Sunday, January 27, 2013

You Guys Have to Try This! and Some Advice Needed!

This was a fun painting I did today
 Ya'll can soooooooo do this too!

Yes you can
Yes you can
Yes you can!

Go get a canvas right now! 
And don't even think about buying one at Michaels without a coupon !

You can even get the coupons on your smart phone and they will scan it from your phone!

The canvas i used was 30 x 40
It's just as easy for me to paint big as it is small, and i get more impact, but you can start smaller if you like

here are the brushes i used

and here are the colors i used
i use these colors ALOT!

Titanium White
Phthalo or Thalo Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Sap Green 
Raw Umber
Y ellow Ochre

Linseed Oil

Here were the three inspiration photos i used  

isn't this just insanely gorgeous!?
what i liked here was the colors and the white border with the rough edges

oh yeah,.... and that chandelier and those sconces!

another inspiration photo found at a different time
as you can see, i must be liking these colors! 

and finally this cute little bird sillouette 

 So, i just got some of that blue painters tape, and taped up the canvas like this -

Then i  just grabbed the big dollar store brush dipped it in some linseed oil
 and with it,  pulled in some of the white, a little ultramarine blue, and a little Thalo blue, mixed em up... and started pushing and painting those wonderful colors into the canvas

you will have to dip in paint and linseed oil alot at first because the canvas is dry and will suck that paint right up!
don't give up, just keep workin it! 

I decided i wanted to mix a little Sap Green in with the blue in some places, and some of the darker Raw Umber and Yellow Ochre more near the edges..
(yellow ochre is a wonderful color)

You can see, it's NOTHING FANCY,  just brushing color on the canvas

I do the lighter blue green areas first, because once i get brown on the brush, i don't want to go back into the more pure blue and white areas...  
I also left the edges near the tape all messy on purpose, i went right to the tape in some places and purposely stayed away in others to give it that raw edge feel like in the first inspiration photo

Ok, so now i have a big ole canvas with some pretty colors all messy all over it! 

Sometimes as in this painting, i will wipe off my big brush really well and then start at the top of the canvas and softly run my brush from top to bottom
it makes things soft and blendy and watery looking 

Now you just grab your filbert brush - the one with the rounded tip like the tip of a spoon

smooth it into the white paint till the tip is coated in white and kinda flat

and let the brush make the shaped of the petals!

you can even be all smeary and messy at the edges, makes it look sort of blurry and soft

seeeeeee, these petals aren't  that great or perfect, but the whole effect of the painting is still pretty

Notice in the first inspiration photo, the petals cluster in different groupings... just mess with that - 
but you wouldn't want to just do petals everywhere in an even way
often what you DON'T paint is just as important as what you DO paint!

the petals will pick up some of the blue underpainting and that's ok!
after the painting dries in a few days you can come back and hit them with more white if you want to brighten some of them up

and then...
i just brushed in this little birdie silhouette in white 

....dotted in a few centers in some flowers
made a few impressions of branches

pulled off the tape

and voila! a painting!

After what i've seen you guys do, this would be a piece of cake for you! 

just remember, don't overwork it!

if these blues are too green for your house, leave out the green, use more lavender blues, or for that matter do the background all in shades of pink!
you could even add in some cool script or symbols in the painting!

Have fun!
Be Messy on Purpose! It will make it better!

Now to the advice part...

I have this ginormous expensive piece of handmade furniture in my bedroom
i bought it at a consignment shop years ago for $800.00

i looked it up online because it has a metal tag with the maker on it, and it is an $8000.00 piece of furniture!!!!

and ... uhhhhhh.... i kinda want to paint it

but, i think that might be a crime against hand carved fancy furniture laws

This is the piece of furniture where people almost died getting it into the house

and i'm pretty sure it was against all the laws of nature that we got it in the front door since the stairs are right there as soon as you step in...

Mr. Fractured had to pull it up the stairwell with all his might and then this older gentleman from the furniture place, with two teenage boys were there to "help"

everyone just got stuck, 
ted hanging on in the middle of the stairwell for dear life
and the three other guys at the bottom
no one could move  
because if any one moved something or someone was going to break  

Somehow... we finally got it in, but it will NEVER go out again!

in case you're wondering - that ribbon hanging there has the key on it...

