Monday, November 19, 2012

Kooboo chairs and a Really Big Cow!

You know how sometimes a part of your house just isn't right, and it bothers you and distracts you from everything else until you get it right, 
and you keep looking for something... a piece of furniture or the just right thing to fix it... and you can't get on with your life until it's resolved!!???  
 it feels like your whole life is in chaos because of that one thing... 

and... well ... Basically you're are being totally OCD... and out of your mind?

You know... that thing? 

Well that's the thing going on with this little little room i paint in. 

I have these 4 frenchy chairs, two of them are comfortable, but not as cute, and two are really cute with little roses carved on top, 
but basically the bottom is falling out...

I had spray glued some fabric on parts of both style frenchy chairs, and attempted to make a kinda seat cover for their bottoms, 
and i had one of each in this room and nothing matched and the fabric was falling off of both of them

and even though both chairs have great potential, they were a mess  and mismatched
and the whole room and my entire life felt disorganized because of it!

here is the frenchy chair with the pretty shape

unfortunately you can't sit in it without worrying you might end up with a spring up your... well, you know

 Soooo,  to get them right and usable...
  • First I have to decide which two i'm going to use, the cuter chair that needs more work, or the similar less cute in shape, but more comfortable chair 
  •  If i use the two cuter ones, the bottoms have to be totally reworked, springs, cushions and everything,  plus my son broke the arm off of one of them and threw it away, because i guess he thought if he threw it away i wouldn't notice that the arm was missing, really???
  • then i have to find fabric i like, and apparently i cannot make a decision about fabric, not ever in a million years because it's a commitment, and i can't commit to anything, because it might be the wrong decision - (mental illness runs in the family)
  • then once i decide between a taupe buffalo check or linen or grain sack fabric  -  i have to find it!
  • then i have to have them repaired, and slipcovered or reupholstered
  • not to mention i have to pay for all of that!
So finally after this bothering me and not being able to make a decision for 6 months,
i said screw it! 
I am going to find two chairs that match and are in one piece!
I remembered Joni from Cote de Texas had talked about Kooboo chairs, being really great, and a good price, and she had put some in her dining room, and they were adorable... so i went online and looked for them
 this is her dining nook off her kitchen i believe
they're kinda cute aren't they?

so dang if i didn't find some at World Market on sale for $112.00 each with a coupon

If they are good enough for Joni at Cote de Texas, they are darn well good enough for me...
She is amazing and knows everything about decorating
one of my all time favorites 

in this kitchen redo

Just look at the gingham, i'm a sucker for big gingham checks!

Sooo anyway... 
I'm gonna put some of this faded toile on the little cushions of the kooboos

this is just a little piece of of the toile i laid on the chair to see if i liked it

 and cover that little bench with this gingham fabric....

I love their curved backs, very feminine

I have to tell you, these little kooboo chairs are really incredibly comfortable, 
and the color of the wicker is great!
I placed one at my dining room table and it looked good there too

They're kind of charming... 

peeking from behind the table...

I still like my little frenchy chairs the best... 
they will be so adorable when they're done

but now that there is some order in this room, i feel grounded enough to go through the steps to get that done!

And these Kooboos will be great out on my patio after the other frenchy chairs are finally done

so all is right with the world, for 30 seconds anyway

Ok, so driving down a country road, i spotted this insanely incredible cow
he was in a pasture with ponies and other black cows and this other brown cow with horns too

and he was BIG
like really really big!
his horns must  have spanned 5-6 feet 

what the heck kinda cow is that?
 i've never seen a cow like this in North Carolina! 

so i made Mr. Fractured pull off the road and started snapping pictures, thinking this could be a great cow to paint!

and i was talking to the cows and telling them how cute they were, and making a big fuss

so they all started walking towards me

So, i was like awwwww, cute little cows and ponies,
and sweet talking them and all
and then they got closer and closer,
and i was like
uhhhh... they are really really really big
and that one guy has ginormous horns
i'm pretty sure they are nice
but think they might kill me

i can't run very fast
and the fence seemed kinda small and not very sturdy 

have you ever had a whole bunch of humongous cows walk towards you?
It's a teeny bit unnerving

but i bravely held my ground and got some photos

(oh brave one) 

look at that sweet face, and those eyelashes...
i think this was a baby cow
i love painting long eyelashes on my animal portraits
this little guy wasn't so big and scary 

 anyway, i was wishing i had a treat for them, 

and they didn't stampede and gore me or kill me...
they pretty much thought i was a real dud because i didn't have any treats...

i felt like such a big wuss city girl, being nervous around cows
but i did hang in there and get some photos!

