Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Little Cupboard with White Dishes in it...

So a while back, i found the cutest little cupboard, and painted it white, and painted the inside blue, but i never really took time to make it pretty like i see so many of you guys do. 

I start so many things, and get distracted and leave stuff half finished.  
It's like i get to a certain point, and the idea is in my head, and that's good enough.  


I've been inspired a million times by cupboards filled with white ware... so i went on a thrift shop hunt!

I already had a collection of white pitchers...

And low and behold, that very same day, i found these wonderful old Homer Laughlin plates at the thrift shop for 49 cents a piece

There must have been around 30 of these plates, so i took a few and tied them up in some burlap and ribbon
i thought the extras would  would be cute as a little thrift shop gift for someone 

they are very functional plates, 
and they're not from China and loaded with lead
... at least i think they're not loaded with lead...
anyway they are 
-made in America-
that must be said with a southern accent, don't know why, but that's what i hear when i say it in my head

I find  Homer Laughlin platters and coffee cups and plates at the thrift shop alot
They have a great look and weight, and i love them

so, i piled in the plates...
 shopped the house for other white stuff 
and i filled up my cupboard!

I'm gonna keep watching thrift shops for other cool white stuff

I have collected silver from the thrift shop, and tried filling it with silver, but it didn't look right..

i also had bunches of wine glasses collected from the 
(you guessed it) 
the thrift shop

i sound like the girl from "American Pie" the movie, who starts every sentence with , 
"this one time at band camp"...

I've saved the wine glasses over the years for if i ever have a party and lots of guests
which i never do
Here's how it looked before with silver and wine glasses

sorry, i don't really have a close up shot of it

Here are a few of my many inspiration photos of cupboards with white stuff in them
I love how unconstructed this one is


oh my goodness

another beauty, Pinterest is so filled up with beautiful images, it will make you swoon

So, anyway... it could use a few tweaks and some more cool pieces

I mean it's not ready for "Better Homes and Gardens or anything

 but i do like it better 

everything in this photo looks just a tad crooked... 
as i said before, lower your expectations of good photos from me

You'll see one of my sheep paintings in the photo
 and it appears that it is in a frame here, but actually it doesn't really fit the frame, so i rigged it with the metal hanger thingy, just to see how it looked in the vintage shabby frame... 

So until i find a frame that actually fits it, it'll probably stay this way for a while

 and how else to end a blog post but with some other finds from the thrift shop, 
and a touch of pink of course!
some little silver baby spoons tied up in a little pink bow... 

they're so cute !

the silver on the spoon is worn thin at the tip
 and it has little dents in it, baby teeth?

 the whole spoon bends like butter it's so silvery and soft and worn 

how cute is that!
that's what i call patina baby
I'm totally gushing here...

So that's it for current thrift shop finds, white cupboards, white plates, and sweet little baby spoons..

"and there was this one time at the thrift shop"....

...the end...



  1. Cindy your cupboard looks beautiful with all your white wear tucked inside and i love the blue back ground....your home is so pretty!
    Love your sheep painting too,are you going to paint roses in their hair?

  2. I LOVE love love that hutch cindy~ I find HL dishes a lot too and I really like the way they age. Beautiful vignette!
    p.s. sweet sheepy-poo too

  3. Cindy,
    Love your cabinet! The white and blue look so pretty paired with your pretty white dishes.You have a great collection now too!

  4. THIS ONE TIME AT THE THRIFT SHOP...i ran into this fabulous blonde who styled a smashing vintage cabinet with white china. she said she wasn't ready for BHG, but i beg to differ. undecorated, deconstructed, imperfect beauty. it's the new black. so you and i are the cat's meow methinks.

    i hate the finding frames thing. we need to get these men building simple wood ones that kind of disappear and let the art shine. ya?

    hugs to you.


  5. The sheep in the white frame is utter perfection! Of course, ironstone and silver are soft spots for me, so I love the set up in the china cabinet. ~ Maureen

  6. I love this cabinet decked out in white. The blue in the back is such a pretty back drop for it all. I love the frame setup for your painting...I think that is so clever...and! You can switch paintings out easily!
    I recently found some black and white photos from the early 1900's ...in our family truck. I'm finding we settled early on around Texarkana Texas, instead of Dallas...but ANYWAY... apparently SOMEBODY was a sheep farmer! Yes! and I found some really cool photos of herds of sheep on dirt roads and such. I want to do something with them. But anyway, you're not kin to me, but when I see these sheep photos...I think of you. Cause you paint sheep so beautifully!

    I ramble. Pat

  7. Cindy, that sheep painting is so sweet. What a look of contentment! Your white dishes look so pretty on display . What a great flea market find!

  8. Hi Cindy,
    I can't believe that I have missed some of your posts. Where have I been???? Well, if I don't know where I've been I guess no one else knows either.
    Anyway, I love the white pieces in your cupboard. I'm wanting to do the same thing so I better get thrifting for some white stuff.

    Love the sheep painting. You are such a wonderful artist.


  9. Your house needs to be in a magazine!

    I just adore your painting!

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. I love the cabinet and your blog! And you're an amazing artist!

  11. Oh my goodness! It's just lovely Your post always make me smile. I have lot's of those projects in my head and in my basement. I need a good talking to, because I know I would feel so much better if I could finish them. Someone left a great buffet in my basement and I've been dying to paint it and build some shelves to attach to the top. I visualize it just like your inspiration pictures. You always inspire me to get busy!

  12. Wow I ahve been missing so much being at work...I LOVE this post and your china and the cabinet with the pretty Maison painted words, it would look so great in my store!! lol seriuously its beautfiul and you are funny as hell

  13. I think yours is prettier than your inspiration! Love it! That sheep painting looks so great by it--love that smiling face!

  14. Well girl...you just did that little cabinet right and "gussied" her up....it is amazing how some cheap white plates will do that :)

  15. I love the cabinet with all the beautiful china! Perfect!

  16. Cindy, I just discovered your blog! Your cabinet looks beautiful, love it! Now I can enjoy your blog, as much as I enjoy you on Pinterest! ❥ Becky P.


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