So, anyway.... do i paint it???  I mean it is pretty, but i keep thinking it would be really wonderful with some Annie Sloan old white and some darker paint in the carved areas ...

I don't know...

 what do you guys think???  

...the end...


  1. i love your painting. I have no artistic ability but i might try it. As for your dresser i would paint it. You say it is never going to go anywhere. With the other furniture in your room this doesn't go with it. You would do a fabulous job with the Annie Sloan paint. Please let us know what you decide.

  2. Cindy-Amazing job on that canvas. You make it look so easy..but there is talent involved there, you know!

    I love your dresser. We once got a highboy stuck in a stairwell and had to knock the leg off it. SOMEONE in the family was really

    I don't know whether I would paint it or not- I think I might live with it for a while first. You can always paint at any time-but it's pretty hard to go back...and "unpaint". xo Diana

  3. First of all ...LET me say this .> BEAUTIFUL painting .. YOU are a ball of talent !!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that painting. The dresser .. YES paint it. YOU will not believe the transformation with the wood detail on that thing... YOU will JUST LOVE IT .. Cant wait to see what you do with it ... Hugs from The Rusty Pearl ..Sherry

  4. You make painting look doable~I want to do it when I can find more time. Its awesome that you are teaching us on your about the furniture, there are no rules. If you see it white, then paint it white. I do think it looks beautiful but in your room if it is always going to be there, I think the Old White makes sense and it will look incredible! For some reason any furniture details seem to look so much prettier painted...the details just pop.

  5. the painting's beautiful, cindy! very asiandreamy, yes?

    i don't know what to advise about painting that piece. since it's not a family heirloom, you should feel free to do what you want, and brown futniture often makes me feel sad. but it is a beautiful piece. the other bonus about painting is you can always change your mind about color and change it every season if the spirit moves you.

    smiles to you.


  6. I understand your dilemma. It's hard to paint over wood and it is beautiful but I say paint it. I think It would be pretty with the Annie Sloan paint in white and maybe a pretty soft green blue in the carved areas for contrast.

  7. hold your breath and paint that sucker. any of the annie sloan colors would look fabulous and age it down even more.

  8. The advice I always gave my decorating clients was, if you may sell the piece and want it to retain it's full value, don't paint it. If you never will sell it and don't care about value, go ahead and paint it. I, personally, do not paint unpainted furniture that is older than Victorian. I've become a caretaker of a hand crafted piece. During the Victorian period and beyond, most furniture is mass produced and I do whatever I want with it. Check out Simply Vintageous and her beautiful paint treatments.

  9. I say GO FOR IT! If you don't you will always wonder what if.....! I have painted a piece of Thomasville solid oak heavy as a ton furniture with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. Once I realized no one was going to come and handcuff me and take me to furniture painting prison it freed me up to paint anything that wasn't moving.

  10. First of all--I love your painting! I also love you think we all could do it--though I have my doubts. I love the colors--everything. My Dad and both Grandma's are (were) painters. I always feel like I missed out on that gene!

    Second--I would so paint that furniture piece. Furniture is valued on demand--everyone likes painted furniture these days. I think it would be to die for gorgeous in white! They say if it isn't over 100 years old then paint away!

    Also, my daughter just got what may be the worlds cutest puppy. You should stop by and see it :)

    Have a great day!

  11. bellissimoooooo sei brava a dipingere vedo....complimenti

  12. I love this Painting so much !!! Very very pretty!!! Very talented you are Cindy!!!

  13. PAINT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Most people are going to tell you not to paint it.Because wood does add warmth to a room.This piece seems to be in a amazing condition too.But if it were me I would paint it.I love painted pieces especially when there is so much detail to the piece.So my advice is follow your heart.Do what YOU want to do and you will be happy :-)

  15. Oh I forgot to tell you how beautiful your painting is! Okay I will give that a try.When I do I will share it with you!

