Monday, June 11, 2012

Don't You Think It's So Amazing When You Can....

...go to your very own garden and pick a bouquet this pretty!

a little alcove in the back yard

that's the arbor where mr. fracturedfairytale led a 'full on assault' on the "lady banks rose" with his clippers.. 
it came back the next year though... even bushier!

the biggest hosta i've ever seen... !  the lady who lived here before me planted it...

This little rose bush blooms with clusters of petit coral pink roses...

Me and Daisyboo posing under the garden arbor,for Romantic Prairie magazine, trying to look all "Prairie like"... 

ok, and check this out, this is a bouquet from my sister's garden.... i just had to brag on it and show you

check out the random pink dog on the left...

a couple more shots of flowers from my garden...

cute little burlap wrapped glass vase from "Marshalls"

"New Dawn"

and that's all for now from "Rosebud Cottage"

check it out, my house looks crooked in this photo !

...the end...


  1. wow you are lucky to have such an enchanted style yard and looks just perfect! You looked adorable! Did they take your pic for the premier issue of the mag you were in?

  2. I just adore Rosebud Cottage. Wish I could come sit in that garden with you and have an iced cold beer! I know we would have so much fun together just chatting and giggling like girls do. ox

  3. Cindy,
    Your garden is gorgeous!!!!!What beautiful flowers.I am sure you have noticed I have not taken many photos of my yard.Not much to look at yet.

  4. I think your house is the cutest in blogland! I am in love with your pink door. You are the main person to inspire me to paint my back door pink on the inside.:) You know there is a straightening tool on Picmonkey--though I think your picture looks just fine:) All your flowers are so pretty! Are they doing another feature of you in the magazine? I love your outfit and your Daisy is so cute! Your sisters roses are gorgeous! As always--I so enjoyed your post. Have a good week!

  5. your flowers are so beautiful!! I just love your sign on your arbor.Everything looks soooo pretty.


  6. Cindy,

    I like the prairie-esque picture of you and Daisy--so charming!

    Hydrangeas and roses are my favorite flowers and these images make me want to plant more rose bushes! Too bad hydrangeas are a little hard to keep alive here! (I hope it's not just me...)
    Your yard looks beautiful and so do all of your arrangements.

    Hope you're having a great week!


  7. Love love your garden Cindy!! Those roses are gorgeous and you are looking pretty hot yourself lol !! Great photo!!!
    I can't wait to have a cottage of my own with a PINK door!
    Pamela xo

  8. Cindy,

    Your Daisyboo is so cute :)

    Your garden is no less than stunning and what lovely arrangements!

    I am a little envious as my little rose buds are still not yet ready to open up. Seattle summer doesn't start until July ..


  9. Hi Cindy,
    You live in an enchanted cottage, or at least that's what it reminds me of. I love the arbor leading in to the garden and your flowers are amazing. I love the photo of you and your little fur baby. Love the one in the magazine too.

    I have no roses, they were just starting to bloom and the deer came across the golf course and ate every last one of them! LOL!
    I went to Lowes to get some organic repellent, but my guess is it won't stop them. Oh well, at least they won't eat the hydrangeas.


  10. Ahh, like a dream, and you look like a movie star :o)

  11. just have to paint at least one of those gorgeous bouquets! It will last forever that way.

  12. Beautiful flowers, lovely garden and you and Daisyboo look very prairie! You're going to be in the magazine? How exciting! Very cute pic! Thanks for all the inspiration! Hugs, Leena

  13. Oh, but it's such a cute house! Love the arbor too. Say flowers and I come running.

  14. oh how scrumptious and gorgeous your garden blooms! i love the pinks and the lushness of it all. thanks for bringing us outside!



  15. well of course i just love all the flowers!! but your pink front door and the darling prarie photo of you..... got me smiling.

  16. Girl, you make me chuckle. Cute picture of you and the pooch!
    My house looks crooked. Period.
    I love the next to the last picture of your house through the roses...very inviting!

  17. Yes I DO think it's amazing to have a bouquet like that from your own garden because I DON'T! You have a very beautiful place. Right down to that darling pink front door!

  18. un felice fine settimana a Te...ciao

  19. Your garden is so dang sweet...kind of old fashioned and "englishy"...if that is a word :)


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