Sunday, June 3, 2012

Omg, I Have Run Out of Things To Talk About... sort of

Does that ever happen to you,... you just simply run out of things to talk about, or you just don't feel like anything you have to say or anything you're doing is remotely interesting... 

I haven't painted in at least a month... 

I haven't done a blog post in a couple of weeks...

I haven't even felt like shopping ... Now THAT'S serious!

Anyway.... What causes it,?What is that???

 Sooooo, until i think of something more interesting, i will show you my little "altar" in my painting room

 An old photo of my dad, in a frame i found at the thrift shop...
a little cloche with a shell,  an amethyst, and a stone i found at my old house that looks just like a toad...
well, actually my house didn't look like a toad,
the stone did


In the summer at night when you're driving in your neighboorhood,
you will see what looks like white rocks on the road..
don't run over them
it's the toads fat little white bellies shining in your headlights!
they're sooooo cuuute

 I saw this stone in the driveway one day, and thought it was a toad, until i realized what it really was
 i grabbed it and saved it...

When my kids were little, they used to run around naked and barefoot, and catch them...
(we lived on 7 acres in the woods)
Some of the toads would chirp
they were the most special of all

my daughter would put them to her ear and listen for chirps, 
and then she would hold them in her dimpled chubby little girl hands
and she would sing to them
it was 'make you die' cute

So, this is one of my most precious belongings

a driveway stone that looks like a toad
can you "see" it?

Ok, now i will blather on about just stuff...

story number two:

Have you ever shaken up a can of paint and the lid wasn't on tight?
That happened to me last week

big undulating blobs of paint  
onto my favorite chemise, my skirt, my boots...

so i had to try to take my clothes off without getting paint in my hair and everything, i leaned on the counter, paint got on the counter
on my arms, on my chair, the computer mouse, EVERYWHERE
of course the dogs wanted to run in the room where the paint was on the floor, because they thought it was really funny that i was on my hands and knees half nekid on the floor
(i don't even want to think about what a horrible sight that was), 
(kinda like looking down at yourself in a mirror)
i was trying to clean up the paint, and everytime i moved it got on something else, plus i was trying to keep the dogs from trapsing pink paint all over the carpet and rugs!

story number three:
 Today i finally got in the mood to do a painting, at 3:00 in the afternoon
I was losing my light
and all i had was a canvas i put this texture goop on about 3 years ago... and then had no idea what to do with it...

not great timing to get in the mood to paint

But, i decided what the heck, what have i got to lose...
I've been dying to try to paint a dress kinda like 

Above is a link to Rachel Ashwell's blog, scroll down and you'll see Laurence Amelie's work, it's amazing!

so i grabbed a fluffy dress i had, and  'went at it' just for freakin fun!

and it was fun!

here is the dress i used as a model 

and here is what i ended up with...

Omg it was fun to paint...

It only took about an hour

I got to fling paint at the canvas, it was awesome 
(throwing paint is a lot better than spilling paint)
you should try it!

I took some acrylic wall paint, painted in the background
splattered the canvas with some pink sample color i had

then got out my white oil paint, mixed it with a hair of yellow
and wisped in the dress

Do you know that in a painting, sometimes it's what you don't paint that makes the painting cool... kinda like here

Ok... so i stole her idea... but it was my dress... and i'm giving her all the credit for the idea, which in my mind is about 80% of painting
having the idea
plus, she's a master...  i was just screwing around
you should go look at her work, she does more than just dresses...
I would die to have one of her pieces 

Story number 4:

Since i'm blathering on about painting, i will show you one of my favorite all time things i did
It's just pencil on canvas
i've had it for years
the hand isn't even finished
but i like it that way

i finally pulled it out from my jumble of unfinished canvases 
and hung it up

it's funny how of all the paintings i do
it's usually the simplest things i love the most

( my shadow is blocking some of the light, i'm such a great photographer...)

Ok,  that's all i've got
if you read all that, you must be really really bored, or too tired to click the mouse and go to a more interesting blog

Can you guys stop being so awesome, and doing so many crazy amazing makeovers, and creations...
you're making me look bad
you've got me pulling out 10 year old pencil sketches to show you,  for goodness sake!

hugs from your incredibly boring and uninspired friend,  cindy...

