Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Frenchy Chairs, and a Cool Color Website...

I Finally found some dining chairs that I love, love, love...

they are so sweet 
and their little backs curve so that they work perfectly with my round table 

It's like they hug the table

I posed one with some sweet little white flowers

I bought these flowers at Whole Foods and I love them too!

I don't know the name of the flower though...
do you?

 Here is the chair before i painted it

If i could have,  i would have left the cane brown
and painted the rest white...

But it was impossible because there is double caning
 on the front and the back!

so i just sprayed away

There is only one problem with them though...

they are fragile
and creaky

and there are some little cracks at the joints
 I can tell that if you sat in them and leaned back
they might just fall apart!

Here is a seam, and if i wiggle it, the cracks gets more open
 does that make sense?

Of course now i'm a little obsessed about it
and always wiggling them to see if they are ok
which of course, is probably making them worse!
  anyway, i drizzled some wood glue down in there... 
but it's still pretty iffy

I was thinking of getting some thin plywood made for the seats and gluing or tacking it down to support those joints
and then having little white linen seat cushions with ruffles made for it

Is that a crazy idea?

Anyone know how to make a chair like this more solid and sturdy?

Any suggestions welcome!

I don't want to have chairs we're so worried about breaking that we don't even want to sit on them!


Ok, now I want to show you guys this cool site i found

We are working on upgrading our webpage at work
and the guy who is doing it asked me to go to this site to get color ideas

i was in color heaven

I couldn't stop

If you like playing with color you will have a ball in here

Here is an example of what i did with one of my paintings

You can upload a photo and it will show you all the colors in the photo
It will show a color sample version
in bright
and dark
and muted colors

...all kinds of ways...

this is the site

You can go in and play without having to log in or create an account

I can think of so many ways to use this...
Like picking out a certain fabric or wallpaper or whatever
and separating out the color options
It will even show opposite colors and complementary colors
It's awesome!

So go check it out and have fun

beware... it is addictive!

...the end... 




  1. I love those chairs !!!!!!! Lil wood glue and putty and they should tighten up...If they dont ..YOU have a great visual around that table and tell everyone NO SITTING lol .. I love them . I love the curve of the backs .. LOOKS ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-mazing

  2. You are going to get me addicted to ONE MORE THING? OH NO! And here I thought we were friends!

    The only way I know how to tighten up chairs is to take them apart and use some wood putty and wood glue. We did temporarily tighten some up one time by drilling underneath and pegging them and using wood glue to hold the pegging in place. Good luck- They are beautiful to look at- xo Diana

  3. My husband refinishes and restores furniture. He said to tell you that to fix the chairs you need to pull the joints apart as far as you can,then add wood glue in the joint and then (most important) clamp the chair with furniture clamps (these are long and you can adjust them(about $25 each). Leave for at least 6 hours. He suggests you take the chairs to someone who restores/reparis furniture and pay them to do it. It should run you about $10 per chair. Good luck!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    I love your pretty little chairs but I have no idea how to make them sturdier. I hope some of the bloggers have some ideas. You could always tell everyone not to sit in them! LOL!


  5. At the creaky joints...could you glue and {tiny} screw little pieces of wood for support from the bottom?
    I think the chairs are beautiful!

  6. loving your chairs soooooo much! they are perfect and look like the ones from shabby chic couture. i wish i could loan out my husband to you to secure those babies! i'm sure it can be done, and maybe you can barter with a handyman?

    smiles to you.


  7. I did like you. I put glue in the joints; but I used a furniture clamp or bar clamp. It's pretty big. But you have to be very liberal with the glue until it is oozing out and then clamp it very snugly. Also, use an old soft cloth between the clamp and wood to keep from marring the wood and paint. You may have to touch up the paint once it all dries.
    Just glue aught to help. But on the underside in the corners, you might be able to put a small block in there with wood screws (drill a tiny pilot hole first) any place you put screws you need glue in those holes too.
    Seriously, though, just glue and clamps should do it.

    I like them...I especially like them painted.
    I'll check out the sight...I'm color challenged and need all the help I can get!
    :) Pat

  8. I love those chairs! I am with you--I always spray paint cane backs--sometimes I go over it with chalk paint afterward but painting cane is liking painting wicker--no fun. I would put the plywood down and make a cushion/cover. I have no experience with this but I have thought of doing that before myself. It seems like it would work. Enjoy your new chairs!

  9. Cindy:

    The flowers are called wax flowers. Love your chairs.

  10. Those chairs are adorable, they are perfect for your table except for the weak joints. I agree with the posters about gluing and clamps. But I wouldn't do it myself, I would have a furniture repairer do it. Painting them white was a great choice, white paint makes everything wonderful imo.

  11. Cindy, I love your little white chairs! I understand you need to be able to use them...but they are perfect with your table:) So much prettier after you painted them, great job... Becky ~❥

  12. bellissime bianche questa sedie.....sono leggiadre e aereee complimenti ciaooo

  13. LOVE your new chairs, Cindy! Wow! What a find!!!! They are just soooo sweet with your round table!! I think my husband would dump a bunch of wood glue down those cracks and then pull them together with some big clamps. But your idea sounds like it may be a little more sturdy and permanent. :) Have a great weekend, sweetie!

    xox laurie

  14. I had a set of chairs that my husband had to glue the crap out of, then clamp. Reinforcing them from underneath would help too.
    The flowers are wax flowers. We used them at the flower shop for fillers. They are usually pink.
    The chairs are really pretty painted white...they look great around your table.
    Enjoy toots!

  15. Hi Cindy! The color site looks fabulous! So fun to meet your warm self on such a dreary night!

    And for the chairs: have you ever used those steel repair plates? for underneath? I understand though that to repair a chair is best with wood and glue. Good luck!

  16. oh those chairs look like the shabby chic Darcy chairs. I think they are beautiful! But to be afraid to use them is not good. I think you do have to loosen them and add wood glue and clamp. Then you will need to repaint as some of the paint will crack and flake off. But thats ok. If someone would do it for $10 a chair, I would hunt them down!!

  17. The chairs are beautiful!
    One more distraction on the computer...I'm in, thanks for the site!

  18. I agree with Sharon, you need to have them pulled apart and reglued and clamped. and if you find someone to do it for $10 go for it. It's a lot of work, I do it and I know. I also like to give the wood, (before I paint) a little drink with a wood stabilizer.

  19. It's amazing how painting stuff white can do so much change!! I really adore these chairs! :">
    Drop by my blog too dear?

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  20. Love your new chairs! I know somebody can do magic with them. The hardest part is finding who! Love the beautiful little skirts!

  21. Oh my gosh Cindy!
    I don't care if you can't sit on them they are heavenly!!!!
    I agree wood glue and wood clamps i mean that's how they make them isn't it?
    I am in love with those wax flowers too,So pretty!
    Cindy come pick me up and lets go walk through a meadow of wax flowers in al our lacey finery!,That would be such a nice day dream wouldn't it?xxx

  22. Oh I just love them too! Darling!

  23. The chairs are AMAZING my friend. They are perfection for your house Cindy. WHat a score!!!!
    hugs from here...

  24. Beautiful chairs Cindy. I have one in a French blue that's got lots of patina and came to me via the French countryside (it shows up in my blog every now and then). The designer Annie Brahler refurbished it .. thankfully because I am not handy that way.

    Happy weekend to you!


  25. Hi Cindy,
    Yummy new chairs, just darling, lucky you!! The color page is so cool, I am gonna save the link... thanks!!


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