Thursday, September 15, 2011

So You Can Fluff, and Poof, and Pretty All You Want, But With the Guys it Comes Down to This....

Chair, TV, and Remote... 
"the guns"...
he's armed and loaded here...
one hand on each control device

 I have plenty of cute baskets to put the remotes and random incomprehensible TV devices in...  
But after Mrfracturedfairytale leaves the chair,  here is what we're left with... 

i thought this was so typical of a guy and kind of cute... 
even in a fluffly white slipcovered chair
he is captain of command central...

and do you see how fast they can whip through channels on the menu thingy!
how do they do that???

If that sounds sexist, sorry, but i think men and women are totally different... one is not better than the other, just different

I'm not even actually sure how we get along, other than the testosterone factor of course... 

which makes them be really nice to us and pretend they are listening when we talk endlessly about wall paint colors...

the end


  1. that is an inviting chair and throw, cindy! my husband knows that if he ever leaves me that will be the end of TV for me. i have no clue how to get the channel i want so i usually just skip it all together!


  2. This was a cute post. but the best part is getting to see your cute living room. So please take more pics of the room, and show the drapes and how you made the suitcase stacked up look so cute....I could go on. The slip covers came out fantastic too.

  3. Remotes and rumpled pillows-gotta luv 'em!

  4. Hello from France ! This is a very true post ! I am not alone anymore. My dear JM has the same odd behaviour, with a helmet and big smile. Stéphanie

  5. So true!! I've never figured out how God planned for us to live together. :-)


  6. Hi Cindy!
    Isn't it sweet that our men put up with ruffles and pretties that we spread around. I'm not sure how they operate those remotes so fast either, all I know is that it better not be missing when they sit down in the girlie chair! LOL!

  7. Hi Cindy. It's a great look- with or without the remotes! Have a good weekend.

  8. Could not agree more! When my husband is watching TV, its like hes in a trance, on another planet, in a different zone! I do love your chair though, looks might comfy and so pretty...thanks for stopping by, so nice to "meet" you!

  9. Haha! No matter how many times I show Jon where to store the remote he leaves it on the couch every time! Love that chair! And we have the same comfy throw!

  10. Ha won't believe this but I am in charge of the remote controls at my house :) Well...cause we have DVR and he can't get the hang of it!


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