Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pillows, Sofas, Little Birds, Makeovers, You Name it...

So my finger slipped and somehow i accidentally published a post with nothing in it...   and i was like, holy crap, how do i unpublish it... !!  Of course, with the new format i couldn't even figure out how to get to posts for 5 minutes... Geeeeshhh...!
I don't even know if ya'll saw the accidental post...

Anyway, here we go with some glorious randomness...  well, not really so glorious, but definitely randomness...

I'm also gonna ramble as i go along, i haven't talked to you guys in a while...

check out this cute pillow i found at the Thrift Shop the other day

I was a little iffy on the color, thinking it was maybe too apricot
but when i got it home 
I LOVED it  

It helps with my new green sofa

i don't actually want to have a green sofa...

I actually want to have a white slipcovered sofa

and what's even crazier than that is....

That i HAD a white slipcovered sofa

which i have now put up for sale!

and it was cute, oh yes it was!

soooo you ask, why fix it if it ain't broke!!!???

  I know, i know, i've got some splaining to do!

Well, it might look really cottagy and cute...
but it was not comfortable for two people to sit on

with those two big back pillows, and it was not very deep

so if mr. fractured and i try to sit on it together, parts of our body would dangle off the edge, or sink between the two middle cushions

also the Mr. has insomnia
and ends up on the sofa half of the night with the light on reading because he dosen't want to wake me
and it was sooo not a good sleeping sofa for a 6 foot tall man

Plus the pillows would get all wonkified and messy, and it got on my nerves
 a touch OCD ya know...

Sooo, one day i found this girl...

She has one big seat cushion
and she's a little longer

 i like her curves
and she's deeper, so you can get all scooched up in there and be comfy
No back pillows to get all messy and crooked, just a plain back 

I know she's not nearly as cute right now

but once she's slipcovered with a big ruffly skirt
I think she'll be wonderful

now i just have to wait for my fabric

I consider it an investment in having the just right sofa


but i have to be patient

and i am sooooooo completely, utterly NOT patient, ever!
I hate being patient! 

here is little Daisy having a good sleep on the sofa,

can you even see her?
she loves the furry throw

and deeply approves of the sofa...

now we all three fit on there nicely!

 for now, anything that 'cuts' the green and keeps it all from being too muddy looking is great

and the pink pillow does just that!
actually it's not a bad green
my sister calls this "pond scum" green
and "pond scum" green can work with alot of colors! 

Anyway, speaking of pillows...
at least i think i was speaking of pillows...
i have made a new blog friend!

her name is Teresa
and she has a great blog...
it is called:

 She's amazing...
She has taken a double wide mobile home and made it look like it should be in a romantic country magazine!

You should visit and scroll down a few posts and see the authentic looking farmhouse table she and her husband just finished!!

Anyway, she made me the cutest pillow ever for a surprise
and i LOVE it

isn't it sweet and just perfect for my house!

check out the pretty details

little mother of pearl buttons
...raw edged ruffles

 precious little rosette in the center!

I have tried it in every room in my house!

it's perfect everywhere
but for now, it has ended up in the bedroom... 

 thank you Teresa!

 Ok... lets go to subject #92

 Check out the cute little birdie i found at TJ Maxx the other day

Now is the time to start watching for fun spring items before they get picked over!

and since i've now moved from sofas to pillows and now birds...
all these transitions actually make sense to me 

remember the painting from my last post with the white blossoms and little bird in it

well i repainted it with a darker, more gray background, 

 basically the same painting, just a little different!


Ok, one last subject, i promise

You may know i sell my paintings at this adorable shop in Hillsborough, NC.
My friend and her two partners run the shop
they are so talented
Anyway, they do makeovers, room redos... etc.

check out this room they just finished...



using panorama on my iphone.. 

I died over these window treatments
the little blinds were like a sea grass linen combo, and look like gauze... oh my gosh

 isn't that amazing!

I'm gonna post more details about it on her blog soon

I also just want to let you guys know, i'm having a hard time keeping up with everyone's posts these days...

I've also been trying  to be more present in the world around me  
and attempting to be less of an obsessive compulsive computer geek 

I mean, there is -


i'm sure i've missed something!

how in the name of heaven does one keep up with it all!!??   

The problem is, if i don't keep up with everyone
i feel like i'm missing something 

I'm guessing you know how that feels...

There has to be balance in here somewhere...


So anyway, i'm workin on it

the balance part that is..

...the end... 






  1. Well, yes! Very hard to keep up! But I wouldn't want to miss any of your posts. I see a lot out there that I don't have time to stop and leave a word about, but everybody has the same challenge. I love your couch, pond scum or no. Your pillows are fab. especially the one made for you! So, so darling! Your painting looks fantastic redone. I'm going to go check out Theresa's blog!

