    I'm glad you learned something from my chair tutorial..hey, you can also use that rope trim for pillows too..instant piping! :)
    Have a blessed day
    missy :)

  12. The dream catcher looks fabulous. You did a great job. Love it!

  13. CINDY!!!!!!!

    Well, your profile says that you have no idea what an HTML or a widget is, but your blog has certainly taken off! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you for visiting me last night, and I will go to listen to Damien Rice sing that FABULOUS SONG!!!! Oh, your world is wonderful. I love the FRACTURED FAIRY TALE THEME!

    Have a great day! Anita

  14. Normal is boring--I love your adventures, Cindy! What a beautiful dreamcatcher and thanks for the info on the skin care products. That makes me curious as to what kind of makeup you use...your complexion is luminous.

  15. Hi Cindy,
    Your dreamcatcher is beautiful. Way to go girl!!!
    I love it! Aren't the tutorials on you tube great. I have learned so many crafty things watching them.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the make up remover and scrub. My old face needs all the help it can get ;-0
    big hugs to you...

  16. I love your dreamcatcher! Great combination of fabrics.


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