Monday, November 26, 2012

A Simple Little Before and After...

Ok, I'll show the "After" first, because no one would ever read my blog again if what they saw was a thumbnail of the "Before"

and let me just say, that this is an example where the "Before" is so bad
that pretty much ANYTHING would look better! 

The Suspect... Daughter, 22 years old, Sleeps on mattress on floor, with dog, and unidentifiable objects in the bed, some of which may include food particles, stinky tennis shoes,  a lone flip flop, doggie toys and some nail polish

struggling through the break up from boyfriend of several years and dysfunctional relationship
and wanting a fresh start 

blurry photo of daughter (right) and friend after gorging on Thanksgiving dinner, and telling me all the things they did that i didn't know about when they were 15
 I'm soooooooooooo glad i didn't know at the time

ok, and here is the before!!! GAAAAAHHHH!

i don't think she actually sleeps with the broom and dustpan, i think she was trying to clean up before i got there


the wrinkles need to fall out of the dust ruffle a little

and the table needs another coat of paint but we ran out of time until next weekend

I mean, it's nothing earth shattering... we need a headboard

Until then i was thinking of painting a big white monogram over her bed 

or even painting a faux headboard!

love this monogram  

anyway, it's much cleaner, her mattress is off the floor and she is delighted!  

She worked hard painting the walls herself, now i think she has a greater appreciation for all those times i painted rooms in our old house... all by myself!

and i doubt she remembers that i painted a whole bedroom, and hated the color and painted it another color the very next day !

I bet some of you guys have done that ... smile

So the next goal is headboard or monogram on the wall, and finish painting the tables and the trim

and wouldn't it be cute to add a big furry cream colored rug at the foot of the bed!


the dust ruffle $3.00 thrift shop ( and it's a good thick one too!)
lamps TJ Maxx $34.99 each
comforter and shams and brown and white striped pillow Marshalls 79.99
tables free, i had those
faux hydrangeas, i already had em
sheets TJ Maxx $29.99
paint - Sherwin Williams color matched Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue $38.00

(we did have to by a used sanitized mattress and boxsprings and frame, but i'm not gonna count that since most people have decent mattresses that aren't on the floor!)

it cost a little, but it was soooo worth it

and i love those brown and white striped pillows! 

...the end... 



  1. Looks great ! I love that wall color , so fresh and soothing . The bedding is really pretty too .

  2. The bedroom looks just beautiful! I love the rug idea. I love that you showed the before...we have all been there before with a kid or two :)

  3. Not to mention all that 'Mother-Daughter' time you got to spend together!
    It looks fantastic!
    did you have to get her permission to put the 'before' photo....? Nah! What am I thinking? You're the mom! You don't need permission! LOL...
    I like the colors-- it looks great.
    ...enjoyed it! Pat

  4. Beautiful room redo! I love the colors and bedding, the furniture si fabulous too! Hey, it wasn't that bed before. I mean, my daughter's room is a pit! At leat you could tell that yours had a floor! I keep threatening to bull doze her room off the front of the house! LOL! Have fun finishing this great project! Hugs, Leena

  5. You did such a great job together,You are such a great mom!it looks beautiful and serene...i adore the colour of the walls and the bedside cabinets and the bedding is just stunning.....oh and the lamps are so glamourous just loving those.
    Sending love to your daughter and wishing her all the best for the future,happiness will find her xxx

  6. Absolutely amazing changes! No, we never really want to know what they did as teenagers. I don't even want to know any details now!

  7. Hi Cindy,
    Looks as though you waved a magic wand and performed a miracle. I'm sure she loves it now and let's just hope she keeps it that way!


  8. Great job Cindy! You are the best Mom ever! Did she tell you that! I am sure she loves her new room :-)

  9. Cindy,

    Great makeover and I'm sure your daughter will enjoy spending time in this pretty room!
    I love the all color and those end tables!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for a headboard, and a fluffy white fur rug would be a beautiful touch!

    When I have more time, I'll be back to catch up on all of the posts I've missed.


  10. Such a pretty and serene room. I know your daughter will love it.
    There is no explaining kids--one of my girls is obsessive about her house, the entire house is perfect 24/ looks like a magazine spread ALL the time. Her younger sister is a slob when it comes to her house, she simply doesn't care if it is a horror. These two are only a year apart, were raised with identical standards, rules, lessons in housekeeping, etc. What happened??? (By the way, these two are not young'uns, they are mid-40's!)

