Monday, August 27, 2012

White Sofa, Pillow, and Another New Painting...

So, since i'm feeling like the least interesting person on earth, I resorted to showing you some photos of my white sofa with pillow arrangements on it.

I guess that's one of the reasons i love a white slipcovered sofa, you can change out the pillows any time and introduce a new color into the room

Especially if i'm low on money, and can't "fill the void" with shopping...

That's what i call it when i'm feeling compelled to shop
or eat chocolate
or drink vodka

we all have some kind of a void, don't we?

 ...I remember once telling my sister how i just wanted to be happy...

and she said in the way that sisters do

"Stop trying to be happy, Nobody's happy"!

it was awesome 
i mean, isn't that smart!?
It actually made me very happy to hear that

I found this little pillow with white script at TJ Maxx
and heck, it was only $19.99
and it's down filled

I think it's cute as anything and a good price for this type of pillow


here it is with the cinemaScope effect in Picassa


kinda fun effect

here, wrinkley and smushed into my chair, the way it usually looks...

more sofa pics
you'll see lots of baskets everywhere, i love me some baskets!

 Here without the pink pillow

see that blue toile pillow
that is one of my favorite toile designs
it looks good with everything

 it's called

Covington Bosporus Flax

I'm kinda crushing on that new Annie Sloan fabric that  
Amy at Maison Decor will be carrying too

it's the one on the bottom right 
called Normandie Toile

I went to her blog, and ended up seeing this moira clock from another post... 
goodness gracious, look how adorable this is
Amy sells Moira clocks, and she'll paint them for you!

oops - got a little sidetracked there...

Back to my house...
here is a little standing lamp i've been messing with forever

I see so many bloggers do amazing creative things with lampshades, but i just don't seem to be able to come up with anything that great for this lamp

I tried a burlap bow, 
She can make anything look fabulous!

I need her here!

Anyway, my burlap bow was all floppy and messy, and it looked stupid

So i just wrapped some torn up pieces of silky pink fabric from the lining of a dress around the wire 

i can't stand the feeling of lining in clothes, i always cut it out 

 you can see the clothespins holding it all on together- 
maybe i should glue the wrapping and finish something!
ya think!??

 can't decide whether to paint the base or not...

 The roses are still being flirty and blooming their pretty little pink blooms, so i have to give audience to them of course

new dawn


 Here is my newest painting
it's 24 x 36

I do alot of  paintings of meadows, because i love a little sunlit meadow
and i think they open up a room, alot like a mirror does 

and that's all from me for now...

...the end...


  1. Love it all! Your living room is beautiful. Love all the pillows and that pink one with the bow!
    Fantastic painting Cindy!

    Your sister's comment is the best ha!!!
    Pamela xo

  2. Hi Cindy, Your living room looks beautiful!! I love all your pretty pillows,and the painting is so gorgeous!! I love it!!


  3. Cindy, I always love seeing a new post from you. You're always fun, fresh, feisty, and definitely make "me" happy!! Love your new painting, sheep, of course! Why don't you come over and link up with me for Monday Marketplace. I'd love that!

  4. That's a cool idea for a lampshade! Of course, anything toile is wonderful to me and who can beat a couch covered in cushions or a bunch of roses. See, you are not the uninteresting! ~ Maureen

  5. just the words sunlit meadow put me at ease!

    loving the new pillow on the sofa--great find. you could lose the clothespins and sub duct tape. of course, the tape would have to be painted pale pink. and there's your million dollar idea of the day from me. cindy's pink duct tape. in a shade of cindy pink. everyone will have to have a roll.

    and now i must actually go write some meaningful crap.

    love to you, beautiful shabby sis.


  6. Cindy,
    Great pillow looks great on your sofa.That lamp shade looks so cool too!LOVE it just as is! Your painting is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Cindy,
    You don't need me or Amy to make your home lovely. It already is very pretty!
    I love the mixture of prints and texture of the pillows on your white sofa. I also like the ribbon wrapped around the lampshade and the clothes pins look really cool!
    Your paintings always amaze me and I love the little sheep guys grazing in the meadow. So pretty and etheral. (is that a word?)
    You have talent in so many ways and you always, always keep it real.
    hugs and smooches,

  8. Cindy, you have a lovely living room! The sofa and the pillows are lovely!

  9. the lamp, painting, and pillow--love! just look at this post--proof you are no where near the least interesting category:)

  10. I love the wrinkly look of the pillow best! Not sure if I would paint the base of the lamp I really liked how it looked. Your living room is fabulous, your paintings beautiful creations as always. But,....the moment I see a painting by you with lavender and claypots herbs etc. I hope it has my name on it!!!
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  11. Gorgeous Cindy and YES.. happiness is tough to achieve.. or maybe perfection is what we're talking about :) Your living room is so pretty and I love the pillow. I've been trying to add burlap here and there. I love the texture and curtains are really in now!


  12. Oh my, love seeing your sofa and pillows, that blue toile is just what I like too. LOVE your new meadow painting! Beautiful!!!

  13. Love your livingroom. Love your new pillow. Love your painting and the newly decorated lampshade...I would paint the base though. But that is no surprise because there is rarely anything I wouldn't paint! As always--so enjoyed your post :)

  14. Hi Cindy,
    Love the new painting. I am putting some money aside so that I can purchase one of yours from Etsy. I kind of like the patina on the lamp base the way it is. If you did decide to paint it I would use the Annie Sloan paint because if you ever wanted to go back you just remove the wax or sealer and then the paint will just wash off. I love that about the paint.

  15. What a lovely living room!Your new painting is beautiful...

  16. Love your white couch and your new painting!! I am off to see your shop! Newest follower here.

  17. LOVE your sheep painting. Do you ever offer them up in smaller sizes?

  18. "sunlit meadow"...oh ya! my fave place to be, well unless it is 110 degrees 100% humidity and buggy, which it was this the painting sweets!

  19. I always say...a cute pillow can turn a frown upside-down :)

  20. So love your living room decor...I absolutley love your painting. Especially the sheep..I noticed you commented on my blog last dh became very sick and he spent 7 months in Portland Oregon Veterans hospital and we got home in March. Long story but wanted to thank you for you compliments on my painting. Not sure if I did last year..I would love to paint a sheep for myself...kind of lost with that..but I want to your blog..Sally

  21. I forget how much I love your soft pink between visits. I DEFINITELY need more of that in my life. I just love your room and all its details. I hope you haven't painted that lamp base yet before I gave you my opinion on it. I think it's perfect. Your roses melt my heart. I read your opening about being happy to my DH sitting here over coffee with me. We laughed hard! xx

  22. Fotografie tutte belle!!
    un caloroso abbraccio...ciao

  23. This is my one day to blog hop!! YOu are just so darn talented, from painting to decorating~YOU make me HappY! So true~I love my Dillon painting, you captured his sweet soul and I want to post him, but hte room is a disaster and no one wants to see mess in blogland...but I will share when I get my life back a bit. Love the lampshade, you could put one of those Edison bulbs or a flickering bulb in it for a cool look. Love the pillow~would love to buy some for myself. Maybe I will take a nice little shopping trip. Hey that Bospherous toile is one of my favs too, and I cannot wait to get the Annie Toiles and the rest of the fabrics in. Thanks for the shoutout on that my friend. xox

  24. I swear, I just love you! I look forward to your posts more than any others. love your paintings too. thanks a whole lot for just being you!


  25. Such a cosy pillow you have there! It completed the look of your living room, perfect choice!


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