Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where Do I Put It ???

 My friend Karan, found this incredible light fixture, and she knew i would love it, so she saved it for me...

obviously i was staging the photo by leaving the glass of water in it.... geesh
I talk about her alot, i know... She's the one with the cutest shop ever,
 and i love her 

This is at her shop now...

it had this awful dark blue velvet fabric on it... and dark brown wood...

check out what can happen with an old beat up chair that is stripped and recovered...

this is at her shop too, and  i could have this at a really really good price....

do i get it, to replace my cupboard...

or just be happy with what i have?

you can see the little cupboard on the left

Anyway, i have this amazing light fixture, 

and i don't know where to put it... 
cause i have a small house and too much stuff!

so i propped it up in different places in the house...

here it is crammed on my bedside dresser 
i would have to get rid of something to make it work here...

it has light like candle light, so i like the idea of it in the bedroom

i prefer to be seen by candle light or pitch black these days...

i'm like Bridgett Jones in "the movie Bridgett Jones Diary"
i don't want anyone, including me, having a daylite view of 
 my jiggly bits...  !

here it is sitting all wonky doodle on the mantel, but i like my two sconces here too ... 
it does look pretty with the rose though... hmmmmm

Here it is on the little corner cupboard thingy i pulled  from the dump
 in the dining room...

 So where do i put it???
or, even though it is amazing,
should i just give it back to her...

 there are so many cool, beautiful things in the world you can have...
what does one keep, or get rid of

when are we finally satisfied?

Ok, so let's change the subject...
let me show you my living room this weekend... 

you can't even walk in here...
ted's brother and his friend are here for the weekend to make music
these old guys still rock, let me tell you...

that's why the fixture was wonkydoodle on the mantel... i could barely cross the room without tripping on a guitar to try it out...
so i just did the quicky prop up, not trying to make it all straight or anything...

and here's is a really cool thing Ted's brother Charlie showed me that you might not know about...
He showed me this little lens you can get for your iphone type phones

It's a fish eye lens!!!!

you glue this little circle with a magnet around you phone camera lens, and then the lens just attaches to the magnet... 
you can get a view of the whole room, it really works great!

I would show you how the camera works by taking a photo,
but my house is so trashed i can't even deal with it all right now... 

plus it looks like Armeggedon outside, it's about to storm, and i am SCARED of storms!

So anyway, I think i'm gonna keep the light fixture, and MAKE it work... cause it's so cool

but the hutch... what do you think???
get it or let it go.....?

...the end...


  1. I love your home. So romantic and pretty. I happen to love the cabinet you have, but it is on the small side. If you replaced it, would another fit the space as perfectly as that one? Your new lamp is gorgeous and I would love to see it in any room. I do like the idea of having it in your bedroom. Thank you for the tour of your lovely home.


  2. OOOOOh Cindy it's gorgeous! you should keep your new pretty cheruby lamp for sure,do not let Amy see it or it it will be gone lol!
    I love your hutch and i also love the one in your friends shop so i am not sure? both are beautiful and i agree it is hard what to keep and what to let go when everything is now so pretty.
    The fish eye lens is cool i have one on my camera and it takes really neat pictures.
    Love the wisteria in your last post too bet it smells heavenly xxx

  3. Well, since I'm on an extremely tight budget and can't go shopping, thus living vicariously through other people's shopping, I say, GET THE HUTCH! (it's so easy to spend other people's money, isn't it?)

    Love that light fixture!!

  4. Love that light fixture--you can't give it back! I think it looks really great on the mantle. What I would do is something out and use it. I have a storage area in the garage. Then I swap things out. It stays interesting that way.

    That lens for the camera is cool. My kids have all the good phones--my phone isn't that smart:)

    My Mother in law has been in a band until just about a year ago. So I know how older people can rock! At least they always practiced in the garage:)

  5. I like your hutch better. I just love the shape of it and it's not overwhelming!
    Great light fixture and it looks good beside your bed.
    How cool having a band in your house! What kind of music do they play? Fun!!
    I love love that chair!
    Pamela xo

  6. i like your cupboard you already have and i love,love,love the light i think it looks good on the thing u pulled out of the dumptster love ya, mean it!!! susan still waiting on art classes

  7. The hutch in your friends shop is pretty, would even be prettier if the bottom panels in the doors, on the upper half,were swapped out with glass- would display better....It looks bigger, that means more storage!!
    I love your artwork, I recently started to paint,

  8. I much prefer your hutch that you currently have. It is unique and to me the one in Fetch looks more like a 1960's furniture makeover. I love the little wheels on yours. That makes it look authentically vintage. You're a brave woman to have that many guitars in your livingroom! Love the wisteria photo in your previous entry. Now I want to plant some in my yard somewhere. Do elk like to eat wisteria?

  9. No, no, don't give it back!!! Give it to me!!! LOL!
    I love it and I know you will find the perfect place for it in your home. It's definitely you and goes with your style. I could see some sweet shades on the lamp too.
    Looks like a fun time at your house.

    I like your cupboard Cindy. So forget the other one.


  10. Let the hutch go, the one you have has such great personality. But that light fixture!!! OMG!!!! If you DON't keep it, I will buy it from you. How is that for a deal? Besides, it looks so sweet in your dining room (I think). xo Patty/BC

  11. I LOVE that light on the corner cabinet.I say keep it.

  12. Looks like your wall can handle a bigger hutch. Now the question is whether to go with the vintage one you already have or the redone repro. I'm thinking stick with the vintage. ~ Maureen

  13. I really like your current cupboard the best. It is graceful and a nice size! As far as the new light, it's a keeper!!

  14. I ADORE that light fixture! It is so unique and just gorgeous! I think you should keep it. It looks great on the corner cupboard in the living room, framed with the beautiful mouldings on the wall. I guess tho' that the other lamp would have to be relocated to another spot, which keeps the decorating domino effect in motion. It's not that we're never satisfied; it's that decorating is an ever-changing, evolving thing. Now, the cupboard, hmm...if you need one that size, go for it. I do love the little one however and wonder where would you put it? Here we go again! LOL! Hugs, Leena

  15. Hey sweet girl! :) I ADORE your new little light fixture...I liked it in your living room on the corner piece and beside your bed. :) I would def keep it and find it a's lovely! As far as your hutch goes...I honestly like yours has curves and I'm a sucker for curvy furniture! lol
    Love you!

  16. Hi Cindy,
    I would keep the cupboard you have. I really love the light on the corner cupboard. I would keep the light for sure. How wonderful to have all the live music even though it creates a mess.

  17. i LOVE THE FIXTURE. keep moving it around and being fickle about it. it'll tell you where it wants to live.

    music in the house--now that is Lovely with a capital L.

    best to you as you create and dream!


  18. Ok, so much to say!!!! First of all, the lamp is a keeper~I liked it everywhere, but best on the corner cab cuz it stood out more. So elegant. Your hutch is better and cooler than the one in the shop, so don't even think of trading it out. The other one is too clunky and chunky for your kitchen. And your house looks adorable with all those guitars strewn about~!I love the real life photos..Ted was in his own world and I can see you snapping pics and being quite happy to try and compose a shot while he was quite clearly enjoying himself.
    Never heard of the Fish eye and I have the iPhone, so it is a must to get one!!

  19. The light fixture is you have to KEEP it! I love it on the mantel....and the cupboard? I love them both! Will they both fit in your space as well or would one work better size wise than the other?

    You crack me up! I am all about DIM light too!! "Jiggly bits" so funny!

    Have a great weekend girl!

    Lou Cinda

  20. I like your hutch better.....light fixture to replace lamp in last picture. Way to many instruments in that room.


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