Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Funky Little Lamp Redo

I found two of these lampshades at the thrift shop, and loved the shape, but one of them was falling apart... so i decided to rip the fabric off and just go funky with it....

of course it had to have a big bow, which might make some people gag... but i love soft satin bows...

 i found this garland of little white seedy things at the thrift shop too, didn't have a plan when i bought it, for now it is just wrapped around the frame...

 Here i just laid an old remnant of vintage embroidered doily over the top, just to see what it would look like...

I also got a wild hair, and decided to add some gray to my coffee table....

 I just painted on the gray, and then wiped off the the top so that the gray was mostly in the creases...

 What do you think?

 see that long drip of paint on the top... that's how messy i am when i paint... it came off ok though...

this color is called Brandon Beige by Benjamin Moore, the color i recently painted my bedroom...
Soooo anyway, what do you think?
 paint the whole thing gray? 
paint it all back distressed white like it was,
or do it like this... with just part of it gray?
Finally... last weekend we went to the grand opening of the most darling, adorable, shop... "Nest"  in Burlington, NC...
Heather had recently relocated to this new shop ... 
I hope she dosen't mind if i show some photos of what she had..
How clever is this drum shade with little white lights, and the price, unbelievable... $25.00 !

just look at this amazing and versatile dress...

yummy pillow..

and just look at these baby hats... they're to die for

plus she had homemade potpourri loaded with big yummy chunks of dried orange peels and cinnamon, and i don't know what else, but it smells heavenly, and you could get a huge scoop for $5.00!

The shop was amazing, and so fun, and loaded with shabby chippy furniture and things...
Heather is so talented !
If you're anywhere near... you should definitely go to "Nest"

The end...


  1. Your coffee table looks lovely. The lampshade is too fru fru for me but it is totally you! I would just leave it bare in my home...but I like bare and natural. Love love those baby knit hats. I wish I had a wee child to buy one for.

  2. I like the subtle shifts of color on the coffee table and how they give depth to the carved details. Definitely don't repaint it white!

  3. Your coffee table looks great with a little gray antiquing. Love your foofed up wire lamp shade too.


  4. I love the lampshade ! I never thought I say it , cause I like white , but I like that wiped off grey !I think the whole table would look nice that way.
    I love stores like that, wish I was closer.

  5. Oh I like the coffee table just the way it is right now!! Don't change it, it is perfection. I like the lamp too~but not the doily. Maybe you should put in a pink lightbulb?

  6. It looks sooo gorgeous girl! Love the lampshade idea...can I steal it for my booth?


  7. LOVE the table with the grey ~ don't change a thing! It looks beautiful just the way it is. I also like the lampshade, but without the doily.

    The shop is amazing! I love the little white twinkle lights on her lamp as well as many other things. The potpourri sounds marvelous to me! I think I need to go make some.


  8. Thanks for the mention, Cindy! I'm very grateful. I love what you did with the table!

  9. I love the two-tone look of your coffee table. I say keep it grey and white :)

  10. I like the table as it is!
    Thanks for the peek into that great shop!

  11. i like what you've done to the coffee table--i think it's unique and totally works. it would be safer of course to paint the whole thing, but this is cooler. omg that lampshade creation with the little fairy lights! swooning! i have a dress like the one you snapped but it's a pure white--dreamy!

    and your sofa looks so dreamy and 'undone' in the best possible way!


  12. Hello,
    I visited your blog today - I saw you on 'Castles, Crowns, and Cottages.' Your blog is so pretty, and you have alot of creative ideas. While I was scrolling down, I noticed the picture of the spider on the cool. Me and my daughters started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you. Your blog is filled with beauty, and your photos are wonderful. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  13. Hi dear Cindy....I always coming by here to see what you are up to. I always leave with a "Little bit of this and a Little bit of that".



  14. Love the lampshade! So cute and whimsical! our coffee table looks fabulous with the white and gray! I think I would leave it just the way it is now. The darker shade at the bottom grounds the piece and gives it so much interest! So pretty! Hugs, Leena

  15. Cindy,

    Gotta share this great stuff on White Weds. @ Faded Charm!

    It was a thrill meeting Rachel. I’m still too shy to look at all the pictures! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog.

  16. Hi Cindy,
    There is something very theraputic about stripping those old lampshades and making them pretty again. Love yours. What a great idea with the wreath.
    Love what you did with your coffee table. I think it looks perfect.
    I'd love to visit that shop, it's just the style we all love so much.

    Believe me you do not want to see my profile picture up close! LOL! You are too sweet.


  17. Your lamp is adorable!! I love the large bow!

  18. Your lamp is adorable! I love the large bow!


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