Monday, March 19, 2012

Do You Think I Should Drop Some Sheep in this Meadow ?

Ok, Sheep or no sheep? 

I kind of like it plain... but i could paint a couple of little sheep in this meadow,

if a painting has sheep in it,  it sells!

kinda like this little meadow painting...

It's soooo springy outside, oh my gosh, it's heavenly...
the quince are blooming...

and the stinky bradford pears...

when they are in full bloom they smell like a polecat... 
whatever that is...

not my favorite tree, but it was here when we moved in...

and it is pretty when it blooms

trying to mulch and trim and get the yard all tucked in and tidy for spring

I also wanted to show you the flea market chippy frame i put around my rose painting
it doesn't fit perfectly, it's just a little small on the sides

 so i just propped the frame up against it...

for $10.00 I'll make it work!
I love old frames,

they're even pretty empty,  without any painting!

Ok, so here is me trying to make my little hall bathroom look like this one i found on Pinterest...

just look at this heavenly color and oh my gosh that vanity and mirror!

why does this color look so bad in here?????

What the !!!???

I will NEVER figure out why a wall color looks so good in one place
and so AWFUL glow in the dark hideous in another!

I repainted it back the same green ... for now... grrrr...

anyway that's it from around here in ADD land...
how many different things did i just talk about?

it's Monday and i'm back to work

...the end...


  1. oh Cindy, you can NEVER have enough sheep!! I thought the blush paint was gorgeous. Maybe your paint people could tone it down a little for you instead of scrapping the idea altogether. It's a beautiful color! xo

  2. Really I think it is just because the pink is against the green and some of the green is showing through , I bet it would be pretty when it's all pink , with a little grey and silver , beautiful ! Yes , I can see a couple of sheep grazing in that green meadow on the left . if you want to sell it. If not, and you like it the way it is , leave it alone. There you go , my oppenion again !

  3. As terrific an artist as you are, you must know it's all about the light. You can tone the pink down a bit by adding some white and get more of a blush colour. Sheep or no, it's still a great painting! ~ Maureen

  4. To complete the pastoral scene I believe it needs some sheep grazing. I so love your rose painting. Are you planning to keep it or sell it? Gorgeous! Agree with Sharon about the pink color.

  5. I think the green is over-powering the pink... I bet it would lovely all painted the same color.
    As for the sheep in the meadow...most definitely. Paint away!

  6. Hey Cindy,
    Your painting is beautiful, sheep or no sheep.
    Love the frame propped against the beautiful rose painting.
    I kinda like the pink in the bathroom. Maybe drop down one shade lighter would do the trick. I'm sure you will figure it out.


  7. I agree with the other ladies; the pink was looking good to me. I think sheep would be sweet in your meadow painting. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. I love sheep!!I think i would put some in. I love your house,it looks so pretty.


  9. Definitely add sheep and paint that room blush. It looked great from my point of view and will brighten up that room.

  10. Love the painting as-is, but sheep would be even more charming.

  11. Yes, I think sheep in the meadow would look great. I love the rose painting and the chippy frame gorgeous! You are very talented.

  12. Your house is adorable! I love love that rose painting and I do think the other one could use some sheep. It is so peaceful and pretty. You are so talented!

  13. Your painting is so pretty Cindy.But I LOVE your painted sheep.So I say ....sheep.
    Yes colors are different depending on lighting and rooms.

  14. I love all of your paintings, Cindy, and I bet they sell fast with sheep, with cows or with no animals. And of course your roses, too. Lovely!!!
    But... I love your work, because of the animals you paint so beautifully. They are your signature. The sheep are adorable... (Three boys MoM)

  15. absolutely put the sheep in. as far as paint colors, the color has to work with the light available in the room. there's a light blue-grey color i love (nurture) in a room with no natural light but hate in a light filled room as it ends up reading nursery room blue. i love those little sample pots. you are not alone in pulling your hair out! i am completely consumed when it's time to commit to a color.

    smiles to you.


