Friday, December 28, 2012

New Coffee Table...

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture and then worried that someone might die moving it because it was so heavy?  
Or at least end up with a serious injury!?

This coffee table was like that

My friend had this at her shop, and i decided i would "Try it Out" see if i liked it...

ok, so some advice here
disrupting a whole shop
dragging guys over to help you load something that weighs a ton into your car, 
just to "Try Something Out",
will not make you alot of friends

and, you better give your guy at home lots of kisses too
ok, LOTS of kisses
you might even want to make some lasagna and give kisses  
in fact, probably better wear something sexy too
  you can see part of the rough old wood here...

It is a furniture factory cart...

and it weighs eleventy billion tons

It soon became apparent to me, 
as i was carefully driving home with it...
 after risking some helpers life and limbs loading it in my car
and hoping it didn't roll back and take out the whole back door

That i better damn well like it
uh oh

when i arrived home with this big old heavy leviathan
 i told mr. fractured

uhhhhh,  i'm just going to try it out
at this point i was pretty much thinking
i can't take this back to the shop now!
everyone will hate me!
i was just going to have to suck it up if i didn't like it 
what was i thinking!?

ok so, it was going to take two strong men to get it out of the car
and all we had was ted and i

           So while we were standing there trying to figure out how to get this thing out of the car and into the house
my poor unsuspecting neighbor walked by!
 so i captured him!

he was nice enough to help

 i'm pretty sure if he sees me standing out by my car again he will turn around and run!

Anyway ... I like it!
Thank Goodness!

The rustic vibe is cool with all the cottagy stuff in the house

I kinda "get it" now about adding this primitive rustic element to all the fluffy girly stuff...

and the next day 
I took my neighbor a pie...

...the end... 




  1. omg Cindy i LOVE it!
    It looks amazing and you were right to nearly kill everyone it was so worth it!
    I know what you mean about adding something rustic with girly it really does work,i have a spare butchers block that i am thinking of sawing the legs off for a coffee table but i have to be sure as they won't stick back on will they lol xxx

  2. I like it too! Looks good in your home...

  3. I love it! I think it adds the right amount of shabby to all your chic. It does look like it weighs a ton! It was nice of you to take the neighbor a pie :)

  4. What a cool table! How could you not like it!LOVE the soft feminine with that rustic cart! Where can I score one of those??? I know what you mean about lifting furniture to make sure you like it.I just brought a dresser of my daughters to a shop to sell and I brought in a new one.It was VERY heavy carrying it up the stairs.Me and the hubs did it ourselves.After it was in her room I started having second thoughts about bringing it in there.But I am going to leave it for now because I am going to paint it and paint makes everything better....right?!

  5. You make me Laugh my Butt off girl!! You are too funny !! Looks great with the white sofa, i love it !!

  6. Wow Cindy, this is fabulous! I think that Romantic Homes needs to feature your living room with this rustic touch. I have to say that you are brave in "just trying it out!" It's perfect and I say a keeper.

    Hope everyone heals from all those strained muscles.


  7. Cindy- It was worth spraining all those guys' backs to get it home. It is perfect and I love it- the end-xo Diana

  8. i think i hate you this moment. i am dying of cart envy!!! it's gorgeous, cindy! are you kidding? you had to question it just because it weighed eleventy somethin? we dont' CARE what it took to get it home. it belongs with you. and if i visit it, i am carving my name on the underside cuz it's fabulous. props to the muscle man.



  9. OMGosh Cindy.. it looks perfect with your decor. I love the little bit of rustic with all the neutrals and romantic feel in your home. Such an adventure getting it home!! It was SO worth it though and I'm sure that everyone was more than happy to help. Next time.. video the whole scenario! I have a similar story to tell ~ totally embarrassing! Lol!!


  10. Cindy, you always make me smile! I love the new coffee table, are you kidding? Considered taking it back? No way! I would have carted that bad boy out of my car myself if I had to! LOL! Of course, I'd probably still be lying in the middle of my driveway too! It goes perfectly with yor frillyh girlie stuff - love it!!!! Hugs, Leena

  11. I love that table girl . OMGOSH just sat here saying OHHHHHHHH I want that table... Heavy or NOT sister..............LOVE IT ... YOU did good trying that one out.. just fabulous

  12. You know, you are one of the sweetest ladies EVER! Thank you for your sweet comment on my 2o12 favorite posts...I think you're pretty talented too. :) You're the best painter I've ever got IT girlfriend! ;-)
    I love your new coffee table....and I'm glad you liked it too..that would have been bad if you hadn't! lol
    Hey, I didn't know you made my little signs...did you blog about it and I just missed it? I'm tickled you made it, either way! I made my mom one for Christmas for her bathroom...she loved mine, so I figured I'd spread around the love! lol :)
    OH..I loved your posts on all your pink Christmas stuff! A girl after my own heart!

  13. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE IT!!! It's huge and it's awesome Cindy!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  14. Oh I love that coffee table, its so very rustic and perfect for the country style of your home. I am getting a new coffee table too, I have a rustic Asian antique one but it is very large and I have such a small living area that I have decided to buy a clear glass one. One of those without legs with a waterfall style side,contemporary but will add an eclectic look to my room and won't hide the fireplace as the existing one does. I removed the old one prior to Christmas and its quite bare now so I need to decide soon.

    Lee :)

  15. Oh my goodness! I came soooooo close to buying one of these but it was a reproduction and didn't look as good as a "real" one so I didn't. I am so jealous! It looks FABULOUS!!!!!! And as always, I giggled while reading your post! =)

  16. Oh I vote yes! I love it in that room~It sets the does Ted like it? I think its awesome!

  17. Cindy,

    I think you hit a homerun here. That factory cart will be something you keep forever. I agree with you that it brings a masculine, earthy vibe to the room--how could a man not like that?!
    My husband would love it!



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