Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Little Rug That Could...

It's so funny to me how much i like this little black and white striped rug... 

It just adds this little pop of personality wherever you put it

so i call it 
""the little rug that could"

I even posed some pink roses from the garden on it, because not many things look better to me than pink, and white and black !

 I see that color combination occasionally in magazines, like a zebra rug with a soft pink mohair sofa, and maybe lucite side tables...
oh my gosh....soooo yummy together 

Here it sits right at the front door

It's also been in front of the kitchen sink

I bought it at Crate and Barrel, and since it was small it didn't cost too much, so that was good...
they do have bigger ones

There's not much to it,... but it has alot of impact for such a small little feller...

Here it is posing with a dead dog...

ok, she's not really a dead dog...

have you ever looked around your house when the dogs are all crashing and sleeping on the floor, and thought it looked like you had a bunch of dead dog bodies lying around in your house?

ok, maybe it's just me that thinks that way

see the little table on the left, it was just all brown and boring when i found it at the thrift shop...

i just painted it white, and now it's a great spot for well, whatever... i have lots of glass jars in it, because for some reason i can hardly bear to get rid of glass jars...

pay no attention to all the crap on the stairs, and the random glass door behind the chair please..

i have some faux fleurs, old books from the thrift shop and a lantern from the TJ Maxx on the table right now

here is a little closeup

here are the same roses i posed on "the little rug that could", sitting on a silver tray

you see the two prints in the background... 
they are 'artist's proofs' of giclee prints of some of my paintings

i have the artist who creates my giclee prints, print these so i can compare and get the color just perfect for any prints i sell...
it's all a pretty big pain in the butt actually... and kind of expensive... the whole process 

but it is fun selling prints to people who appreciate them, so it makes it all worth it

ummm...  i see that the price tag is still on the silver tray, i don't see details, 
i'm pretty sure there's something wrong with me 

i sure have enjoyed my roses this summer

the little rug, peeking from behind the chair, so small, but so fun...

of course there is a random bag hanging on the doorknob in the background, details again...

 please lower your expectations of good staging and photographs from me

and one more photo of 
"the little rug that could"

bein' all pretty with pink roses...

...the end...


  1. well its a great looking rug...kind of very french looking. i always notice details when I see them in a photo and they are not at all evident when I am actually in the room!! Its a good decorating tip, when youwant to do stuff in your house, just take pics and you can see what looks good and what sticks out like a sore thumb. love your posts, and i always get a good laugh here, like please lower your expectations!! If you get all spit polished and shined up I might never come keep it just the way it is sister.

  2. LOL!! Yes, I agree with the "dead dog" thing!! I have two "dead cats" in my house as well!! You certainly got your money's worth with that little rug. Too cute!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  3. Cindy,
    Your roses are so pretty.I agree I love that pink and black combo!

  4. i think you're totally gettin the hang of styling! i agree with you about those black and white stripes. you see them a lot in scandinavia blogland, and i love.

    do not toss those print proofs out with the garbage! trade them for vintage bling from me, yes?

    i love everything about this post. you rule.


  5. Your artist's eye makes everything so pretty, price stickers and all! ~ Maureen

  6. Such a good instinct with the black stripes! It's not anything I would think of, and it looks spectacular!

  7. Cindy,

    I love rug and your roses are so pretty. Had to chuckle with your dead-dog comment. I have TWO..english springers and they run the house!

    You have a wonderful eye for decorating!


  8. I love, love black & white! Stripes, polka dots, chevron, houndstooth, whatever. Now, for me it would be pairing it with red. :-) Seriously, you can use so many colors with it. Your photos are great! Who cares about the price tags, etc?


  9. i have always liked B+W patterns combined with another solid color and pink is YOUR color baby! if you had not mentioned the so-called flaws in your staging, i would not have even noticed. i think i need to look into the whole giclee idea. hmmmm.....
    happy new week to you,

  10. i agree with what Amy@Maison said you are just soooo fun and always make me smile just remember that to you it may seem upside down and sideways but we kinda like you just the way you are just amazing talent in a pink little world

  11. Loved your photos and your comments....i laughed out loud at the "dead dog" Can't wait to go over and see your beautiful I go.

  12. I love it!!! I have lots of photos of my dog like this and i think the exact same thing so funny!!! She always lays in the most inconvenient spot too!

    By the way i just bought that magazine that you are featured in. It was so cool to see someone i know (well internet know) in a great magazine. I love that!! You are so talented!
    Pamela xo

  13. Cindy, I've been a lurker for a long time...and just had to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. You have a fabulous sense of style and self. Your writing is great and your paintings! Oh my...your paintings are to die for.
    Keep on keeping on.

  14. Hello sweetness! :) You make me laugh every time I come over here! You have such a cute way of saying just crack me up!
    Hey...your new profile picture is adorable...LOVE the hat!
    Your little rug is sweet, but I really like the peace of furniture you painted....or should I say rescued, from being brown. I'm sure it thanks you! :)
    The prints of your paintings are cool, but I am SO blessed to have an original! ;-) I just love you!
    Hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

  15. Isn't it amazing what a large impact something small makes? I love it!

    Hope all is well your way! I am finally getting back around to Blogging again and visiting all my favorite Blogs :)


  16. Great post! I have two black and white striped rugs that get moved all over the them!
    Your roses are so pretty. I don't know what it is about them this year, but they sure are gorgeous.
    We have two "dead" dogs here. When I want to take a picture, I just slide them across the wood floor, so they are out of the way.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  17. Loved your photos and your comments, great front door and the plate behind love this


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