  2. I'm sure your sofa will be as cute as ever once you are able to cover the pond scum green(I don't really think it looks like that, "pond scum", but if you say so). I love all of your pillows! I have a real "thing" for pillows! Your house is always so romantic looking when I visit, Cindy.
    I love coming here...your posts are interesting, entertaining, and always humorous. You seem to bring a smile to my face each time I come over.

  3. I love your post. YOU will love a slip cover (having said that .. I think your place looks magazine worthy and perfect) Thanks for sharing and I LOVEEEEEEEEE the birds from TJMAX ... Have a blessed week . I love seeing your blog ... .HUGS, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  4. I actually think the color of the sofa reads as a neutral. And I bet it looks good with your meadow paintings. It has great lines and I love one long cushion for a sofa. No one likes sitting on a crack! Well it is hard to keep up. It is impossible. The before and after are amazing~window treatments can make a room!

  5. I am so happy you post is here,Yesterday i saw the link came over all excited and was like :( anyhow worth waiting for you make me laugh and your posts totally makes sense to me,I love your new sofa and yes she is a great shape! The pillows are great and thanks for the heads up on Tkmaxx i might go take a peek this week.
    I love,love the darker birdy painting you are so clever!
    Right i'm going to go check out your friends blogs,
    See you soon xxx

  6. Oh Cindy your posts make my day, you have a great and crazy wonderful sense of humor, your family must find it so much fun to live with you :)I love your casual romantic style and the cute little pillows you picked up are adorable. And I certainly feel proud to have the pillow I made you decorating your home! You are a real gem for sure. The painting is gorgeous in both color ways, love that little birdie!

  7. Hi Cindy,

    First thank you for stopping by my blog. I wondered why I have not been receiving email updates from your site, this has happened to a couple of blogs I follow, yours is one. I tried to subscribe again but it wont let me so I am going to try using my business email. I thought you had been taking a long break.

    So pleased to find you are still busy painting, I love those little birds they are delightful. They remind me of Chinese chinoisere. I love your friends makeover too, wonderful job they have done. I have finished my mums house, it goes on the market next week so I will be sharing everything I've done in a post soon.

    Re the social networking, there is Houzz, great for us Interior design lovers and you could also get hooked on "Olioboard" but by far I think the best for bringing traffic to your site is pinning to "Pinterest".

    Lee :)

  8. So many exciting s things going on over here Cindy, love your sofa upgrade, and after it is slipped you will never miss your old one :) I cannot wait to see the out come.
    The pillow is a perfect fit for your home, and as for the darker version of the blossoms and bird painting its perfectly painted for those dark Nordic homes that have the right simple drama for your new piece.

    Cindy I was visiting Tracey and her newly painted floors, and there I saw your comment on wanting to paint your sub flooring plywood floors....my friend did just that, and I bravely helped her. They turned out very cool with a muted small area rug and her pieces back in place. I would say go for it, paint your floors for a quick fix to not so great carpet anything is an upgrade to carpets. I have seen ones cut long and short planks from 1/4 inch plywoods and glue them down to cement and wood sub floors it love the look, I am thinking of giving it a try to a room of mine, cutting them first, to then paint out in the garage, aged and distress them a bit to then glue down this will save me walking on the drying time of the floors and way less hassle and mess.

    Home Depot has a floor glue now that does it all, moisture barrier and seals to anything.

    Post that floor when you get it done, you could even paint a pattern on them to hide the sub floor pattern if it bothers you, I know it sure wouldn't bother me! !

    See you and your carpet removal soon :)


  9. yes...i recently blogged about finding that "balance"....but if we are not present in our lives, we are not contributing or sharing our gifts.....your art is a gift which needs nurturing and time.... i love your sweet little bird and branch painting! i am sure your hubby is appreciating a comfy place to sit and lay (or is it lie?)it is his house too! always a pleasure to visit you, sweety!

  10. I just love reading your posts Cindy and hate miss anyone of them. I scrolled to read this one that I had missed and am so glad I did. You are one girl that I totally 'get'!
    First...I love both your new pillows and second I love your new sofa too. It will be awesome slipped in white like your other one was. I love sofas with just one cushion!!!!! And I have a husband who sleeps half the night on a sofa too, so I get why this is important :)
    Gosh, I LOVE what you did to your new painting---but then I love it the way it was too. I sure wish I could paint like you Cindy, you have such a wonderful talent.
    many hugs from here...

  11. I've been missing you, no kidding, a lot. Wondering where you were. Seems Feedburner (or whatever it is) that delivers blogs to my email, quit sending yours. I was just on Pinterest and there you were so finally figured something's up. Anyhow, I do love your blog. Kind of goofy, huh, that here I've been worried about you! Glad all is well. I'll have to figure another way to follow.



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