Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Touch of Pink...

This is the sweetest little rose in the world with the best color... it's small and has little clusters of blooms. I bought it at Home Depot years ago, and never even planted it, just left it in the cute pale yellow container and i fertilize it every year... I just had to share this yummy color with you...

I'm moving stuff around in my bedroom again since we are painting the walls, well actually mrfracturedfairytale is.

When he paints, he does one section at a time, tapes everything up and does a perfect job, and it takes weeks...

When i paint, i never tape anything, i don't do a perfect job, i get paint on everything including the dog,  i'm finished in one day, and then i hate the color and do it again... 

see the edge of the  mirror in the photos, i want to put this mirror in like 3 different places, i can't decide where, when i put it one place, then another place on the wall is empty... it's called
 "the typical crazy blogger constantly moving stuff around syndrome"

more pink in this pretty flea market find... 

if i see something pink, i totally can't resist it... it's pathological..

and last, check out this cute little canisters i found at Marshalls, (if you don't have a Marshalls it's alot like TJ Maxx and they often have the same stuff), 

i thought they were so fun...

Oh yeah... One more cool thing -  ya'll all probably know this, but i discovered that if you have an iphone, and you are in Michaels and you don't have any coupons, you can just look up Michaels coupons on your phone, pull them up, show them to the cashier, who will just type the bar code in the computer. and you will get the discount!  I know, you're probaby saying DUH, everyone knows that, but well, i thought it was a great discovery...

the end...


  1. I love that color pink too. And I didn't know that about the Michaels coupons, so I am out of the loop too I guess. I can't wait to see the bedroom done. So tell Mr. FFT to hurry it up!

  2. I did NOT know that about Michaels so.... THANKS!

  3. No, duh, I didn't know that! I got the IPhone, I just need a Michaels in my town! Wonder if Hobby Lobby does that? I got one of those! That is a gorgeous rose...the color is perfect! Can't wait to see your finished bedroom...your hubby must be a perfectionist. Sounds like he wants it to be perfect for YOU!~Hugs, Patti

  4. I didn't know that either! I go online and print the 40% coupon whenever I need one. They accept them with no problem. Thanks for visiting today. I always get a kick out of your posts!!

  5. I didn't know that but goofey me would probably screw up trying to get it on my cell phone. I'm not so good at the navigating thing!

    Love the little flower, it's a real survivor!


  6. i didn't know that about michael's! and here i am panicking every week as i search the internet for the right coupon. much better plan!

    hard to believe someone could be a messier painter than me! bella actually steps in it and has white painted toes/pads at the moment.

    i love the touch of pink you put in bella's painting, and i can see it's an influence in your other work. i love wearing the pale versions of it all year round.

    good luck with the revolving evolving bedroom!


  7. Hi Cindy! Remember an artist never stops never! :)
    I love pink, the dish you have in your bedroom is really pretty. We don't have a Marshall's or anything like that here just inflated prices & taxes...:)
    Have a great day,
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  8. That mirror is beautiful...can't wait to see the room completed!

  9. That is such a pretty rose Cindy. The color is just yummy! I think I am in love with the canisters. They are sooo cool.
    I laughed about the moving things around...I have that syndrome too!
    I loved you seeing you in your lovely funky clothes. You are beautiful my friend.
    sending hugs...

  10. I love your blog--just found it and will be your newest follower. I love how you write like you are telling a story and I love the name of your blog! You look amazing for your age--I am 10 years younger than you and you look younger than me! Looking forward to viewing your postings regularly!

  11. Did I ever tell you your paintings are the bomb?Well they are! Have a great evening!♥


  12. You can do the coupon thing at just about any store. I did it at JoAnn fabrics the other day and they gladly took it. I think as long as it has the upc numbers on it, they're fine with it. :)
    So neat you're getting your bedroom painted...what it pink? :) hee hee hee I am the same way about the color pink..I think if something's pink, then I MUST need's pink after all! :)
    Thanks for you sweet comments on my fall mantle...I just loved it. I think I loved this one so much because I got to use a lot of family's sentimental. :) My mom and dad had that old lantern for sale in their booth at our local peddlers mall and I had a small kiniption and told them I wanted it! It was my great grandpa' could they even think about selling it! Oy'! I'm glad I was there to rescue it! :)
    Better scoot! have a great week sweet girl!
    PS...I just love your're so talented!

  13. I adore that wild rose painted ceramic tray you have! OOH Vampire Love Potion - I like it!

    :-} Lorraine

  14. Beautiful roses ;-) The platter looks to have the very same roses on it!

  15. That plate is wonderful...and no I did not know that about coupons!!! Whoa!


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