  16. Hi Cindy, Paint the walls back to that pink. I think you have to get rid of all that bright green to really feel it working in there. I think Sharon is right looks very close to your inspiration photo. I LOVED the outside shot of your darling house! How sweet it is~from the old brick low wall, to the wonderful scrolly iron archway, and your little touches like the statue in the front garden and the birdhouse on the left. I LOVE it!!!
    And i LOVE that painting in that frame, even if it is just layered over it. The mantel looks fabulous the way you fixed it, I wish I could be happy with mine...

  17. I love the sheep so yes, adding them would really add a spark to the painting. The rose painting is absolutely gorgeous! One of my very favorites and I'm not even a pink person. :-)

    Perhaps that green is too harsh against the pink paint? I would think that color would be pretty in that space. Good luck in choosing another color. Oh yes, you might put a primer over the green and then paint. More work, yes, however, it might provide a better base for the pink.


  18. Your Rose belongs in that chippy frame!!! it. I could never live with the green on your walls! I think you need a pale pink then you will like. Your meadow painting is gorgeous like everything you paint(except maybe those green walls tee hee) and I like it without the sheep but then the one below with the sheep...Oh my, I like too. So I am no help with that decision. Do whats in your heart. ox

  19. ok, my sweeties, here is a link to the color i was trying to copy, i think i went too coral with it...

    this is more gray pink... hmmmm...,maybe i'll try to color match this...
    here we go again!

  20. Your meadow pictures are AMAZING! I would want some sheep too! I have the same problem with paint. I think it's hard. The color always seems stronger on the walls. Your inspiration photo is fantastic. I just HAVE to find more French style furniture!

  21. I wasn't sure if you should add some sheep until i got to the second painting. Yes the sheep really make it! I would add three...i like odd numbers.
    Listen to Amy go back to the pink!
    Pamela xo

  22. Cindy,
    Please don't drop a sheep in your painting (he may get hurt!) hehehe Personally, I love all your paintings; the landscapes and the ones that include animals. I say follow YOUR heart. Your white chippy frame was a find and compliments your beautiful rose which makes a wonderful statement on your lovely mantel. I always use primer on our walls for best results.
    Happy spring!

  23. I am totally in love with your little rock wall around your flower beds...LOVE!! I also share you love of old seem to be better at finding them than me. I think it looks great leaned up over your painting.

  24. Hello Cindy, I've followed your beautiful blog a while now and wanted to say J'aime beaucoup! (I really like it!)

    I'm a painter too, walls, chairs, frames, anything that it'll hold onto, as well as as they say "fine" art too. :D

    I know what you mean about a color in it's environment looking different than you want. Once I had the "perfect" gold yellow for my kitchen, it turned out to be mustard instead, so I saved the can of paint and used it in the room that got the east morning sun and the gold yellow shone just as I'd wanted! Yeah!

    Then I went back to the color chip deck and picked the 2 step lighter one for the kitchen with north light. It was so funny that the guy helping me paint the rooms got them mixed up because they looked so the same on the different rooms, he began using the wrong one, then he put the cans together and said, "Well, I thought these were the same!" :D

    Your rose painting is so fine and the frame is almost perfect! Love the contrast of the lacy ornate chippy oldness with the fresh picked dewiness of the rose. It could carry several different frames it's such a strong painting it holds it's own. :D

  25. That frame around your rose painting is PERFECT! That whole vignette on your mantle is so beautiful it makes me want to go redecorate! As for the meadow painting it is beautiful as it is...but I do love little lambs. I'm sure whatever you decide will be 100% wonderful. I love that pink color from the Pinterest picture too. Perhaps you could use the next lighter shade up on the card (or even two lighter shades)? Perhaps in that room the actual color was a bit too saturated. You could paint the ceiling that medium pink color and the walls the lighter pink with some white crown molding along the ceiling... I bet every painting you have would look so beautiful against that pink!


  26. I love reading your posts! I haven't had time to read any blogs these past few weeks and have been catching up the past two days. First, I love sheep in paintings so I would say add them. Second, I kind of liked the pink walls, although I am not sure I would have been able to completely pull the trigger either. And third - the outside of your house is so pretty!!!! I am so jealous!


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