Monday, March 4, 2013

Mama Sheep Snuggling her Sweet Baby...

Here is a new painting still sitting on the easel with wet paint on it...

Phew... it was pretty challenging

And, as always it's never finished while i can still get my hands on it...
Even now as i look at these photos i see things i want to touch up and change

small changes, but it will drive me nuts until i get to it next weekend
 I'm just gonna show it to you guys anyway cause i don't have anything else interesting to talk about!

 She is just like any mama...

Always happiest when she can keep her little one close by and safe...

mama has snowy white eyelashes...

and baby has just a touch of pink in her little nose... i want to kiss that nose and that fleecy little face!

Here is a little picture collage to show you the progression of the painting...

Oh yeah,  and if anyone is interested in purchasing a giclee print of


I just took her to my photographer for a photo session and she will be available as a giclee print soon

She is 24 x 24 and i don't know the price yet, but will soon...

I want to ask ya'll a couple of questions

Two people have told me they are not getting my updated blog posts in their email like they used too

 has anyone else noticed that?

And have any of you had problems with Pinterest showing you lots of random pins instead of the pins from people you follow?

I've tried to contact them...

You can imagine how easy that is

Anyway, after i stalked them with complaints someone finally wrote back and i explained the problem in an email

Haven't heard back yet, so just curious if any of ya'll have had the same problem???

So anyway, that's all i've got for now

 I'm off to see what you guys have been up to and to catch up!


ok... just got an update on the Pinterest thing so i thought i'd share it with you in case any of you are having the same problem
here is the response from Pinterest

Hi Cindysfracturedfairytale,
Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry to hear you've been having so much trouble with this! We're always trying new things to improve pinners' experiences on Pinterest. You're currently seeing one of the new things we think might make Pinterest better. This is temporary and your home page should be back to normal soon. In the meantime, you can find your following feed by going to and clicking Following at the top of the page. There you should find your normal feed from people you are following.
I'm very sorry for the confusion this has caused!
  I tried it and it worked!  So now i can see all the beautiful pins from the people i follow again,!

...the end...


  1. Hi, Cindy! Another gorgeous truly are so talented! Yes, I too have not been receiving updates of your new blog posts in my email either. I just thought I did something since I am computer challenged.

  2. i love the sweet lil lamby with her mama, cindy. aren't you clever sharing the's interesting for me to see another artists always, it is a pleasure to see what you have been up to.

  3. The pics are fantastic - perfect, as we come into Spring. What a talented lady! Thanks for sharing x

  4. Hi Cindy,

    I am just now getting my blog and up and running after some problems I was having with google and It's not fun and very irritating when your readers don't receive their mail!

    This mamma and baby are precious and the cow is gorgeous and I'm trying to figure out if I have a place for it! Look at those eyes :) and the lashes on the lamb.

    Happy Monday to ya and I hope your week goes well.


  5. Cindy your new painting is enchanting! i just love it and it makes me think the fields will be full of lambs here soon,You really are very talented,your work is precious.
    Yes on the Pinterest what ever that is about i do not know? and yes i keep missing a lot of my blogs updates and find myself searching about thinking oh so and so hasn't posted and i find four or five i have missed,so your not alone on those two things happening.

  6. Thank you Cindy,I just tried and yaaay Pinterest back to normal x

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful painting, Cindy! It is an amazing portrayal of a Mama and her baby. I love birthing season of the lambs when I was a kid. Your take on it is gorgeous! I don't do much pinning but it sounds like they are working to improve things- xo Diana

  8. Hi Cindy,
    Oh how I love this gorgeous painting. You have captured the Mama's love for her baby so beautifully and it speaks to my heart. You are such a wonderful artist and pretty cool too.

    Glad you got your Pinterest back on track.


  9. oh the luscious lamb! lamb of god! oh no, she di'nt! i love em, cindy. feelin their love. my mama is suffering at the moment. an eye infection while she undergoes chemo. i'm her lil lamb, and i've had my share of bad news today too in the health dept. i know you get it. and that's why your timing is always spot on. and i'm super emotional and had a little drink which i shouldn't have. but love's gonna make this all okay again, right? yep. it will.

    love to you.