  11. beautiful transformation cindy i don't want to hear you say you can't do anything any more jeesh i woulda just had to say maybe we can do it after christmas lol again you're the BOMB!!! and may I add a GREAT MOM!!!!

  12. Bravo Mother! I've got me a daughter like that... LOL. She won't let me mess in her mess though. You did a beautiful transformation :)


  13. Cindy,
    It is earth shattering, its amazing. I bet this will transform her thinking to rethink the passion in her and the passion her new space has.

    Also, I noticed a visit from you my dear friend, I thought you alreafy saw my latest posting, I am playing with my new camera and in hopes to be able to appear that my space is more not less than what it appears to be.
    I want to have clear shots so everyone see the vission I had when I took the shots.

    Ok, moving on....I stumbbled across this site that you too may be inspire in how she used the Kooboos chairs it is a NORDIC site, simple but beautifully soulful.
    Pan down looking through all her older postings, when you come across your chairs go to even more older posting they pop up here and there....
    Now was I not right in as much as you making the right choice in the purchase of your new chairs??

    See you soon after you have visited....


  14. You did awesome.... And deep down you know they appreciate it !!! I have Twins 25 girls and then my youngest daughter is 14 .. and a son i feel your pain.. Smart thinking posting the finished first your blog.. Check mine out when you can ... God bless .. have a wonderful week

  15. frst visit here & am in love with your beautiful gifts...incrediable..I love sheep..My dear talanted friend Dore sent me over..she was talking about how much she loves your chairs...glad she did. xo Laura

  16. You're a good mom. I've gone through a very difficult, painful time with our daughter when she was that age. Thankfully, that is all in the past now.

    The room is so pretty and with some of her sweat equity put into it, she'll hopefully appreciate it.

  17. WOW! What a transformation!! It looks fabulous and I'm sure she is very happy with mom's intervention :) My kids are 21 and almost 24.. so I get the bedroom thing. It is what it is and I assume that (just like thumb sucking) this too will eventually pass and they will become normal functioning adults HA!

    Anyway.. such a fun and honest post! xxleslie

  18. Fantastic! I love the idea of a painted headboard. A new room can change your whole outlook. Good Momma!!!

  19. Cindy - What a dramatic difference!! I can just imagine her doing quite the happy dance on top of her new bed. lol! You're so right. A furry white rug next to it would be utterly fabulous! And isnt' Wythe Blue the prettiest color???? The wicker chairs at my kitchen table are painted that shade. GREAT job, girls!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. L-O-V-E IT!!! You did an amazing job on your girls bedroom and she must just love it! What a cool mom you are Cindy.

    I smiled when you talked about painting the room and not liking the color...that's me most of the time : ) I can never get it right. I think that's why I finally painted them all white.
    sending hugs...

  21. Girl even when your not blogging .. I come and check out all your posts and blogs.. I just love it and your spirit... Here is me wishing you a very blessed weekend !!!!!

  22. Oh what a wonderful job you did! Your daughter must be THRILLED! (And yes, you can add me to the list of people how have painted a bedroom and then repainted it again the next day...oh yeah, and then again the day after that! Took me three tries and three colors to finally get it right all in three days - ugh! And then we moved a couple months later - haha!)

  23. it's looking so pretty, and i love the idea of a fresh start. i also love the thought of a painted faux headboard--for cryin out loud, not everybody has that option and you should totally exploit the h out of it.

    love to you both.


  24. So much fun~ you did a wonderful job!! I am sure you daughter is absolutely LOVING it!! :)

  25. Wow!! What a transformation~it looks so pretty now! These are the best kind of makeovers, from disgusto to faboo!! I think your idea of the painted headboard is fantastic~and the furry rug is too. xo

  26. Oh Cindy....the love of a Mom.......:). I am sure she is beyond thrilled with it and I know it makes her feel better! Good job pulling it all together and making it so pretty!

  27. Gorgeous makeover, and I thought it was only boys that were messy :). My elder son has told some storys about our younger son when we were living in Asia and like you I am glad I didn't know at the time.

    I am finding all sorts of posts I have missed on your blog.



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