Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Stuff... !

Hey there!

I've been sorta all over the place lately.  Trying to figure out how in the world to work full time,  paint paintings, do house stuff, clean my dogs ears, pay bills, (thanks Verizon for the random upgrade fees) do dishes, cook, groom, garden, vacuum, wash windows, clean my car,(thanks for the massive bird poop blast right after I washed my car birdie!)  shop, plan birthdays, keep up with my kids unending dysfunctions and drama, answer emails, manage panic attacks,  mail prints, fix dinner, clean the toilets, do laundry, figure out what to wear.... etc etc and on and on... much less blog, catch up on facebook, Pinterest, (oh how I love you)... manage Etsy, keep my webpage even remotely current...

does that sound like too much stuff to you?  it does to me!

 ok, and i'm not like... ohhhhhh poor me... I know you have lists just as long, probably even longer!

i mean what the heck man!!??
is life supposed to be this crazy?
why are we so busy??

So, you know what i think, I think we should just stop everything right now and look at pretty pictures of pink hydrangeas! 

and get our nails done...

and go shopping !

check this sweet little thing that I found at Trader Joes today
don't love Trader Joes that place is crazy!
I'm a Whole Foods girl myself
(not that it isn't crazy there too!)
 but I sure do love this hydrangea i found there

let's just be with how pretty this is for a minute


I did a hydrangea photo shoot and tried it out everywhere in the house of course...

I mean, it's Spring, it's Spring, it's Spring!!!
thank the lord!

I'm putting flowers everywhere!

ok, one more... this is a painting waiting to happen

the hydrangeas were in a little pot, with bright pink paper,
so I put them in a round vase
and took some brown paper and wrapped it around
and added the sticker from Pom Pom interiors from when I bought my pink pom pom throw from them
I saved it because it was so cute

 I know it's random and makes very little sense to have "pom pom" on the whole thing
but I don't care, it looks cute to me!

you can see the cabinet door open in the background

why are cabinet doors always open?

So to continue with this chaotic rambling about life and flowers and whatever 
which maybe involves being 59 years old, and celebrating mr. fractured's 60th birthday and heading to 60 myself
and thinking every twitch in my body is an impending heart attack
which is completely not out of the realm of possibility now

I decided my priorities included getting my nails done, and even had little flowers painted on one of them

thank goodness i didn't get each one painted with a different type of cupcake or something  

it's hard to resist all the fun painted nail looks out there 
...listened to Missy Elliott (rap) on my car radio full blast

I love rap

Loved it the minute I first happened upon a rap song on the radio, before my daughter was born 22 years ago
I'm such a rhythm Ho

went to the local consignment store and found a dress that makes my boobs look good

well sorta...


maybe with a cute jacket and some black leggings and boots... ?

 I mean they're only gonna look so good at 59

 and those big ole reading glasses give me away a little
ya think?

and i think it's waaay past time for some Botox in those gigantic crevasses between my eyebrows
they make me look like i'm mad all the time! 

geeeesh, I think i'm having a mid life crisis
wait a minute!!!
mid life crisis was 20 years ago!

is there even a name for a being almost 60 crisis!?

I mean that really is a freaky emotional age milestone... 
eeeewwwwww... i don't like it

Ok, so i don't think we should talk about that anymore

did you notice i have a new sheepskin rug from Costco?
I think I like it.. not totally sure
but the dogs sure do!

And, I finally got some fabric to recover my sofa!!!
I sold my other sofa so I have the money to recover this one!
excited about that!

I brought a little spring to my mantel with this sweet little bird from TJ Maxx 
I'm a sucker for bird stuff

found a tarnished silver tray at the thrift shop, and added some white tulips to it

changed out a light fixture from my little entry

from this...

to this...
I have no idea what to do about the cord showing
you can see where I need to touch up the paint on the wall
finally got that done after this photo was taken

this was last weeks bouquet from my yard....
sweet little spring blossoms

and mr. fractured got me a new computer at a discount from his job at IBM which is so sweet of him

the computer has a whole new operating system called windows 8
it is very very different than what i'm used to
very different

in fact I'm pretty sure I broke a record  for the most frequent and imaginative use of the "F" word in the last week

yep, pretty darn sure

...don't get windows 8... 

Aaaanyway... that's a random combination of just of a few of the things going on with me

I've missed so many of your posts, i hate that!
I try catch up whenever I can..
It makes me crazy
I feel like all my friends are out doing fun things
and i'm stuck at home doing my homework 

so i'm off to catch up on you guys while i have a minute!

...the end... 



  1. Oh Cindy ! I so know what you mean about not enough time , I have so many things to do and here I sit on the computer . Love your hydrangeas !I was just thinking the other day that I needed to get a pink one for my garden . I'll be 66 next month and I don't have a full time job , but as you get older the time just flies by , I haven't been blogging much lately either . I've got to do one today !I have my 3 year old grandson for the next 3 days and I defiantly won't get anything done while he is here . So , I feel for you sweetie !

  2. I love your spirit Cindy! ..and look at you! Beautiful:) inside and out. I can totally see you listening to RAP and loved your Botox comment thrown in there!

    I just saw the exact same hydrangea at whole foods. I passed on it because we are leaving for vacation. Great pics!