  10. Hi Cindy,
    Your art is so awwww! Inspiring, you just want to study every inch of your work, every fine eyelash, every detailing to the life of your work.
    Those sheep are so amazing, I love the mama's lazy eye closing, and the snuzling of her baby
    Cindy I can't imagine painting like you, but I sure wish I did :))

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beauty in all things artistic. Thank you my sweet friend for taking the time to visit my place and leaving always the best comments, your a doll, an artist to love.

    Have a week of spring inspiration, let this beautiful month inspire amazing ideas out of you.

    Lots of love in your art, and lots of love to you my dear friend.


  11. I love your new painting! You have really captured Motherly love..and the sweet innocent look on the baby's face--I adore this one. You are such a talent. I love when you share what you have done! :)

  12. Your new painting is just beautiful . Made me freeze and just aweeeeeeeee at it . Just loved it so much .. Thank you for showing your gift to us

  13. this is susan your biggest fan aka i'm the one that wants you to teach us all to paint {as if I could learn} anyway i do not get ur e-mail post anymore for about 2 months i thought something had happened and you had gotten tired of hearing me beg lol anyway i saw ur post on D.Reynes's blog listed under one of her favorites and clicked on only to find out u had been posting right thru not sure whatsa going on i have norton anti virus and am not having trouble with any other post JUST MY FAVORITE!!! please find out whats going on this lamb pic is just beyond words again just amazes me thanks,susan

  14. Oh my gosh Cindy the ewe and her lamb is just exquisite, you have captured the sensitivity between them beautifully and also the softness of their wool, I am mesmerised by this painting. I also love the light falling on the sheeps wool on the left hand side. You are so talented, imagine how wealthy you would be if you lived in New Zealand, the country with 5 Million people but 50 million sheep :)

    Is the painting a commission?

    By the way I am still not getting your email updates. I registered again under my business address but still no joy :(. When you drop by my blog it reminds me to come and look at yours so please keep visiting and I really love to read your comments Cindy. I hope you can fix up the email problems soon.

    Lee :)

  15. This is just amazing really are an amazing artist!

  16. Your painting is incredible Cindy, your eye for detail leaves nothing untouched. You've made the mama sheep and her lamb come alive before us.
    Simply beautiful.
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  17. This painting is so soft and sweet Cindy. You've captured the bond between the Mamma and baby perfectly. It's in their eyes. You are such a gifted lady. LOVE this!!

  18. You were just mentioned on Must Love Junk comments about a cow picture. I can see I'm glad I found you.

  19. Cindy - your work continues to amaze me, girl. I love the softness and the ethereal quality of each of your paintings. Your beautiful soul radiates through each and every one. :) God has truly blessed you with a special gift! :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. Oh my goodness Cindy, I just got back from attending my grandson's graduation from Marine Corp Bootcamp and what do I find on your blog? The most adorable hug-able and love filled painting of Mama and Baby Sheep EVER! It must be so wonderful to have the ability to create 'Love' in a painting, you are a true artist and as Heavens Walk above said, "Blessed by God".

  21. Also I am not getting your emails either Cindy :( but I always check your blog for new posts just in case.

  22. Beautiful, as always, Cindy! Love seeing your new art creations. This one is just SO sweet ❤ thrilled you share your incredible talent with us! Becky ❧

  23. Cindy,
    Love, love, love your sweet new sheep with her ewe. The colors really set the mood in this one. I too have not been receiving your blog post to my email. It's been happening for several months now. I even tried to resubscribe with my email and it gave me a message that I was already subscribed. If you figure out what's going on and how to fix it please let me know because I miss reading your post and my chemo fog brain doesn't remember every day and I end up stopping by your blog and having a ton to catch up on. Don't fret over 60. It's just a number.


  24. Awwww. Looks like I could reach out and touch those sheep! U are pretty darn good at that painting shit.

  25. Hello Dear Cindy,
    I just found you via Pinterest! My hubby and I adore your art. I just may order something soon. I'll keep watching and trying to decide - it's a tough decision...I am very partial to your sheep paintings! I love cows, too! So, I'll take a little more time and then give you a shout! So glad to have stumbled across your blog this evening.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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