Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Little Tree...

You know what i found out

It's really hard to photograph a Christmas tree!  
Especially when it's at it's prettiest, at night with the lights on!

 here is my tree without ornaments... 
actually, i like it just fine with only the lights

doesn't it look like i just wadded up the tree skirt and stuffed it under the tree..?
not a detail person, nope...

 I have a faux flocked frazier fur tree... i'm so tempted to add more f's 
like fabulous fancy faux flocked frazier fur
fantastic freaking fluffy faux flocked frazier fur
even worse as you can probably imagine

I get the same way with words with people who call on the phone, and are spelling the name of something so you'll get the letters right, 
and they say something like:  it's "f" as in fred, and "d" as in dog, and '"b" as in bed
and i ALWAYS can only think of bad words to substitute  when i'm spelling something for someone on the phone !

it's almost an irresistible force beyond my control which drives me  to want do that, until i can't even speak because i can't think of a single normal word to substitute... 

am i the only one??? ?
 Ok... fine... this is not the season to be talking about bad words... why did i have to go there?

so, let me move on from my disturbing train of free flowing thought patterns, 
and show you guys some sparkly things around the house...

my friend calls me a racoon, she says if it's sparkly and shiny i'll go right for it, and she's right!

Little white thrift shop wreath on the front door....

pink  glittery bow added of course....

some beautiful apples left as a gift by my sweet neighbor, are as pretty as any ornaments grouped with a tarnished silver tray and some clippings from a fur tree

 a little open urn with some christmas balls...

pink packages tied up with a big fat white bow...

i think i told you guys that i save pretty tags... so here is a little pink one... 
and on the tree it goes!

my rusty iron angel statue with a "Merry Christmas" blingy necklace and a pink rose with diamonds on it tucked near her wing.....

she's really a garden statue, but she lives in my house right on the kitchen counter....

So that's a little peek at some of the decorations going up around our house...

And as we decorate and share our Holiday stories and spend time with our families, i feel i need to talk about the  
incomprehensible thing that happened this last week...

I find myself, and no doubt you do too, thinking about it as i drive, when i'm brushing my teeth, when i'm washing dishes...

Nothing can fix this, nothing can console the families of the victims, they will suffer long, and they will suffer hard...

I want to do something, to make it better, make it so it didn't happen
i know we all do...

but we can't

so we feel helpless
The one and only thing i can come up with, to actually do...
to help myself, to help shift the energy in the world
 to offset this, in any way, if that's even possible
is to commit random acts of kindness

it's sounds so cliche

i know you've seen this saying on bumper stickers
but, it's true!  it's really good! and it helps...
I decided what i did could be anything, no matter how small, anything that will add a positive loving energy to the world

   I know during the holidays we're all giving and doing for others... but i'm thinking of adding something else above what I'm already doing
  even if it is very small

even if it is just something silly that will make someone, maybe a child laugh
even if it's just dropping a quarter where someone will find it...
Like today i gave cookies to the girls at fast food place where i get drink on the way to work in the morning... 

And i've been trying to think of what i can do to make someone smile tomorrow,
 you know...it's weird,  it helps me feel better, i guess because i have some control over it, over what i do in response

and it is kind of fun trying to come up with something different to make someone happy

 I bet you guys could think of a million cool things to do!

and so, really for dealing with it all... 

just sendin out some love and light, the best way i can, 
is really all i've got 

...the end...


  1. Good Morning Cindy!!! Once again you have me laughing and crying at the same time. Your post is freakin, fabulous, fufu,fantastic fun!!!!

    I wish for you the very Merriest of Christmases and may all your wishes come true. You have inspired me to go out today and do a random act of kindness....thank you for that. It is a wonderful way to help with the grieving.


  2. Irreplaceable you~! My friend I enjoy your blog sooo much~so keep up the funny beautiful times you have going on over here, that is enough!
    oh and pretty pretty pretty tree!!!

  3. Cindy everything looks beautiful! wish i could pop over with hot chocolate and presents and giggle over you thinking of more f words lol,your not on your own there ;)
    I saw the news when we got home from the coast and was so sad,you have inspired me now to do the same,a random act of something nice x

  4. pretty...funny...refreshing...positive...inspiring.
    sending love and light right back at ya!

  5. I love your tree, YOUR house, and that coffee table.. OMGOSH where did you get it ? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!!! . YOUR tree is amazing and loved everything... I looked at it all even the tree skirt.... Beautiful.. YOU Got it looking like Christmas in there.................... Have a blessed day . I just posted about Christmas on my blog as well................... HUGS

  6. Cindy,

    Your tree and other decorations are beautiful!

    I agree with you. When we see such evil carried out in the world, we have a desire to offset it with genuine kindness, selflessness.

    I think the thoughtfulness you are sharing with those you have contact with is a very commendable thing to do.

    I find myself thanking God throughout the day for keeping Amelia and my husband safe, and praying that he will comfort these families, especially throughout the next several days. Christmas time will be a difficult time for these families from now on...


