Friday, September 30, 2011

Ruffles, a Spider on the Chandy, and a Pink Hat...

A soft as butter pink straw cowboy hat, how could i not buy it !  For now it rests on an old lampshade...

There are hats on lampshades all over the place here!

and what is better than ruffles, tons of them....

 My favorite skirt...

And ummmmmm, i think i need a gun to kill a spider this big! 

Maybe we'll just let him stay, i don't think i want to mess with this guy, or piss him off!

What if he's a jumping spider, and jumps on me and falls down my shirt!!!

Of course it is almost Halloween, so no telling what i'll find in the cupboard in the kitchen....

GAAAH!  It is a pair of crows!

This little cupboard is loaded with wildlife!

How did all these spiders and birds and nests get in the house! 


I guess it's just that time of the year...

the sky is so deep blue it takes your breath away, and the sunsets are translucent, fading to orange and coral and lavender...the stars are bright little crystals that twinkle like no other time of the year..

fall has it's own special exciting energy
and it's crazy beautiful...

The end....


  1. i love nature but hate those jumpin spiders!!! cuz, well they are just so jumpy! but i love the ruffles, hats and chandy!
    happy weekend to you,

  2. I Love that Hat !!!!! and the skirts so pretty !!!! My little boy loves spiders right now... they freak me out have a great weekend!

  3. OMG there's my hat...someone stole it when i wasn't looking!
    Injoy it!!!!

  4. Did you paint a word on your cupboard? It looks so pretty (the cupboard)..we have to have a cupboard post. Anyway love the hat, I have a few myself!!

  5. Fall is crazy beautiful. Tonight we are having a light show, it's thundering and lightening and turning cooler, I love it.

    Love your pink straw hat and those ruffles are wonderful.


  6. Yes.....Cindy.....fall is crazy beautiful.



  7. can't believe you found that hat! meant to be! and i can't get enough pics of ruffly skirts and dresses. i think you're gonna like the interview i'll be posting pretty soon. that's all i'm sayin.

    loving the casual approach to adding layers of lovely to your home. very european!


  8. Jumping spiders...the worst for me!!
    Seeing that pretty pink hat makes me feel better though!

  9. Cindy there was a brown spider the same size as your fake one today in my kitchen!!Yeek!!!!
    We say the cat running after something and i thought it was a rodent it was sooo freaking huge! My husband threw my chopping block on top of it lol!!!!!
    The spiders here are getting too much rain from this rain forest we live in!!
    I love the pink cowboy hat on the lamp!!!
    Pamela xo

  10. I have that very hat Cindy. Love it! But you can keep the spider my!

  11. A pink cowboy hat!!! How cool! Love the idea of sitting them on lamp shades!

  12. Love the pink hat :) Better call the bug man for all those critters......

  13. Hi Cindy!

    I just came across you blog, and everything in it is sooo lovely!!! Your home is beautiful and love how you've decorated it for the season!!! :) I am your newest follower! Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.


    P.S. I am hosting my very first giveaway on my blog, and would love for your to join if you are interested. :)


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