Friday, June 29, 2012

Ok, So Do Ya'll Have This Problem?

I drove by the Thrift Shop Yesterday,... laaadeeedaaa, Casually glanced in the window debating whether to go in and dig around, and there were these two pink wing chairs right there on display beckoning me!  
Screeeeeeeeeeeechh... Put on the brakes, almost kill pedestrians pulling into a parking space... and in i went.  I was thinking, ok, maybe they're dirty, or they smell like cat pee... or something is horribly wrong with them... it would be better that way

Nope - flawless, made in Hickory, NC, heavy, great curves, the perfect shade of pink.  

Now what do i NOT need - 

What did i buy - 

How could i not buy them???
do you know how expensive a good chair is???
and there are two of them!!!
these were $75.00 a piece

I mean, i really like the slipcovered chairs i have... 

I justified it, by saying, well... maybe  i can sell them at my friend's shop... hmmm

just look at these gorgeous curves

ok, so who gets to drag my "fabulous finds" in and out of the house...
well... mr. fracturedfairytale of course

and who is really sweet usually, but gets irritated when i bring furniture in and out of the house when i don't really need said furniture???
you guessed it

and who gets her feelings hurt when he gets a little irritated

and then who says i'm never gonna ask for help again,
and then who gets mad because i said that

how many of you have "been there"?

and, we made up of course

none of this makes the remotest sense to him
hmmmm wonder why?

Because it dosen't make any sense!
not even to me!

Now i have a big old pink chair in the living room and another one to go pick up at the thrift shop, and it's 106 degrees outside

Maybe i could save them, in case, uhhhh, somebody breaks in and steals my other chairs
or, ummmm, come on guys help me out with this..
think of something

If he only knew what i didn't buy

Look at this big old brown leviathan buffet

But but but....Wouldn't it be to die for fabulous painted in Annie Sloan paint
like a gray with some white and distressing and wax and maybe a touch of silver leaf

thrift shop - $125.00

anyway, what do ya'll do when you find irresistible stuff???

and does your husband think you're insane???

ok, so while i figure out what to do with these two chairs
bedroom maybe...?

i'll end with a pretty little pot i found at Marshalls, with some sweet little white begonias i'm gonna plant in it, 

I hope i don't trip over the pink chair blocking the front door when i go out to water it...

...the end...


  1. Ha ha ha!
    yep, have the same problem. I always get the look.
    what in tar-nation are you going to do with that? LOOK.
    But...Cindy! That pink is pretty in your living room. Does the Mr. have an aversion to pink?
    couldn't you ...Sell the slip covered ones to make up the difference in the sq. footage and in the pocket book?
    that sounds like a plan. Otherwise... you have to go with
    Now everybody has a seat at the next Jam-session.
    Justify it!


  2. Cindy,
    And your answer is A girl has to have some pink....end of story :-)
    Great chairs!

  3. Cute chairs! Pink is so hard to resist! What do I do when I find something irresistable? Well, I have got to admit that sometimes I buy it, depending upon what it is. I will usually carry it around the thrift store for a while, so I can think about it while protecting it from other shoppers. If I can't get it out of my mind or come up with a good reason not to get it, I give in and make the purchase. Otherwise, I have to exercise self control and leave without it. I hate this option because then I can't get the item off my mind and if I decide to go back and look at it, most likely it's gone. Bummer! I try not to get too attached anyway since a lot of the things I end up selling. If I kept everything that I liked, my house would be decorated beautifully! LOL!! Have fun with your pink chairs! Hugs, Leena

  4. oh Cindy, sounds like you've actually been at my house. I just now had my husband who is home for lunch haul down my two chairs for an outside photo shoot, grumble...grumble... I always use the line, "but look how much I saved". guys usually don't buy that but I do try it out now and again. I don't blame you, those chairs are wonderful!

  5. You would have never forgotten those chairs. I have a few things I passed up for whatever reason or another - they spoke to you - they were a great price - I am sure you'll find a lovely home - spot for them. Just think how much fun you'll have rearranging! Stay cool! It's getting pretty hot here too!

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I'm with you all the way, I would have nabbed those chairs in a sec! Love them. Love the texture and the color,!
    I know you will find a place for them, or at least that's what I always tell Mr. Sissie. He says, "where are you going to put that?" and I say, I'll find a place.
    It's miserably hot here too and my son dragged me all the way to Wilmington to Whole Foods market. He's gonna make a hippie outta me yet!

    Stay cool sweet girl.