  7. Ha ha ... I learned the phonetic alphabet, that the military uses, when I was a kid. So I say things like FOXTROT- UNIFORM-NOVEMBER for spelling "FUN" and so forth...and people laugh at me for doing that.
    I think your tree is pretty...and I love your Random Acts of Kindness idea. We should all be a little bit more kind in this day and age that we live in---Merry Christmas my friend!

  8. Cindy. Bless you for sharing all of this wonder. I adore your front door wrath, so unique and ethereal!!

    Random acts of kindness mean so much to people especially during these times!

    Love and Hugs
    Art by Karena
    $75 NOVICA Giveaway

  9. Cindy- I love your flipping fir...it is FANTASTIC...no fooling!!! It looks gorgeous-that tree skirt is not crumpled it is an artistic interpretation. Give yourself a little credit.

    I am the person that when you pause to try and find the proper word -I will fill it in for you (with any old random word). Say MyHero is looking for his glasses which he has misplaced. Now, I KNOW he is looking for his glasses. He approaches me and asks, Diana....did you see my.....(he pauses) I substitute the word Elephant. He stops blinks..and says...No...I am looking for my (slightly agitated now)and PAUSES....I offer the word UNDERWEAR. He walks away in disgust...and throws the word GLASSES over his back as he leaves. I do this with everyone. Most people think it's funny. MyHero? Not so much! I think he has lost his sense of humor. Where was I? Oh-yeah...I do random acts of kindness, too. It is my little offering in this world of strife and unease- xo Diana

  10. Wow-all is beautiful!!!!!!
    xoxo...by vicky

  11. Hi Cindy, your decorations and your tree are just beautiful!It all looks so romantic and I love how you decorated your front entrance! I so agree with you about doing little acts of kindness,even complimenting someone on how nice they look, can make a difference to their day. take care, Maryann

  12. LOVE your tree, Cindy! Merry Christmas!

  13. You always make me laugh...no, actually I never think of bad words when they say "b" as is in boy etc...but now I will! :) Now look what you've done! :The random acts of kindness is the perfect way to deal with this tragedy. Great ideas you shared. A nearby mall here in the Portland area also had a shooting just days before--2 killed, 1 injured and the shooter committed suicide. Personally I don't think gun control is the answer--we need to do more for the mentally ill. Anyway--being kind is the best way to respond.

    Love your tree--Have a great Christmas!

  14. The tree looks really pretty!! I've been wanting a snow covered tree like yours for years now but just haven't brought myself to buy yet.

  15. Hi Cindy,
    I LOVE you fabulously flocked fir, I am soooo into flocked:-) And all the sparkle, love it too, yep, perfect! AND, while I am at it your pink door, I adore it, have I told you this?? It is perfect:-)
    Merry Christmas!

  16. Funtastic faux flocked tree! Loved your pretty holiday post. I agree that being kind is a wonderful way to heal and help after the CT tragedy.

  17. I love the idea of random acts of kindness. To give the unexpected it just awesome! Your decor is gorgeous!

  18. I love the idea of random acts of kindess! Bless you heart!

  19. Cindy, I loved your post with your beautiful decorations and your closing thoughts were so heartfelt! I love doing little things that make people happy! Their joy is returned to me in knowing that something I did made they smile! It's such an easy thing to do like you said, and it makes so much difference! If more people would participate in these randomo acts of kindness, we'd all benefit! Enjoy a very Marry Christmas with your family and may 2013 bring all much joy and happiness! Hugs, Leena

  20. Cindy your tree is gorgeous! LOVE all the shiny,pretty pink,and flocked tree!So pretty in your urn too!I agree doing good for others helps make the world a better place!
    Merry Christmas!

  21. hello dahling....just popping over.... to wish you a very merry and blessed christmas.

  22. you are so right in your response to this evil. i like the idea of joy burning out evil both within our hearts and externally. those random acts are changing people and energies and patterns. who knows where it truly ends!

    merry merry christmas to you, gorgeous artist and gifted writer, you. i am so grateful for a wonderful year of blogging and friendship with you, and i look forward to connecting in 2013.

    love to you and yours.


  23. Gorgeous decorations and love your front door it's delightful Cindy. I agree entirely with you about the sadness that happened in the USA. I think random acts of kindness are wonderful.

    A lady that owns a little gift shop near my house lost her husband very suddenly last year so I went up there yesterday and took her some of my little Christmas fruit tarts knowing this will be her first Christmas without him. She had a big smile on her face and said thank you so much, Then took a gift all wrapped up from a cupboard to give to me. I immediately said "no" I just wanted to say Hi and Merry Xmas but she insisted. It was actually the only present I had to open today as we had decided no presents this year. I was delighted to open the present this morning and find the most delightful little heart shaped candle all covered with filigree work, it is so beautiful I shall never burn it.

    Have a lovely holiday x

  24. I'm just catching up! This post is beautiful in every way. Love the dreamy photos. Your place was wonderful for Christmas!

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