...the end... 



  1. I read every word. I laughed hard, starting at "kinda like looking down at your self in the mirror", and after the amazement of "seven. acres. in. the. woods. ??? OMG!!! Obviously you don't have "nothing to say". But having nothing to say and knowing it is just as important as saying something. It's all part of the same thing. Your dress painting is wonderfully wonderful! Thinking of you waving your brush around reminded me of the Cinderella movie. And your pencil sketch is awesome. Look at that gorgeous arm! I would come and look at a blank page or a blank canvas if it belonged to you.

  2. Cindy,
    I always enjoy your posts.What ever you write about I get a laugh and it makes me smile :-)
    You are an incredible artist.I love everything you do.I wish I had your talent.You can blog about the bugs for all I care just keep on blogging my friend!

  3. WEll that dress painting is just as good as L.A's paintings but I like it better cuz YOU did it and I saw the dress that you used as inspiration! I love the motion and the whimsical dreamy nature of those paintings and this one is just the same...when I get rich from my shop, I will have a house with a barn like Rachel and you will come and live in it and paint those for my shop!! How fun would that be?
    I always like listening to how you live your life and the humor you find in it...and I can see you in the kitchen and I would be dying laughing!! Loved the toad story and I can def see the toad in the stone. Sounds like a book, The Toad in the Stone. Now if you really didn't have anything to say the psychologists call it "a Poverty of Words"...but you aren't poor at all my dear.

  4. Oh my goodness... I laughed to the end! It was like a quick phone call from far away...and as if I'd been waiting for it to ring sitting on the stool, drinkin' a coke...just waiting for you to call and tell me all about it!
    I loved the dress...I left for just a second to go check the others on L.A. blog...and my my my... your dress stole my heart first; and was everybit as pretty. From the time I saw it... I was thinking, "I want that dress for my little Bree's new room" (grand-daughter).

    Like Jacqueline, I can imagine you waving your brush... and then singing while you twirl around and saying something like, "the thing-a-ma-bob that does the job; is the bibidi bobidi boo!"...well, maybe not like Jacqueline...he he he. But it sounded fun!

    glad you popped in (or called) it was nice talkin' to ya!


  5. Cindy! I love your dress painting!!!
    I also love that you have sea shells too. Lately, vie been trying to make sure there's a tiny touch of the beach in each room of my house.

  6. if this is what you blog about when you have nothing to say, keep up the nothingtosayness.

    the dress is divine. oh my! so when i rule the world and have a shabbychic-like empire, you will do all the art and we will have matching malibu beachhouses (next to each other), yes?

    i am so happy you were inspired to paint after a lapse. honestly i am waiting for the well to run dry as far as writing or blogging or making stuff but it hasn't happened yet because i'm blabby and prob too stubborn to allow a block to happen.

    I SEE THE TOAD. i really do. not humoring you.

    what a great memory of your children you will have forever to return to. i love those happy places that can never be taken away.



  7. That is why you don't see too many posts from me anymore. I have already showed most of my house, projects and now I am out of ideas! I would rather see an interesting post from someone that I haven't heard from in a while then see daily trivia a couple times a day. Now I don't mean what you just blogged about because the thought of you shaking that half opened can of paint left me with many visuals! lol WE all do things like that occasionally, right? I always enjoy your posts, Cindy. Have a great week!~Patti

  8. Can you believe it has happened to me twice? The first time I was helping my nephew redo his family room while his wife was in the hospital. Most of a gallon of paint shot out onto the floor! The second time the paint store didn't put the lid on tight and I had thought it was a good idea to paint a little table for a client in my living room. Most of a quart landed on my floor and antique sideboard. I can still see traces of orange in that room!
    You could never be boring and love the dress painting! ~ Maureen

  9. I love to read your posts. I love your sense of humor. That dress painting is gorgeous! You have such amazing talent. Your stories are great:)

  10. Oh, forgot to say--I totally see the toad too!

  11. Hi Cindy,
    You have got to be the most popular funny girl here in Blogland....not only funny but super talented in every aspect of the arts.
    Your home, your writing, your garden and your paintings just wow me everytime I visit.
    The dress painting is drop dead gorgeous and what I wouldn't do to have that hanging in my home.
    You are awesome girl!!!


