Friday, June 15, 2012

Bleaching a Linen Duvet and Shams, From Oatmeal to Soft White...

So many times i've gazed longingly at heavenly soft white linen shams, and duvet covers and sheets online, only to cringe when i see the price... 
Just can't justify hundreds of dollars for them when i need to save up to buy annoying necessities like toilet tissue, and gas, and vodka... sigh...

Anyway, the other day i was perusing some of my favorite blogs, and saw a blog post by 

She is amazing,  you should go over and take a look at her french market basket redo
She had bleached some oatmeal pillow shams and they turned out the most wonderful soft white color

so i wrote her and asked her about how she did it
and she wrote me back with detailed instructions
I thought it was so very sweet and thoughtful how she took the time for that

So, Voila 
here they are after a good ole bleaching...


bed's a little messy... but that's for a good reason, because me and Daisy take naps in there!

I'm a creature of routine
everyone pretty much knows where i am because i always do the same thing... 
people on the spectrum like routine, i have a touch of aspergers,  and i'm proud of it!
well, except the anxiety attack part, and the overly controlling part, and being completely literal and not getting jokes part
and the
hyper sensitive to everything part...  
not too thrilled with those parts

anyway, everyday when i come home from work Daisy runs to the bedroom and flings her body against the bedroom door until i open it, because she knows it's naptime!

Below is the before, I had a Rachael Ashwell, Simply Shabby Chic duvet cover and pillow shams in oatmeal
and here is the link to Target where they are on sale for $39.99!

In this photo you can see i have already changed out the lamps on the bedside table from the first photo...

I love this rusty old light fixture...

pillow sham closeup....look at that pretty soft white color!

it worked great!

I learn so much from my blog friends

I know that if i want to know something... all i have to do is ask, and you guys are out there in all your brilliance thinking about it and offering ideas and creative solutions!

Like Mandy at Alaparisienne suggesting i hang my unwired vintage chandy in the bathroom... 
she said don't worry if it's not wired, hang it up anyway !

 i did, and she was right, it's cute as anything there!

the red you see is my belly, there always seems to be unfortunate shots of my belly in photos

here is where it was before, just sitting atop this little cabinet thingy
and here again, dirty laundry and all...

you'll notice that the flowers on the chandy are white...
well, they weren't originally, they were this really intense bad color, i don't remember what it was..
so i just painted them white... why the heck not!

the duvet again...

and just for fun... a pretty little crucifix i found from another creative lady from Etsy...

Kristin, she has an Etsy shop called "Relic"

So, thanks my friends for all your creative ideas and positive vibes...
you're awesome!

...the end...


  1. What a great idea! It's amazing how we can all figure out how to make things work for us with paint, bleech, fabric dye - we're unstoppable! Enjoy your "new" white linens and naps! Hugs, Leena

  2. i love this post! you are not going to be surprised i bet to know that about a month ago i bought this exact duvet cover and shams in 3 sizes!!!! one for our bed, and two twins for a guest room. i found them on eBay and thought it was a fabulous value since my current duvet set is also linen and shabby chic brand and gets washed all the time since bella is welcome on it. i love that laurie too!

    smiles and hugs.


  3. Cindy,
    Your duvet look so pretty.Love your room.It is styled so pretty too.Also love that chandy.You have the prettiest house!

  4. Everything in this post is so pretty. I love this bedroom. I have loved those window frames since I first saw them. Your bedding turned out such a pretty soft white! Yum!

  5. Never ever underestimate the power of a short nap... or a long one if that's your thing.
    as to where? ...a soft white duvet works for me!


  6. I love your is so pretty. I love the bleach job. My dogs too get very upset with me if we don't take our nap:) But they won't take it without me. Dogs are so funny.

    I loved that you listed Vodka as a necessity..if we lived close I would so be hanging out with you. I don't love Vodka..but I could learn:) Have a good weekend!

  7. Molto bello!! buona giornata...ciao

  8. I lvoe that and wanted to get it, but I don't need it and I love the one I have...its also target shabby chic line in a floral that I think they discontinued...but bloggers have so much info!! and they are usually happy to share too. have a great day!

  9. Cindy,

    Looks wonderful! I'll have to pop over to Laurie's blog - gutsy to try this. I would have been nervous! It seems like whenever I start in with the bleach my fabric gets thinner.. Your bedroom linens look so pretty!


  10. I love your room. you did a fabulous job.


  11. Hi Cindy,
    I love your oatmeal linens turned white....I can't believe how good they turned out. I am in the market for a new duvet cover or coverlet but I am with you on the ridiculous prices! I found one at Pottery Barn on sale for $229! Yikes. I need money for my Vodka too! LOL!

    I love the pretty chandelier. Whenever I see them, with is rarely, in shops they are always in the hundreds. I love yours in the bathroom.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. Oh my goodness! I would never have thought to bleach them - what a fabulous idea. Blog friends are great for that, aren't they? Haha! The whole room looks fabulous!

  13. Love the soft white! Love the whole room!!

  14. What gorgeous changes you've made!
    I totally agree about sticker shock when I price beautiful pillow shams...I'm still holding out on the right price.
    (I'll have to check out link you shared.)
    The last several months, I've really been into dying my own fabrics because I've felt so defeated when I couldn't find the colors I needed. Then one day the lightbulb went on...dye fabrics whatever color I want!
    I appreciate the fact that you were a problem solver about the oatmeal shams and resourceful enough to just use what you had by bleaching them.
    Your bedroom looks beautiful (and I love that cathedral-looking window frame--that was quite a find, I bet!)

    Your chandy in the laundry room is beautiful. Funny thing...I've never thought about painting the hideous colored flowers on tole chandeliers. Now you've just given me a new idea!


  15. Can you please share the bleaching instructions. I have an ivory quilt and shams and wish I would have bought white.

  16. Can you please share the bleaching instructions? I have an ivory quilt and shams and wish that I would have just bought white.

  17. Agreed! I would love to read your bleaching instructions as well!

  18. Can you please share bleaching instructions?! It would save me 100's on oatmeal colored linen drapes that are discolored from the sun...

  19. I too want the bleaching instructions!

  20. Ditto...can you share the bleaching instructions? I have a perfectly fine set of oatmeal linen drapes that are fine but just don't go with my new look. It's be lovely to be able to reuse them and not have to go buy new ones.


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