Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Girl With The Pink Hair

What do you think... Probably not a big market for paintings of girls with pink hair...

But very very fun to paint

I like her expression... What do you think the combination of emotions are going on with her? 

I think i should make up a fractured fairy tale about her...

Once upon a time, there was a girl with hair the color of cotton candy...

And as you can imagine she was no ordinary girl...

One very fine summer morning she awoke with a feeling like something extra special was going to happen and she was filled with an electric energy and excitement that was quite unexpected...

As she tumbled out of the lilac scented white cotton sheets, and put her bare feet on the floor, she felt a vibration move up through her body from the old wooden floorboards...

hmmm, very strange indeed, and not unpleasant... it was if the floorboards were alive and resonating a sound within her body

As she walked by her bedroom dresser, she glanced in the mirror and gasped at the shocking sight!

Her hair had turned as pink as strawberries and whipped cream where just the night before it had been a soft girlish brown... 

She put her hand to her mouth in shock, and just stared for a moment... and then, in disbelief... she slowly reached her dainty hand out to touch the reflection in the mirror

The second she touched the reflection on the surface, she felt tingling in her fingers and the spot she touched lit up with a bright spark not unlike a glowing little star...

And it was at that moment that she remembered the dream...

...the end... ?



  1. Cindy,
    I think your pink girl is beautiful! I have seen girls with hair like that.If I was not so old and and brave I may have pink hair too LOL.Cute story too!

  2. Oh Cindy that story and your new painting is awesome!!The painting is so fabulous and so is the story.


  3. it appears to me she is processing something important. it's a faraway look and she's very in her head, unaware of her immediate surroundings.

    what a gorgeous pink, cindy. i want to eat it.

    the piece also has a japanese anime feel, yes?

    you are so talented!



  4. While I love the pink hair, I love her eyes more. I'll be waiting on the rest of the story/dream....

  5. I love your fractured fairytale Cindy !I also love the girl with the pink hair, very pretty !

  6. She definitely somewhere outside of that room. Past? Future? The dreamland? ~ Maureen

  7. Her eye is beautiful--and I love the hair. I have always wanted to dye my hair pink--what the heck I don't work so I don't have to impress anyone. But at 47, I guess I am too old. My kids might die of embarrassment.

    I always love your paintings--and your stories.

  8. I am usually blue haired, but spend many months with pink hair. she's a gorgeous painted girl. She just needs some glasses like me :D

  9. Fantastic painting!! LOVE the pink hair :)

  10. What a perfect story! Hmmm.. she kinda looks like she's thinking "what was that? I'm confused" or "I love my pink hair" Lol :) Definitely dreamland!


  11. Hey sweet lady! I think your pretty pink haired girl is lovely. She looks like she's in deep thought....contemplating what her future holds perhaps. Whatever she's thinking of, she's just precious. :)
    I love your's inspiring and contagious!
    <3 you!

  12. Love this! I used to have pink hair, this makes me miss it.

  13. Lovely painting, lovely story

  14. She is beautiful ! Patty/BC

  15. Pretty painting, nice story.
    I LOVE your new floor from the last post!
    You amaze me! Seriously! That floor looks awesome!
    Great job!

  16. Cindy again i have no words i don't know why i even post a comment cuz i can't find all the words that i feel about your work but she looks like someone who has just painted a rose or sheep or something beauty full and she is admiring her work just amazing cindy amazing. i always wonder what your up to when you don't post for awhile with much admiration,susan

  17. I love it! And I know little Lillie will love the pink hair too if I show it to her tomorrow when she's awake and read the story - you have such a way with words!

  18. Or...she drank too much tequila the night before and went to an all night hair salon....:)
    Either way...she is pretty dang cute with that pink hair...

  19. Well dear friend...I love your fairytale and painting!!!! She is a beauty!!! I hope I wake up with pink hair!!!!!!!!!
    big hugs...

  20. What a fun story (I hope it's not the end) and the painting is very lovely. I've actually thought about dying my hair light pink. Not sure if a 44 year woman should be doing that (ha ha) but one day it dawned on me that I could actually do it if I wanted to (since I don't have a job outside of the home where it might be a problem :) Not sure what my husband would think...
    Have a fabulous weekend...

  21. Writing? Painting? Decorating? What can you NOT do?

  22. You should be writing also. I agree with Jacqueline, what can you NOT do. You are an artist.


  23. Hi Cindy,
    You are such a romantic. I love her pink hair and her beautiful face. The story is enchanting and I think you should continue.



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