  12. I don't have a blog, at least not a shabby chic, blog, actually I don't have any blog just and Angel website, but I love certain blogs, and yours, well I really love yours. You remind me of my friends and myself when I was young, I'm kind of old now. Your posts always make me smile and sometimes laugh. I love your art, a lot, but mostly I just thing to myself, wish I knew her, what an awesome friend she would be, it would be like being young again....and laughing.

  13. Hi Cindy - the dress painting is beautiful! I mean it! What size is it and what price would you sell it for? Let me know 'k? Patty/BC

  14. omg i love coming here! Love all the stories and that painting of the dress is beautiful I want it!!!!
    Pamela xo

    I love toads too! We have lots and lots of tree frogs. The tree frogs and Robins compete on who can sing the loudest at 4am...not so cute then!

  15. CINDY, again, WOW i think u have amazing talent there r so many of us that wish we could whip up that dress on a canvas i promise when i have an email from u or amy at masion i click on urs and hers first cause i think u both r ao talented and u both inspire me so much and ur posts are never boring love reading them keep them coming cuz we love u and ur wonderful pink life...susan

  16. I love coming over here, Cindy! You are very talented, and always inspiring.
    You always make me laugh, no matter what you are posting about...that's why I love coming over here so much!!!
    GREAT painting!!!

  17. Wow Cindy! Thanks... I enjoyed that! I can absolutely relate and just posted my very first blog post about creator's block last week! I am smack in the middle of it right now, only I pin non-stop teling myself it will jump start me into my next project. Well, that is the goal, anyway. Hat's off to you for just jumping right back in! Love the dress painting!! :)

  18. I just received the newest romantic prairie style magazine in a giveaway and I actually squealed out loud when I saw the article about you and your amazing paintings!!! I'm so happy for you my friend! You are a talented, kind and gifted lady...inside and out. I've always admired your soft, pastoral paintings. Congrats and hugs!

  19. Wow! I don't think you've run out of things to talk about! That dress and following art is amazing. I can relate to story #2 as I am currently painting and spilling everywhere, and YEP, I've not put lids on correctly :) BIG mess.


  20. Haha - you are always so funny! I have had paint go everywhere before and it is such a nightmare to clean up! Slightly funny but an absolute NIGHTMARE! Love the toad rock - Lillie would have loved to have grown up out where you lived when your kids were little!

    The dress painting is gorgeous!!!! You are so amazingly talented!

  21. Well... wow, Cindy this is far from uninspired! I enjoyed every bit of it! For me it's frogs in the headlight, same thing though, just love 'em:-) Your dress painting is amazing!! I would love to be this uninspired any ol day!! Seriously I do relate to the blog block, I have been struggling too, a little feeling boring and a lot feeling lazy... sometime you gotta recharge:-)

  22. Cindy,

    Gorgeous painting, funny toad-looking rock, and hilarious stories--not uninteresting AT ALL!
    I love unfinished sketches too. They seem to really evoke the work of a true artist's spirit-Artists work as they're inspired and sometimes the inspiration runs out, even right when the project is just about over.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  23. hi cindy!
    love, love, LOVE the dress painting!!! fun...YES!! that is what it is all about!! we were (are) both inspired, right? i love the looseness of yours...mine is too tight i think ...i tend to overwork everything. ug.

    you are so cute, the way you write, just like you are thinking and your honesty and cander is so refreshing. i always enjoy visiting you....

    p.s. have you viewed laurence's videos on u-tube? you will totally be inspired....i think i might try a loose floral painting next.

    p.s.s. i have noticed quite a few bloggers who are blogging less these days...myself included.

    p.s.s.s next time you have a creative block, i will give you an "assignment" (and you can give me one)...sometimes that helps

  24. Never sell yourself short my dear! Your always interesting and your stories always a joy to read... The paint spilling incident would have made me a tad crazy though..... :) But, you are a true artist who will have days of inspiration and days of not! I think that's meant to be a gift. But what you refer as unfinished sketches to me are some of your most beautiful work I've seen. Now if your looking for something to do I could use here in my gardens. :)

  25. I like when you talk to me like that.....:)
    I feel like we are having coffee or tea and going back and forth with just shit that happened in our lives......


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