Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ok My Brilliant Blogger Friends, We Can Figure Out How To Do This, Can't We?

My friend was in a shop in Belgium, and he took a photo of this Chandelier just for me, because he knew I'd love it...

Look at the ceiling around that Chandy,  It's gorgeous... 

Of course i immediately decided that i could do that myself... 
- well, i can't really,... yet - 

I have no idea how to do it... i mean couldn't you just take drywall mud, figure out how to make those shapes and then do something like that... 

hmmmmm how to make the shapes? 

Maybe find one of those faux ceiling medallion things, and cut it down like the first circle around the chandy, and then take it from there...??

Anyone have any ideas? 

After all the stuff i've seen you guys do, i know someone out there will come up with some crazy cool way to copy this! 

if you do, please let me in on it!

the end ... for now


  1. I think you could use some plaster of paris and get some of those plastic molds. You know the kind that people use to make those fancy little soaps or maybe candy molds? Go look at your craft store I bet there may be something that would work. Or maybe a stencil would work but it wouldn't be as dimensional. Keep us up to date if you do this. It would be so pretty as in your inspiration picture.


  2. I saw a blogger actually make that kind of plaster looking work using paper and getting it wet and rolling it up and I don't know what else...it was amazing! But I think it is very time consuming. Why not by a bunch of furniture appliques and glue them on the ceiling circling around the chandy and then paint the whole thing matte white?

  3. That's the first thing I thought of was cutting down one of those ceiling medallions. It is really pretty but just not sure unless you would stiffen some kind of lace and work with it and some kind of plaster. I like Amy's furniture applique idea too. You can find those curved at Lowes or Home Depot.~Hugs, Patti

  4. Ya'll are so smart ! I knew you would have great ideas...


  5. hmmm. if you could live with a little less dimension, i'm thinking a decorative paint technique around a medallion...since the medallion part will be 3d maybe you could fool the eye.


    caulk. or toothpaste.

    you know what? i'm a writer. do not listen to me.

    hope this finds you well, lovely.


  6. I was thinking about those applique things you can buy for dressers and things , using those , then paint them with gesso and paint mixed to get that plastered on look .

  7. i saw this on hgtv this past week...a designer was letting people look at her home, and she had done her daughters bunk beds...it looked like cake icing...totally awesome! she did it with caulk and used it just as if icing a cake with roses and such...then she clear coated it!!

  8. Modeling medium (like Golden brand) or what I use is fast drying spackle from the DIY store. I used thick stencils from Stencil Ease (they have a website with instructions). Use a ceiling medallion from the DYI store and then put up your designs. I used Fluer de lis. I put it on the walls of my bathroom to help cover really bad walls. I did a paint technique and then the relief work. I haven't tried a ceiling. You can plan with it on cardboard to see how you like it.

  9. I have a friend who does this. She uses a stencil form and drywall mud. I have a lamp that she did using this technique.

  10. Oh my it is heavenly!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  11. It's kind of hard to see the detail in the pictures but it makes me think of a wedding cake. Oooh, I'm thinking frosting bags filled with drywall compound! Different tips would create different thicknesses and possibilities! Not sure how well it would work on a ceiling though. :)

  12. Go over to Design Elements and see what incredible things she's done to her ceilings, walls, etc. You will love it!



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