  3. Cindy, let me just tell you, you and I are in the same boat. I totally get all that you're saying. age, wrinkles, boobs...yeah, pretty much all of it. so don't think you're alone out here. Love hearing your updates. don't pretty flowers and fingernails just make life so much better? sending some big hugs your way.

  4. i love you. have i mentioned i love you?

    yer boobs look great at any age and you are rockin the dress and boots. totally feelin the glasses too.

    the hydrangea is pretty. so pretty i wanna slap yo mama, and you know i only do that when something is realllllly lovely.

    you are feelin the stress of life pulling you and making you weary. but you're gonna find yer groove. you will. and the art will be better because of this valley. i don't have an answer for balance but i'd like to complicate things a little more and send you some books that make me feel joined. you up for that?

    i love missy elliott's funky freshness. get yer freak on, mama. you'll be the coolest 60 yr young chick on the block.


  5. Well Cindy, join the club of the 60's...well you're not quite there yet but almost. I think this is when we start worrying about everything and not giving a hoot about things that used to bother us..well that makes no sense...but it will. You do not need botox or a boob redo...you great just the way you are. Heck, all I do is worry about how I can afford a "Lifestyle Lift!"
    I love those pretty hydrangeas and yes they look like a painting by Cindy waiting to happen.

    Overall life is good girl, just keep being who you are and the rest will take care of itself.


  6. You look so great for being 59...just lie about your age. Your flower pictures are lovely and now I'm afraid of Windows 8. I love your sense of humor and reading your posts always makes me happy. Have a great rest of the week!

  7. Cindy, you crack me up! I love the fact that you can address things that are bothering you with a touch of humor and humanity! I always say that if I didn't have such a warped, sarcastic sense of humor, I'd go completely mad! Love the new dress and your boobs looks fine! LOL! Flowers are gorgeous! I can't wait until we get some here. We're still in the 40's and had some snow yesterday! argh! I want spring! Your list sounds a lot like mine. Makes my brain run in circles! Diggin' the new sheepie rug - I've been wanting one for quite a while but wasn't sure where to find one. I'm not sure why I want one. I think that I just want to run my bare feet in it. Sort of like my fake mink (fink?) throw that I keep on my bed. It just feels good! I had been wondering where you were, so it was great to see you posting again! Try not to worry about that 60 thing. It's just a number and, if you're like me, you'll never completely grow up, so you're safe! LOL! Take care! Hugs, Leena

  8. I love visiting you and your stuff! You make me laugh. More than once. Sixty-one here. Yeah. Whatareyagonnado? Yes. Busy. I never get to visit online as much as I would like to. When I get overwhelmed I go to the flea market. gets nothing done but works like a charm! You look darling in that dress! Happy first day of spring!!!!!

  9. There you go Cindy...making me laugh again. I love how your mind works! Oh do I know what you mean about the age thing...I'm going to be 58 in June and I stay away from mirrors :)
    There are so many things to drool over in your post so I will just say---I adore your home!
    sending hugs...

  10. WOW! Such lovely pics and so fresh flowers. Everything looks beautiful. Great job!

  11. Cindy, I loved your description of life! I didn't realize we were the same age, and so are our husbands! I also find it hard to believe I am inching close to 60, but I've decided it's only a number, and it's how you decide to live that's makes the difference! I feel like I'm still in my 30's, so I'm just gonna go with that! ha My husband always tells me, when I am stressed out, if it 's not fun...don't do it. Now I'm not sure how that fits in with cleaning house, washing clothes, etc., but it's a good thought anyway! lol Your flowers look beautiful in your home, as always...love your pictures that you post for us. By the way, you don't look like you are getting near 60 at all, you look great!!! See ya over on Pinterest (when you find some spare time:) Becky ~❥

  12. Cindy it's not how you feel darling, it's how you look and you look marvelous darling.
    Now that we are sharing ages here I am right behind you by 3 years and I feel the same way you do about looking mad...lol!

    It's so beautiful full like you sweet friend and never a duel moment around here, beauty inside and out. Love your spring ness!
    I am still in the zone of grey ness !

    See you soon and your beautiful ness!

    Happy Easter


  13. Ps. I havé à big angel wing over at my place.


  14. Oh my gosh you have definitely been busy Cindy. I love the way you write by the way, it always makes me smile. I feel like I am wasting my life away after reading that post, I am not working full time like you and wondering what on earth I am doing with my time. A lot seems to be taken up on blogging, I am obviously not a good time and motion person. I am great at organizing others but terrible at organizing myself.

    I have finally sold my mothers house and am busy this Easter packing the final things, my own house looks like "The old curiosity shop", its crammed full, my spare room, my studio, my bedroom and even the neighbours garage is full of mums things that I will part with when I am ready.

    Oh I hear the truck pulling up again......yet another load, must dash, hope you have a wonderful Easter.

    Lee :)

  15. Fifty "Freaking" Nine?!?! You look awesome! Never, ever would have guessed your age. Also, I look at your paintings, blog, and decor to get my fix of pretty, but I like the hydrangeas, too.

  16. Oh i'm so glad i stopped by to hang out with you Cindy you always make me smile! Love the hydrangea colour so beautiful and your nails look wonderful,So,So pretty! I like all the touches around your home you are like me always twitching and shuffling things about and yes cupboard doors are always open!
    Ps I wouldn't worry about age you are super pretty xxx

  17. Crikey I love listening to you:). I agree....there is a heck of a lot going on in life. And no worries. I'm 61 and life didn't end!


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