Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pretty Little Pansies, and Some New Effects in Picassa...

Just some little pansies on the window sill...

using a new effect in Picassa

...I love the way it changed the flowers...

but then it left these black lines at the top and bottom

 it's called cinemascope...

here i cropped out the black part...

Here it is with an effect called HDR-ish

I have no idea what HDR-ish stands for 

When people use intitials for things, half the time i don't know what they are talking about

like "IMHO"

what the hell does that mean?

turns out it means
"In my humble opinion"

it looks to me like it's saying 

"I'm a Ho"

I'm a little on the autistic spectrum, and quite literal

Anyway, got sidetracked...

 here is the HDR-ish effect

Same photo, except with a white border
but no effects 

doesn't even look like the same photo as the ones above, does it!?

This is the pansies at night with the overhead light on ...
no effects...

a little dried lavender from last summer on the side...

Another view of the pansies, with an added border
just added a little 'fill light'

here they are with the CinemaScope effect...

I'm intrigued with some of the new effects in Picassa...
they're kinda fun to mess with

Picassa is  a fairly simple program to use
you can just go online and download it to your computer, and it's free..
I'm a simple blogger, and i need a simple and easy program for photos
 i don't feel that i have the time or the patience to learn photoshop and any other really fancy programs, 
 mean if i were younger, and didn't work, and didn't want to garden, and paint, and do other stuff on the weekends...
 i would definitely try to take time and learn photoshop
especially after seeing what some of you guys can do with photos

  i use my iphone for all my photos...

as you know, some of them aren't that great
but some of the pictures are ok enough!

So that's all for now my sweeties...

the end



  1. For a simple blogger, you sure have done some pretty great pics! I'm glad there is someone else out there who doesn't get acronyms! ~ Maureen

  2. I'm a Ho LOL! Cindy you are so funny and you always make me laugh x
    I have no idea what half the initials mean either,i used to read bloggers talking about their "anon" and i thought "anon" ???? oh its some new trendy gadget maybe it a phone or computer and then i found it it was anonymous,so happy it's not just me.
    Those picture effects are amazing,i shall have to check it out,your pansies are so pretty xxx

  3. Your flowers are so pretty in the clear glass containers! It is so fun to photo edit with so many possibilities! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Cindy,

    You are hilarious!
    I also love adjusting photos with Photoshop Elements, and yes, it did take some learning-I remember having some high blood pressure moments and blurting out very hurtful things to my computer.
    I also never understand text messaging shortcuts-most likely because I'm the only person in my generation who still carries a Razor cell phone and texts about once a month!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  5. Wow, I need to get fooling around in Picassa. I too would love to know Photoshop, but do not have the time to learn it. I am busy enough trying to figure out wordpress, facebook, twitter and all that other stuff. I don't think I can fit anything else into my head. I also do not understand most of the shortened terms for words. My first thought of what IHMO was the same as yours. Go figure.

  6. Cindy,
    I love reading your posts.You always make me laugh.For the longest time I did not know what IMHO meant either.How about that band LMFAO we all know what that means.
    Have you checked out picmonkey.It is really easy to use to and free.I am like you I need easy.And my camera is not the best either.So I need all the help I can get.Even with that they still are not great but oh well.
    Have a great weekend.I got your message about not being able to post.I don't know why that happened.But it is fine now :-)

  7. Looks nice--I never spend time messing with photos--though I should. Love those sweet pansies!

  8. Well, I'm certainly not a photographer or a techie type person but I do use "IMHO" a
    lot. :-) Your photos are really nice and I love the flowers!


  9. IMHO your photos look great!!!! I love how your mind works....quirky and funny. You always make me laugh with your down to earth, tell it like it is sense of humor! LOL!

    I mostly use Photoscape and also Picasa. I'd love to have a new camera but for now my old one will have to do.


  10. you are so cool and so right. imho always makes me think ho too. but i'm kinda convinced after age 40 everybody's mind is in the gutter.

    look at you with your photo effects!?! they're so fun. i've been using picnik for years (they're shutting down!).



  11. I feel the same way about Picasa. That's what I use to watermark my photos. I am like you about learning complicated programs like photoshop. Too time consuming for me. I love your altered photos Cindy!!!!
    sending hugs...

  12. Funny as usual, it must be fun living in your house. thats what I think anyway...I just ask my 20 year old kid what all those intials mean...thats how I figure it out if I don't get it. but the main thing is i am gonna try some of these effects because it is quite amazing the difference in the finished pic. Its kinda like cheating....but in a good way!

  13. You are hilarious! I will never look at IMHO again and not start laughing. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has a hard time figuring out all the acronyns out there.

    IMHO, the photos look great!

  14. I like what you thought the initials meant more than what they really mean!!!LOL
    Cool effects with your pictures.
    Did you keep the lamp, and get the cupboard from the previous posts? They are both awesome!!
    Have a good week.

  15. I enjoy using Picasa is simple enough to use!
    I recently got an iphone and have been using it as well and am happy with the photos!
    Your flowers are pretty!!

  16. Don't get the acronyms either, it takes too much time to remember what each one means. I like Picassa too, it does everything that I need it to do!!

  17. Picassa fairly program is simple online program that we easily use in Cindy's fracturedfaily tale is awesome.

  18. Cindy, I didn't know what IHMO meant either! LOL Now I do! I am forever trying to figure those things out and rarely ever do....I love picassa too and your photos always look great!

    Usually I am in such a hurry to get a post up, I rarely ever do anything to the photos...they are "as is"! I really need to take the time to edit them as it makes such a difference....

    Have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda (of Tattered HYDRANGEAS)
    (just so you know for sure how much I LOVE HYDRANGEAS) ;)

  19. ILTP........Translation.....I love this post.....hee haw.

  20. I love the fact this is at least the second time you've said ho on your blog, Cindy! :P

    The new effects in Picassa are freakin' awesome. I'm loving HDR-ish a lot and pretty much want to use it on every photo I take now. :)

  21. Awesome idea and the failry tale also great.

  22. It's enjoyable to using Picasa.Thanks for share this.


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