Friday, July 6, 2012

Ugly Old Shed Door Updated... !

On the back side of our house, we have a little attached shed, thank the lord...
because it's a place where i can keep my 10,000 cans of paint...

 geeesh...that's another mess for another day, 
like not while i'm still alive...

Anyway, it has a metal door, and was painted white that had gotten dirty and grayed over the years, and it had greasy fingerprints all around the door handle... 
I wish i had a before photo

...but you know how it is... 

You are just laying (or is it lying) on your bed trying to take a nap with your dog,

(who is staring out the window, and barking at pretty much anything, each time you almost doze off)...

and you look at the wall color in your bedroom
 and think ... 
I think i'll just go paint the shed door this color
 mr. fracturedfairytale told me the other day that i was a bit impulsive, can you imagine that! 

and then realize later... 

Hey!  that would have made a good before and after!  

Anyway... it went from dirty grayish white to a kinda cool, 
beigey gray color...

the original door was even  muckier than that trim you see, which now needs to be freshened up... so you get the idea...

and... i know, i need to paint the glow in the dark gold wreath hanger too... it's pretty bad

but i was movin fast,

then, once it was dry, 

which was like 3 seconds because the door was hot and the heat index was like 115 degrees
it's been crazy hot !

i just grabbed a basket of faux and dried flowers

and hung it on the door with whatever hanger i had

Would you believe this is the same paint i painted my bedroom with... 
and the same paint i used for a wash on the French Market basket in the previous post

Benjamin Moore "Brandon Beige"

Anyway, i really like it, who knew an ordinary beigy gray could make stuff look so good...

I've been looking at that plain old ugly door for 5 years
it's so funny what a difference just a little change can make
why didn't i think of painting it sooner???

Here was my inspiration door
look how gorgeous this door is

This is from the cute blog 

i hope she doesn't mind me showing her fabulous door!
everything about this is good...

I just found her blog, and can't wait to read more of her posts

 and to stay true to my ADHD style and go completely off topic,
i will end this post with some pictures of hydrangeas and roses... 

the rose is "Abraham Darby"
and i think it's wonderful

...the end...


  1. Cindy,

    Great job with the door redo.
    That color is really perfect for all of those whites, creams, and pinks you love!

    Sometimes impulsive decisions turn out better than the ones we beat to death.
    I'm sure you will continue to be glad you painted it!


  2. Beautiful! Isn't it funnyh how just a little change can make such a huge difference? The door looks great! Love those white hydrangea! I have never seen any so pure white! Thanks for sharing aned good luck with that nap! LOL Hugs, Leena

  3. girl...i like you alot...impulsivity (word?) and all.
    happy weekend!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    I totally understand the impulse thing. I cannot sit still in any room in my house without thinking that I need to move something around, paint something, or just get rid of it.....Mr. Sissie says I'm impulsive too, especially the time he made me mad and I threw a hot curling iron at missed him and put a gash in the side of the dresser...of well! LOL!

    I love your door color and that pretty little door hanging is so dang cute. Love it. Those flowers are beautiful.

    Stay cool girl.


  5. Oh I just wish I always had gorgeous flowers to go off topic with! I love how you show where you first got an idea! That's great because I always spring into action usually from some picture and i'm hardly even aware of it. That IS a fab color!

  6. I love your spontaneous nature! I have a bit of it too!
    I also like the color you chose, and your inspiration door. I think I just found that same blog...the other day, haven't read much there. But I AM liking that tray/wreath on her door... wondering if she drilled holes in that thing to put a rope hanger or what?!

    ok... and your flowers are beautiful. And... maybe a pillow would help the dog be a little quieter while you're napping! (just kidding... I like dogs well enough; but I do like a nice quiet nap too. and I'd never really put a pillow over a dogs head...only in my mind) ;)


  7. I thought you were talking about me taking a nap for a second there Cindy. My dog is the same way...I don't even know why I bother to try to nap in the middle of the day.
    I love when your ADHD gets the better of you friend!!! It always ends up beautiful!

  8. Cindy,
    GREAT color!Love your door re-do.Yes it is amazing what paint can do.I guess that is why I paint like crazy everything I see in my home LOL.Beautiful roses too.

  9. Hi Cindy,

    The door looks great, love the basket hanging on the door. Abraham Darby is one of my favorite roses. They don't survive the winters in Alberta, so I have to buy a new one every year. Here is something completely random from me. The Calgary Stampede just started this week celebrating 100 years. This city is going to be one crazy party for the next 10 days.

  10. Hi Cindy,
    The door looks great, love the basket. Abraham Darby is one of my favorite roses. They don't survive the winters in Alberta so I have to buy a new one every year. Something completely random from me. The Calgary Stampede just started this weekend celebrating 100 years. It is referred to as the greatest outdoor show one earth. This city is going to be one crazy party for the next 10 days.

  11. Hey girlfriend!
    Your door makeover is cute! Oh and I can totally relate to the 115 degree thing...Lordy it's hot here too! I think it's 105 today...actual temp, not heat index! Yikes!
    I'm picking out paint color for my dining room right now...goodness I didn't realize how many different colors of taupe and tan there are in the world! lol I'm trying to figure out what I want to do...I'm too flaky in the head to make a decision right now! lol I'm STILL sick! ugh. I've been sick for over a week now...TJ has it now too. :-(
    Hope you're keeping cool!

  12. Hi Cindy, everything looks so pretty and what an inviting shed door of welcoming beauty. I think I will do this to mine :)

    I love your very last photo, the talbe with the roses on it looks so much like my kind of piece, one I would add to my homes decor :)

    See you soon and thank you for sharing your HOT! Beauty :)


  13. I came over to catch up on your posts. The door looks wonderful! LOVE the roses, and hydrangeas. The pink chairs are awesome! and they don't even smell like cat pee????? you got a deal, for sure!!! The French curtains, and basket turned out so saweet...but I think the dog looks the best with the stencil on it. Looks like you've been busy, girl.
    If you keep moving those pink chairs around the room, your hubby won't even notice them after awhile.
    See ya.

  14. that color is so french, don't ya think?

    i know just what you mean about feeling so much better and wondering why you didn't do it sooner. today we scrubbed mold off our deck railings, and i know i have problems but i loved every second of it. 5 years of mold is g.o.n.e. i feel like i may even be able to have people over! but first we need a picnic table so i'm hoping that happens this week.

    yay for fresh shed doors and mold free outdoor spaces!



  15. Awww...thanks! I'm glad you liked my signs...they were not hard at all, and turned out cuter than I thought they would. :) I'm just happy not to have to try to explain to guests where the bathroom is now. :)
    Love ya!

  16. It all looks great! I love your blog and you are so adorable! :)

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and talent.


  17. Cindy I really love your door and the basket of flowers is so perfect!

    Art by Karena

  18. I love your randomness and I love that door color. And I'm thinking I might copy off you and paint my bedroom that color as well. I've always loved a brown beige bedroom but I was thinking I should come to current with grey. Anyway, I'm going to pin your door ^so I don't forget. :)

    And! I also love your big fluffy dust ruffle. And I got the catalog sent to me when I about fell out of my bed while reading about your bedroom arches on my iPad. ^so, which fabric do you have? I'll just be a total creeper and borrow your decor. LOL. Really I'm quite normal.

  19. I love your door color Cindy, and especially with the heat your having drieds in your basket are the only thing that would last. Ive always liked the brown undertones it seems to add a dramatic effect really stands out.
    Your hydrangeas are pretty, mine will not be ready for a couple more months.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo


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