Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ok, So Let Me Explain, I Only Had One Stencil....

I was on vacation this week, and i wanted to do some projects, and well, i only had one stencil... which i ordered on Ebay

Anyway, pretty much everything in my house got stenciled with
 "French Market"  

- you'll see...

 Here is the before, and $6.00 basket from the thrift shop

I used the color i painted my bedroom wall, a kind of gray beige and with a wet brush, just brushed it all over the basket...

then i had a dirty old drop cloth in the shed, and i just cut a square out of it, ripped the edges
grabbed my "French Market" stencil

and used a sample container of dark brown paint i had

it is just plain old flat latex paint 

i'm sure it's better to use fabric paint, but i didn't have any... 

i checked Michaels and every fabric paint they
 had was sparkly or very stark black, so i said screw it, i'm using what i have...

i figure if i can't get latex paint off my clothes and my shoes
it's not gonna come off of this either!

I think it turned out pretty cute!

 ok, here are the two bloggers i stole the ideas from

for the basket idea
check out her insanely cute basket she redid

and for the "French Market"  stencil and curtain panel idea
Kathy from the adorable blog
She did the cutest curtain panel ever in the whole wide world!

i printed a picure of it and put it under my pillow at night i loved her little curtain so much

i emailed her and asked her about the stencil, and she told me exactly where to look, she's a sweetheart

I copied her curtain, sorta... like in the most minimalist way...

this little panel is over my kitchen sink

it's just a linen napkin/bar cloth or something like that
i think i found a pack of 2 at Bed Bath and Beyond... 

it's literally just draped over a tension rod...

Go look at Kathy's 
 she put grosgraine ribbon and little box pleats on hers...

it's a thousand times cuter than mine...


then i had these old blinds in my art room... and lord have mercy they get so dirty!!!!
so i wanted to cover them up... 

you didn't think i was gonna wash each and every one of those 8 billion little blinds did you !???
i've tried that
 so anyway, guess what i put over the top of the window

well, duh...

"French Market"

i took finishing nails and tacked them up, how slack is that!!!

but i like how they blouse out and ruffle and move when the window is open... 
and they are alot cleaner looking than those old blinds

Ummmmmm, let me think if i put "French Market" on anything else...

you didn't think it would end with just a basket and 3 curtain panels did you???? 
no, no, no


poor Daisy...
dosen't it look like she's saying
"will you do something about my mommy, she has lost her mind" 

...the end...


  1. I love each and every one of them Cindy!! So cute!

    Lou cinda

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I like your french market basket, your french market basket and curtains. I would use that stencil on lots of stuff's cute.
    Cute post. You are always funny.


  3. Cindy,
    I love reading your posts.You always put a smile on my face!I love your"French Market" projects.Every single one of them!They all turned out great.Daisy is so cute!!!!!

  4. You are so funny. Love the French market on the dog. Great to see another post! Even though you only got one stencil you got a good one--love it! I am guessing you want more stencils now? I want the one you have! I am going to look again to see if you linked to where you got it:)

  5. ha ha ha! poor Daisy is right!
    even the ribbon in her hair is screaming French Market!
    I love all your little touches... who cares if they say the same thing.
    Now, without a doubt, you can say... You have a 'French Market' theme going on in your home.

    ...hmmm... wonder if there is a stencil that says..."East Texas Dirt" ??? I could stencil it on some doilies and toss 'em around the house! Our dogs are already covered in it.
    ha ha ha ...

    have a great week! Pat

  6. Hi! Just found your blog and am your newest follower-I love your blog and your style! I'd love you to visit my new blog and say hello :)

  7. Thanks Cindy!! That was so nice of you. I think your valance turned out great! It looks so pretty! The basket is beautiful too! You did good!


  8. I love everything you stenciled, including the last one! Great idea for the curtains! I may "borrow" that idea myself, if that's okay. Great job!

  9. I love your newest creations! I love all things "frenchy" and those fit the bill. I am not super crafty, but I could probably pull those off. I love easy and fun crafts like those. Your window treatment looks so cute and custom now. Sure beats trying to clean those blinds! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently too.

  10. You are so funny! I love the look...on everything. :) Great job ~


  11. my favorite is the curtain panel!!! it looks fabulous. i saw laurie's basket idea and ate it up so i am so glad you got your diy on.

    leave that poor dog alone, cindy. (do not listen to me for a second, me with the hair accessories and the tortured pooch)

    i need to create something. i had a very blahhh day writing blahblahblah kinda stuff when i really needed to PAINT LIKE A MUTHA and feel connected with my maker, ya know?

    i am rambling now and still must polish up the blahblahblah.

    love to you, sexystencilmama.


  12. Hey sweet girl! :) I LOVE your stencil! You have such a knack for making things and french/cottage chic looking! Hey..if you ever DO get a hankering to wash you blinds, you just have to take them down and stick em' in a tub of hot soapy water. Let them soak for a little while, drain the tub, rinse them with the shower head and lay them out to dry. I do it on my porch in the sun, but you can let them sit in the tub and dry too. (but that's only if you ever get the hankering) :-D lol I love what you did with the curtains. :)
    We're all sick at my house.....Carson and I have chest congestion, and my poor dear Lincoln had another seizure Sunday night. :( He hurt himself when he fell too. He is so sore and in so much pain. :-( We'll be ok though, we know who holds each moment. :)

    Love you to pieces!!
    Missy :)

  13. You are so funny, your posts always make me smile. The valance looks great.

  14. how about "french market underwear, similar to "ellen underwear" (via ellen degennerous, how the hell do you spell her name? anyhoo). Love all your creations! and wondering, can you actually "open" your windows? it is sooooo hot here, i won't open my windows for like 3 more months.
    i mentioned you today on my bloggy.

  15. French Market is really workin' for you! I especially love what you did with the basket.

  16. I love your curtain panel. You did amazing, you just inspired me for my back window! I really like the french market stencil.
    I saw Laurie's basket she alway does a great job. Remember the english ivy stencil? You should have seen this place 10 years ago. :))))
    Have a great day,
    Hugs Rosemary..xoxo

  17. Hi Cindy,
    Thank you for your beautiful visit! I know I left you a comment here on my last visit and this is why I thought you returned one to me, yet I don't see my profound comment to you on all your French market, of course I love it and would love to be painting right along side of you. Now for the French market dog thats my favorite place to stencil French market, you are so cute and oh so creative.

    Happy 4th

  18. You funny girl!!!! I love ALL of it...the dog may have been going a little far out though : )
    sending hugs...

  19. saw eulalie today over at MMS! she looks outstanding on that beautiful green dresser, does she not? and i know that very artist!

    you're pretty special, miss thang.


  20. oh this post was cuuuute! made me chuckle in the end...your sweet puppy all stenciled! lol! LOVE the stencil now YOU must share with US where you found it too! ;) (adore the basket transformation!)

  21. hahaha...You are hilarious!

    I would have never thought of covering up blinds with a panel-great idea! I'm storing that one in my brain in case I ever need to use it.
    Isn't blogging great?! Free inspiration that you can use in your own home. And that was very nice of the other blogger to share where she bought your new favorite stencil:)


  22. so cute! I love both fun projects. It's great when you can it again and enjoy it in different ways :)

  23. That is a swell stencil. I say you go around town and stencil stuff!!! I mean you have it......might as well use the bugger. worked so well on everything else you did:)

  24. I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks. I can so relate to having a new stamp and using it on everything. Also loved printing the picture for under your pillow. You rock.


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