Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dressin up the Door !

So, something that's pretty fun, and an easy fix for a boring door, is a big ole basket of flowers!

Mine are faux, a very nice french word for fake!

Anything in French sounds good even if it's poop,
i wonder what the french word for poop is...
i'm looking it up on my iphone right now,
hold on....
(this is how by brain works)
probably sounds really pretty...
ok, my iphone says it's Merde... or Defequer -
seeeeee.... so much nicer

ok, how did i get there???

anyway, doors.... (really!?)

this is my pink front door with a Picassa effect called CinemaScope...

Here's how it really looks

i added a silver tray behind the wreath just for fun
not sure if i like it or not...

but this post was supposed to be about my back door...
because i just hung a basket with faux fleurs on it too!

when we moved in it was just a dirty old grayish white metal door ...

I had seen a front door in this great shade of green, and decided to try it, and i liked it, it is a very happy color!

it totally complemented the flowers and pink geraniums in the window boxes nearby

Green is a great color, it goes with alot of things
here is a photo from Pinterest with green in a living room

When i look at the room, it just makes me feel good.. isn't that interesting!  it's such a color of life...

i really couldn't track down the original source

sooooo, anyway, last week, i had a pms attack, which involves creative surges,
 moving large pieces of furniture around the house,
 and pissing people off

but it does also involve - ideas!
this is were mr. fractured gets a look like shoot me in the face
not to worry mr. fractured,  no moving furniture this time...
why don't i just dress up this door with a basket of flowers too!

a few weeks back i showed you guys in a post how i painted the door to our attached shed a gray brown color...
i started by trying the same green, and it looked awful... !
why, why, why, do some colors look good one place and not another?;
anyway it ended up a kind of mushroom color
it had been a dingy gray white 

then i added a basket to it too...

what a difference these easy little additions can make... 

So that's probably more than any of you wanted to know about the color of the doors at my house!

a nice little thought found on pinterest

and that's all for now from "Rosebud Cottage"

...the end...


  1. All your doors look great ! Did you know that bathroom or toilet in french is "pissor" ? Not sure that is spelled right but it is pronounced that way . Not sure that one is better ...

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the daily dose of laughter. I cannot believe you looked up the word for poop, but actually is the word in french for sh.t! LOL!
    I love the colors of your doors and the wreath with the silver tray behind it is adorable. Love it.


  3. All the doors look very pretty, now! I wouldn't have thought of the green, but it works well on the back door. ~ Maureen

  4. Cindy,
    Love your pink door and your cottage!That look that Mr. Fractured gave you is the look Mr. cottage gave me when I wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets :-)LOVE your Rose cottage sign too!

  5. LOL, that's funny....What a pretty house you have. Nice curb appeal.

  6. Your green door looks pretty--but still am in love with your pink front door. Love the flowers on it! Also love your glass door. I really like that effect you used on it. I wish they had that on Picmonkey. Always love your posts!

  7. I don't think there is anyone I visit that I enjoy reading more than you Cindy! Geesh, I hope my other friends don't read your comments : ) I love how you write and darling you are!!!!!
    I love your doors-----and if it means anything, I could still sit here and read anything more you want to tell me about them. Now I want to go and hang flowers on all of mine too.
    hugs from here...

  8. haha I love your sense of laughed out loud when you were doing your french vocabulary homework. THe baskets look pretty and your house looks so sweet, just like you!

  9. Its really pretty !!! Also lovin that horse painting!!!! Have a Great night!! Beautiful home!!

  10. I already knew the french sh*t word. Now you have me wondering about about the poop word. I know there must be one because chien (dog) poop is everywhere in France! Watch out!

    Love your door baskets! Your new profile pic is adorable too!

  11. oh girl you kill me. i love that green door. it is so darn cheery. i am snatching a direct quote from this post to go on my sidebar. it's def my happy place for the evening--HAAAAA.



    1. Sorry for writing here but its the only way i can leave a comment x

      Dear Rosebud Cottage,
      I love your pink and green decor and faux flowers it all looks wonderful and your French had me laughing so much,well they say you learn something new everyday and i just have lol!
      Have a lovely weekend Cindy,
      Love Shingle Cottage xxx

  12. Hi Cindy,
    The word merde covers all the words in meaning of (p@@P) lol! It includes Crap, turd, and the *S-word this is too funny, and your right everything sounds so much better in French.

    Love the green door and if any one tells you it looks like "merde" they are wrong its a favorite colour of mine next to no colour at all :)

    Loved this post, can't wait to see what you humor us with in your next French lesson to us.

    Thank you my beautiful artist freind for visiting my artful French place I create, and your comments that follow are heart felt I will treasure.

    "Un beau voyage artistique à vous ma belle amie."

    (A beautiful artistic journey to you my beautiful friend.}


  13. Hello! Your blog is so lovely and I LOVE your pink door! How wonderful would it be to have a pink door!!?? :) So happy I could visit you!

  14. Love it Cindy! When the mood strikes.. go for it :) and let the creative impulses fly!


  15. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Packers and movers in Chennai

  16. Hi Cindy,
    Your doors look great. I don't know why husbands get that look when we are only being creative. I know mine thought a good idea a few Mothers days ago that we should all go golfing (him our 2 sons and me) Now my idea was having them move some shrubs and plants around the yard. I also got the look of just shoot me now. They just don't get us.

  17. I love the idea of flowers hanging on doors, it seems to be a tradition in the USA, I have never seen it in New Zealand, I think I am going to adopt this idea in Spring and also maybe Christmas time I might hang some fresh flowers on my front door.

    I want to thank you also Cindy for leaving the nice comment on my blog re the loss of my mother, I miss her terribly but plan to get back into my painting in a few weeks time to help take my mind of things.

    God Bless

    Lee :)

  18. I always love seeing your pink door and the wreath is so pretty! I really like the addition of the silver tray to it! Gives it a nice "glow" and is an unexpected touch! Love the green on the back door as well and the basket of flowers on both it and the shed! This has also been quite educational! I can now say Sh*t in French LOL!!! Have a great Sunday! Hugs, Leena

  19. I love all your doors...and your baskets...and you fleurs. :) You had me laughing out loud with your poop comments! lol You crack me up all the time! lol :-Df
    I finally got my computer back, but I still don't have everything loaded up on it yet....I have Meeelllions of pictures left to transfer over! Eek!
    Have a great day my sweet friend!
    Love ya much

  20. Everything looks amazing as always Cindy! I love the green door hmmm wonder if I have any green kicking around.
    Your piece of silver you placed into your wreath is very unique...
    Always a great inspiration my dear.
    Have a lovely week,
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  21. Hi,
    your blog is wonderfull,romance,perfect!!!I love your blog!!
    Greetings!! Vicky

  22. Your adorable!I love the color pink you chose! So welcoming!
    The piece of silver was genius my friend!!
    Hugs from here

  23. A nice wreath makes a door so much nicer.


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