Monday, September 5, 2011

Shhhhhhh, It's a Surprise !

  There is a very special lady blogger out there, who has touched my heart with her lovely words and her big heart...  One day she spoke about her precious Bella Luna... So, I decided to paint her a surprise.  

Now, let's see how long before she finds it here on my blog...

She might just be looking over random posts and look at the photo, and go ... Hey!, wait a minute!  That's my dog!

This is going to be fun..
See if you can guess who this is for.... she is on my blog roll on the side, and there is one word in this post that is a good hint as to who she is...

the end...  almost


  1. Hi Cindy,
    Darn it girl, you are so sweet. What a wonderful gift for the mystery blogger. The little doggie painting is so sweet. You are a wonderful artist.


  2. You are so sweet!!!! That painting so cute!!! Hope you had a wonderful labor day !! take care

  3. What a wonderful surprise, Cindy! I have a guess but I am not sure I am right.

  4. That painting is so so sweet! Whoever it is for they will surely treasure it.


  5. What a lovely thing to do! She is going to love it!~Hugs, Patti

  6. i am crying.

    and speechless. you are too kind, and my heart is bursting at the seams.

    omg cindy. that is my baby. my bella luna. i'm emailing you now!!!!



  7. Hi Cindy,
    The painting is so cute!! I love it.What a treasure for someone.


  8. Awww...this looks exactly like my shih tzu Maximus. This is too precious whoever she is I'm sure she'll love this painting.

  9. Aww, how special. A beautiful rendition of a very loved pet. I'm so happy for the recipient of your fine art. Thanks for sharing Cindy:-)

  10. I'm glad she figured it out! Talent baby!!!

  11. Absolutely adorable!! Love the expression...great job!! She will cherish it always :)

  12. Oh how beautiful! You are so talented!

  13. What a fabulous rendition....which is what brought me over here to now follow you! your work is lovely! What a very sweet gift! xoxo, tracie

  14. First of all I just landed on your blog while doing a Saturday morning blog cruise and must say I love your blog! The painting of the little pup above is priceless. Your painting are very good.

  15. What a lovely idea to surprise her this way...very clever and very thoughtful.

  16. Iv'e just discovered your blog, I am an artist too, would love to connect. I live in New Zealand and also have a blog, it was originally about my art but now covers my passion of interiors, food and art. You can see my artwork here:

    or also on my blog on my "paintings page"

    I also paint flowers but this is all I paint although I have done some still life work. I love your pink rose its beautiful. Right now I am having trouble trying to paint as my mother who has terminal cancer has just come to live with me so I am struggling and the blog is getting more attention than my unfinished work on my easel :(.

    I will add myself as a follower and come back again.


  17. We had a little "golden Shih Tzu" for 13 captured those eyes perfectly. I miss him so. franki

  18. Just an incredible painter and what a beautiful spirit to give somebody this huge gift!!!!
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos


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