Friday, September 2, 2011

Choosing a Wall Color, Just Kill Me Now...

 Ahhhhh, Choosing a wall color, let me count the ways this has tortured me and everyone who knows me...

the money spent on the WRONG colors
The walls painted , then repainted the next day...

the grays that were blue, the soft lavenders that were glow in the dark run out of the room purple, the wonderful pink i love so much, sickening pepto bismal pink...

you see that big swath of blue on the wall there...
that color is a very soft muted gray blue everywhere else in the world... 
Sherwin Williams, Comfort Gray...

in my bedroom it is bright bright blue, blue, blue.......

when i was painting my walls myself, if the color was bad, i would just suck it up, and repaint...

now mr.fracturedfairytale does it for me, because he thinks i'm too sloppy..  he's right
so i have to be sure when i choose a color,

because i don't want him to kill me if i change my mind..
he won't really kill me... probably

Why can i paint the delicate blush of a lambs ear, and not be able to pick out the color for a wall in my house??? 

I pretty much liked our dark bedroom walls, but when you viewed them from the dining room, the brown, had a very purple cast... you really can't tell at all by the photo, but it's true

so i have finally settled on a color.....
Benjamin Moore - Brandon Beige

you can see the original color up top, and the new color at the bottom in this photo...
I'm liking it better, it's more gray, and looks wonderful with all colors...
I like it with silver, so i put old silver trays on either side of the mirror...

see that mirror above - it's plastic - and it was gold, i painted the heck out of it...

and who says you can't fling your blouse on top of a lamp, and then decide to tie the arms around it and make an ugly lampshade a little funky and prettier...

the end


  1. I agree with you Cindy......wall colors are sooooooo difficult. But I like the one you have finally chosen.



  2. Girl! You are hilarious!!! At least you admit that choosing color drives you crazy. Me, I just keep the walls a vanilla color and never, ever worry about it. Except. Now. I want to go with gray in the guest bedroom but I will probably lose my mind over it.
    Won't you come over and we will worry about these colors together! LOL! At least we will understand one another. Mr. Sissie thinks I'm nuts and just doesn't get it.

    I do like the color that you chose but the name of it doesn't fit the look, go figure. It's pretty, looks good, but of course you will probably change it by next week! LOL!


  3. oh, I understand!!! I had the same problem, I finally found this color I liked...
    Benjamin Moores Healing Aloe
    here is what it looked like on my walls...
    good luck!

  4. Oh there you go, painting walls again. I see you have gone with a neutral...I thought the blue was kind of bright, but still pretty! Maybe you can do some words in the your Dream

  5. Oh I feel your pain! It is so hard to pick out a color, isn't it? And a gray blue is the hardest. I painted our master bedroom about 8 times in our last house and no matter how GRAY is was supposed to be it always ended up looking Carolina blue. I finally gave up and went for a completely different color! Haha! Love the Brandon Beige by the way!

  6. Cindy, you and my daughter should get together and discuss paint colors. She has tried several colors of a faint, soft turquoisey shade that she fell in love with in another home. Due to the light that fell on the wall she wanted it on, it was horrible! There was one small corner at the top, about 2x2' that reflected the color she was all due to the light. I told her they had a well insulated wall as it's been painted so many times. :-) Seriously, it is a very difficult decision so please tell your hubby not to kill you this time. LOL

    I really hope you are pleased with the new color. May I ask? Is the 'dream' a stencil or did you paint it on the wall? I haven't seen one with the flourishes...that's what makes me think you painted it. I do love it!


  7. You are so funny!! If you could see how many paint sample containers I have in my garage you would realize you are not the only one! The problem is the lighting makes colors look differnt from room to room. Your final choice looks so pretty and I love the furniture pieces in your bedroom. I have used a ruffled skirt for a lampshade and love your idea! I like homes that have personality!!

  8. i'm liking this grey color a lot for your room. at least you try some swatches out. my problem is once i choose a color, i insist on painting the whole room and sometimes hating it. i'm the painter in the house, and i'm sloppy but no one dares to point that out.

    ooh lala that is a flirty look for your lamp...behave!


  9. Hi Cindy,
    Oh my how much stressful fun you are having, even as an artist that you are working with paints its still one of the hardest jobs we would ever take on trying out a new paint color.

    The big key to a good color when painting over paint is to buy a good primer and prim the walls first and then your new colour! Truly when you prime the walls you get a much better out come to your hard work and old paint no matter how many coats you give it will be altered by the old coats on the wall :)

    I really love the one you settled on it has a true putty colour to it like gray clay! But still buy a galon of primer and go over the whole room even where you started to paint, and then you will use half the paint you would have on the finished paint job, Cindy you will even fall more in love with the colour you settled on :)

    Love all that you have inspired over here, the new design look to painting is to pick one colour and run with it throughout the whole house, it gives it a clamer feel making all the rooms flow!

    PS....Thank you for your beautiful visit beautiful girl and that perfectly beautiful commet you left on your way out.

  10. Hey gorgeous, we haven't chatted in so long. I stopped by to see what you've been up to. You've been super busy I see : ) I have found a color I'm absolutely loving..Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. I've recommended it to several of my clients and it's been really well received.


  11. Cindy....So this is what you are up to! The reason I picked that particular color in the office is because I pulled it out of the window treatment fabric. I am pretty sure I would not go into a paint store and pick that out. But is does look good with the white woodwork etc. When I go looking for paint colors I bring tons of those paint sample cards home and then I am even more confused. I am trying to find the right color for the front door right now...I just can't make up my mind! It's driving me crazy! Good luck with your bedroom color decision....I am sure it will be beautiful!~Hugs, Patti

  12. Picking a color is hard work isn't it!
    Love your choice and can't wait to see the finished room!

  13. Hello there,

    all my walls are white but one wall I've painted shabby pastel pink. I thought if I don't like it I paint it again with another colour. No problem for me (lol).

    Have a nice day!

  14. Hi Cindy, I see that Dore mentioned this too. I think one of your problems with finding the right color is that you're painting over a dark color without a primer first. Having the primer down will allow you the right color without having the "undertone" of brown. Using Behr Primer Plus is my favorite paint. No need for a seperate primer. You still need two coats to achieve the accurate color, but just easier. Can't wait to see what you end up with! xo Debra

  15. If anyone should be able to pick colors it should be you?!?!?!
    Debra is right. You can not paint over a color. Get yourself some scoreboard at Michaels an paint it. You will getvthe true color then. No go it.


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