  16. Yep paint it! Thanks for the tutorial. Makes me want to try to make this. You are awesome!

  17. Yes, with your Painting Talents I would say PAINT IT! Can't wait to see the results... and had to Smile about the ordeal of getting it into the house. Our Home is about 100 years old, thus huge Modern pieces of Furniture are a challenge to get into... or out of... any room or the back Carriage House which is now a Cottage. Doors are tall but narrow, some with transoms... even big Modern People don't fit thru them well. *Winks* Glad you didn't have to bury anyone afterwards. *Smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. I love that painting! Thank you so much for the tutorial! Did you use oil paint or acrylic? I'm assuming oil since you also used linseed oil, but wanted to know for sure. I'm going to give it a try!
    About that beautiful piece of furniture. Tough call. If it's really worth $8000 I'd be tempted to sell it! But, that's just my current finances talking I think it would be gorgeous painted. I always think that color and contrast bring details to life that stain just can't do. I dunno. My only hang up is that it is identifiable but the artist whereas most furniture is not so it really doesn't matter so much. I think you need to really live with it and give it some more thought. Wasn't that helpful? LOL
    Hugs, Leena

  19. Oh yea, did you ever come up with a name for your sheep painting?

  20. Ok....I'm speechless. It's gorgeous!! You make painting sound (and look) so easy, Cindy. But for us "non-painters", we look at it and think, "No way could I ever do that and have it turn out as pretty! lol!

    And as far as that dresser goes....? I can certainly see it painted a soft gray or white with maybe a little gilding wax on those pretty embellishments..??

    xoxo laurie

  21. I've been thinking about the painting tut and almost have myself convinced to try it, but then I think duh what am I thinking it would end up looking like the one I did in kindergarten. I think you need to be born with that talent but thanks for thinking we all can do it :)

  22. I'm guessing you're going to get about fifty-fifty on the answers to painting your dresser or not. There are two entirely different camps on this. It's yours. I say go ahead and paint! Your birdie/blossom painting is WONDERFUL! So inspiring. In another life I might take you up on it! I hope you get rich and famous with your beautiful paintings! (Maybe you already are!)

  23. You absolutely rock Cindy. You almost make me think I can paint this. I just may surprise you and give it a try!
    As far as the dresser goes...I have no clue and I am kindda in the same spot. I have a beautiful, beautiful dresser that was the first piece Dale and I bought after we got married and I just can't make a decision on whether to paint or if I can't make up my own mind then I think I am no use to you :) on this one my friend.

    many hugs from me...

  24. That painting IS BEAUTIFUL! So gracious to show how to do it!.
    As for the furniture, I personally would be thinking of trying to sell it because I could get so much more furniture with the money lol, but if you know you're going to keep it, then paint it up and make it beautifully yours....I too see lots of white and some greys...let us know!

  25. LOVE the painting and even more love that you showed how you do it! Also, I am all for painting furniture! What a deal you got it for! I'd be scared too to paint it knowing how much it was worth but I think it would look gorgeous painted so I think eventually I'd pull the trigger!

  26. Hey sweetness!! First of all thanks for wishing my hubby well...he's doing SO much better this week! :) Secondly, i LOVE your new painting...but you know I love ALL your paintings!! :-D Thirdly, I say it's your piece of furniture, so with it what you want! You paid the $800 bucks for it, so you can do what you want to with it. :) I guess if you never plan on selling it, make yourself happy!
    Love you to pieces!!
    Missy :)

  27. Oh Baby, Paint it! She is stunning and would look amazing in any colors you choose. With your talent she will be a star*! I have been using ASCP on a few pieces of furniture recently. They are posted on my blog. I have a garage full still to paint. Wish the weather would warm so I can get at it.
    Thanks also for the paint lesson. Someday I really want to give it a try. My dream is to own the picture of your white cow. I fell in love when I saw her. Have a wonderful day.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  28. Hi Cindy,
    Yes.... I can do this, I can paint birds, branches and those sweet soulful blossoms.
    I love the edges tattererd looking, I have been seeing so much of this medium of work and just love it, I can so see why you would too :)

    Love the French chest, it's a piece I would love to get my hands on what apiece to love.

    A beautiful week to you my sweet friend.


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