Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Help me 'Name This Cow' !

This is the latest cow i just finished painting
she's still sitting on the easel drying.

I like her dewy eyes and pink ears, and her eyelashes ...
What is it that's so good about cows?!? 

  She is looking right at me as if i just called her name to offer her a treat
 but she doesn't have a name!!

Ya'll are great at this, so help me out... let's name this girl!

 blurry photo i took in a rush, of her in my living room...just to show you her size

here she is without the fence... i felt the painting needed something to balance all the weight on the right
so i just brushed in the idea of a fence
i was thinking of messing with the background some more, maybe adding sky and grass, but i hesitate to introduce more color in the painting for some reason... 
we'll see...
 like i've always said, 
if you can still get your hands on a painting... it is never finished!

Seeing her pink ears reminds me of this photo of a ceiling that Krissie from "Shingle Cottage" sent me...

She said it was the perfect peachy pink that i like
and she sooooooo nailed it

just look at this ceiling!
ohhh my gosh!
i love that she sent me this photo, and so "gets" me
isn't that sweet...
 and just look at that insane chandelier!
makes me want to paint my ceiling this exact same color!
and you know me,  i just might 

after going through 20,000 paint swatches of course 

Ok,... let me get back on track...

I'm terrible at naming things
so help me out here... 

what do you think this sweet girls name should be?

...the end...   


  1. oh, she is beautiful!!!! you are soooooo talented!!!

  2. Another amazing piece of art LOVE it <3 !
    She looks like a sweet Loretta!

  3. I'm thinking about a name . . . . But in the meantime, holy cow to that ceiling!!! I'm going to have to have one! I think the fence is really special. Perfect the way it is. okay- I like Blossom for a name. She looks sweet in your rooms.

  4. Oh, Cindy- she is beautiful. She has those big pretty eyes. You have captured her perfectly. She looks warm and dear-she looks like a Betsy to me!;>) xo Diana

  5. Clara is a lovely name for a cow with pretty eye's

  6. "Clara" is a lovely name for a cow with pretty eyes!

  7. She is beautiful!!!! One of my favorites. The name that popped in my head was Isabelle.

  8. Well that won't already painted an Isabelle. Hmmm...maybe Elisabeth or Lizzie.

  9. Beautiful!! I think she looks like a "Bella"

  10. Isabelle poped into my mind for some reason. You are so talented Cindy..I admire anyone who can paint like that! take care, Maryann ps love love that ceiling..

  11. Oh my gosh Cindy she is one pretty cow! You are so talented!
    She looks like a Belle to me but i also love the suggestion of Clara above.
    I love Cindy pink and yes i totally get you,i see this shade and always think of you now lol! it is such a pretty conch shell shade of pink and when you have finished your ceiling can you come do mine? ;) That ceiling makes me think of a wedding cake,can you imagine it?
    Oh talking of your pink type Essie Nail Polish Van D'Go into Pinterest it is so you :) xxx

  12. Oh how beautiful!! I think she looks like cora.
    I wish i could paint!!


  13. Pollyanna.. and I also like Bessie:). There is something about the sweet face if a cow. Have you seen the cows jazz YouTube video?? It's so fun;(

  14. Look at that beautiful cow. The French love their cows so maybe she's french. She could be

    how fun is it to name your subjects!?!

    love to you.


  15. Oh my...she is beautiful!! You are soooo talented!!

  16. I think you should call her "Buffy" since she looks sort of buff colored. Love your blog and pictures.

  17. The cow is so sweet--I love your cow paintings! I love the fence in the background. I love all the names suggested...I think Isabella. I love Bessy and Clara--but I know cows with those names already :)

  18. I so admire your paintings. I think she looks like a sweet Sophie.


  19. "Petal" cause that's what her sweet pink ears make me think of! Absolutely LOVE this one!

  20. She is sooooo a "Clover". So sweet and pretty and fresh. You are such an awesome artist.

  21. Love the suggestion of "Petal". The fence is perfect. Do you sell your paintings? I'd love her hanging on my wall.

  22. Bessy is the name that comes to me. She looks like the cows we had when we were kids. Their noses were always so soft and wet. Such gentle creatures.

  23. Lila?? just the first thing that came to mind. Love the painting it is beautiful!!

  24. Harbormom says Pearl. Her name is Pearl. Just look at the soft pink-y pearl-y inside of her ears. Perfect match for the inside of a beautiful conch shell. SHELLY! Shelly-pearl! What a perfectly gorgeous painting...

  25. Pearl. Her name is Pearl. Look at the pink-y pearl-y velvety inside of her ear. Reminds me of the interior of a conch shell. SHELLY! SHELLY-PEARL! What an absolutely gorgeous painting!

  26. You are so talented, she is beautiful!
    How about Corabeth?

  27. Cindy, you amaze me with your beauty when you visit me...lok who's talking girl, you put our talents in painting to shame, such beauty and soul in each piece you create. My mother lived on a farm in Minnesota and grew up farming, she has a big thing for cows and collects them, I must show this painting of yours to her :)

    I have a name, it's my daughters middle name....How about...( Bailey ) ?
    She looks like a pale girl like my daughter.... Baliey's Irish Cream
    My daughter is Irish, French, and English, I am French and Iriish

    See you soon my soul sister in our world of paint.

  28. Hi Cindy,
    She is lovely, I forever marvel at your talent!! I don't have a nmae suggestion, but loved reading everyone elses, and thought Clover was so sweet :-)
    I read below, and you had a great year!! IF I evr get my guts up I will be the last person on earth to dye my hair tips pink, or maybe lavender (You know I have a thing for lavender:-) I'm not afraid of the kook thing (kook is good:-) just don't wanna cut my hair, haha!!
    Hugs and I hope this year is even better than your last!

  29. Wow what a pretty cow! What are you doing with this painting? Its awesome!! Well I saw lots of nice names and I can't think of anything better to add. Love Krissie too, and that ceiling was amazing...keep up the beautiful work. Have you ever thought of teaching classes on painting?

  30. How about Andrea.....she is beautiful!

  31. Hi Cindy~~I think you should name her BELLE!

  32. She's a beauty Cindy!!!! And I think she looks like a Betty, but I love everybodie's suggestions so far.
    The colors in this painting are so amazing. I love it! You have such a gift!
    Now I can't wait to see your pink ceiling :D
    big hugs...

  33. Oh, I like both Petal and Pearl! And she's gorgeous! Someday I am going to get one of your paintings! They are so gorgeous!

  34. I'd say name her Buttercup. I have always thought Cows possess an Inner Beauty of Spirit that shines through their Serene Faces. Your Art is just Beautiful!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  35. Cindy Thank You for coming for a Blog Visit... I just read your entire Bio and I had to Smile... so many parallels that I can relate to on a personal level! Mi Vida Loca is always an Adventure and never a dull moment... make mine a Pina Colada or a Glass of Moscato! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  36. I love cows and your paintings picture them so beautifully! Hmmmm....thinking of a name for her. How about Josephine? Or Matilda, Abigail, Pheobe, June Bug? I can't decide either. Please let us know what you decide upon - thanks! Hugs, Leena

  37. She's got the look. I thin she's a Louella.

  38. I don't know why but as soon as I looked at her I thought Petunia. You are so talented!!!

  39. Cindy this is the sweetest painting. You are talented beyond words. The name that comes to mind to me is "Peaches" because you were inspired to paint the inside of her ears that peachy pink color.
    I'm sure that whatever you name her that she will soon grace someone's home. Wish it were mine....that is if I ever get a final home! LOL!



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