  7. Nice chairs for a crazy low price! The sideboard would be in the back of the truck in a flash. Sigh. You are so fortunate to have such great old pieces at a great price. Here they start at 200 and usually sell for more because you can't find them. And sellers know that. Now I'm depressed. Patty/BC

  8. Yes, I've been there many times-- with chairs too, but I remember most of all my husband saying one day "Why do you buy so many lamps? Half of them are in the closet." He was right. I had a lamp fetish for a while there. It's been replaced with other things, of course.

    I don't think I've ever purchased one piece of furniture from a furniture store (aside from our pillowtop matress). Vintage/antique furniture is always made better and usually you can get most of your money back when you resell it. And how often do you find that perfect shade of pink on a wing back chair? Just think how much it would cost to make custom chair covers or to reupholster one??? You got a great deal.
    Perhaps you can compromise by selling or getting rid of a few things you don't need/use.

    A week ago while out of town, I stumbled upon an awesome pink velvet couch in a thrift store, but I had to tell myself to walk away...


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  10. Thanks for the laughs, Cindy! I can definitely relate... I just hauled something home from the (gasp) dump at the lake! It is an old wooden radio on turned legs that has seen better days, but when I look at it I see a two storey doll house complete with wiring and real lighting! My husband's comment was: "I see you brought some fire wood home," I just gave a nervous chuckle and walked right on by, cool as a cucumber... Tee hee! :D

  11. So glad to see a post from you! I love that chair--and the buffet is awesome! You can use a buffet for so much good storage. I have no room for more furniture either. I think I need to have a booth somewhere just to have a place to move things out when I need too. That pink chair though looks perfect with your beautiful rose painting--it really draws attention to it. I would probably paint the chair legs--but I am weird that way. I like your white chairs what to do? Have fun figuring it out! I would say move to a bigger house but I love your house:) LOL

  12. Been there done that! You're forgiven sweetie :) C'mon, you couldn't pass that deal up. If you can't keep them then list them on craigs list for more $$. They are great though :) Good luck!

  13. cindy wish all i had in my way was a beautiful pink chair it looks good where u have it but you are so adorable i don't see how he could get mad at you for anything [lease teach me to paint and i'll buy you two more chairs!!!! lol

  14. Been there, did that, after 48 years together, I still get the look, and from my adult sons also. If I saw those chairs, they would be mine in a second. I love them. Pink is good, and if not, you can slip cover them. I think You made a great purchase.

  15. Some chairs speak our language and no one can hear them but us. Once he understands that it's mystical, he'll understand that you were powerless against the spell. ~ Maureen

  16. who can resist any chair? i can't. not even the ones in someone's trash.

    look at those beauties. stuff has energy. they were waiting for you and called out to you because they knew you would give them a good home.

    btw, they really look great with your sofa. perhaps painting a pink chair will cheer you.

    smiles to you, perfectly imperfect blogger.


  17. I would try to make a seating area in a bedroom if you could. I do this too, so its not hard to see why you did it, but I love the slipocvered chairs in the living room. you one funny girl...made me smile! I am on vacaton this week starting this am!! I will have no tv or internet all week!! haha! I will have my iphone I might try blogging from that or go to an internet cafe...

  18. Hi Cindy,
    That sounds just like my life. I really would have had a hard time not buying that buffet. I know I would have got the same reaction from my husband. They just don't get it. They just don't understand that we have a plan (do we?). Oh well we are having fun anyway. I love your chairs and what a great price.

  19. I could have written this post Cindy : ) Oh boy, do I hate it when I find a good bargain I can't pass up and it's 'bigger than a breadbox'!!! (I can sneak those in with no problem)

    I LOVE your new chair!!!

    big hugs...

  20. OMG to that buffet. I could see it like you picture it. Beautiful find with those chair.s

  21. Hi Cindy, look at you thinking your window treatment is not as cute. There are no mistakes in creating euro-chic and the simpler it looks the more authenic the feel.... (I love it) :)

    Your a doll miss-artist to as much as comment on my art roses placed to an advertisement of having a "Beautiful Life"
    your comments and visit are always a welcoming sight :)

    lots of French Market inspiration to you and now I am off to paint something in French market style :)


  22. I found your blog today and have been reading back on previous post. This one made my day and had me laughing so hard that I was afraid someone would hear me and complain(at work).

    Your blog is fabulous! Reading your post I can see that we have they same habits and style. This blog is very inspiring!

    Thanks for the great moment.

  23. Husband asked: "what are you laughing at?"

    I answered: "my doppleganger bought chairs she didn't need and, her husband... complained about having to carry them in, and, she wondered why she even bought them!"

    Husband: "Maybe you could sell her some of yours?"


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