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...the end... 




  1. Your blog is just beautiful !!!!!!! I feel very inspired here .. I love your blog and all your ideas....

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I love those kooboo chairs. They look great in your space and the checkered fabric is perfect.
    I know what you mean cause I can't even sit in a room without finding something wrong or something I want to's maddening!!!
    As for the cow were very brave. I remember the cows that used to come on the property at my Mom and Dad's farm. They loved huggin all up on my car and chasing them off was pretty frightening. Usually they would just look at me with those big old brown eyes and ignore me, but up close they are scary.

    Pretty cool pics though and I can just imagine how great a painting done by you would be.


  3. Hi there...I just found your blog thru the Rusty Pearl. Love the direction you are going with the chairs. That blue room is a delicious color!
    The longhorns are really pretty too. Even though I live in Texas it always amazes me how BIG cows can get. They look fairly small from the highway but when you get up to them....YOWZA! I'm going to add myself as your newest follower. Hope you pop in to see me sometime. Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll from Houston, TX

  4. that is a house sized cow with those horns!!! omg. i have never seen anything like him.

    your kooboos are perfect, and i am so glad joni gave you the nudge and confidence you needed. another perk of blogmania.

    love to you.


  5. Ok..I am a city girl so here is my cows have horns or do only bulls have horns like that? Either way, it is pretty amazing

    1. Cows have horns, too. Some breeds are "polled", those breeds are born without horns. Most breeds naturally have horns, but the horns are not present at birth. At a young age, the horn buds(the beginning growth of the horns) are removed. Those cattle are called "dehorned".

  6. I love your new chairs!! They look fabulous.


  7. I love the wicker chairs, beautiful !!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Love Tausha

  8. I don't blame you for being a little nervous, those are some extra big horns, sorta like "water buffalo" horns, yikes. love your new chairs, even more with the toile fabric, and yes, I'm a little ocd too, so I know exactly what you're talking about!

  9. Love all the chairs, especially the new ones, perfect fabric.
    Uh, city girl, that "cow" is a Texas Longhorn. And it is not a cow, it is a bull. So you are right calling it "him", but cows are "her". And "baby cows" are calves. LOL, you crack me up!!! But the cattle (that is more than one cow, or bull, or group of both)are beautiful. I would not advise going into the field with them.

  10. I do love those sweet eyelashes! And your chairs♥

  11. First of all....those chairs. Oh those chairs! Love the choice you made, Cindy. The Kooboos ARE so French rustic and sweetly cozy looking! LOVE!!! And I know what you mean about something not being "right" in a room and driving you nuts. I'm having issues with the guest room now for some reason. (Where THAT came from, I haven't a clue. lol!) I also brought down the French tole chandy that was stored in the attic for hubby to hang in the place of the farmhouse light that he replaced for the French tole chandy....about 6 months ago. (We'll see how THAT request goes over....)

    Your cow adventure brings back a nightmare of being chased by cows as my ex-husband sent me out into the pasture with a bucket of grain. Talk about being stampeded!!!! They heard the grain swishing in the bucket and all started running toward me at once! I screamed, threw the bucket, and ran for the gate. (Ya think he did that on purpose....??? Hmmmm....thus the divorce. lol!)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!

    xoxo laurie

  12. OMGosh! Now that's a COW! You were brave to stand there as he approached you.

    On to the chairs.. love what you did Cindy. What a great deal to-boot! It's tough to make decisions on home decor. I can't tell you how many times I've made a mistake because I haven't thought things out properly.. so you were wise in waiting and finding JUST the right set of chairs!


  13. girlie, you always put a smile on my face and smiling is really important! those chairs are really cute and i am glad they make you feel better so you can "go on with your life"! these things are so very important!! can't wait to see your new paintings of those huge bovines!!
    happy thanksgiving, my dearest.

  14. Hi Cindy,

    I giggled all the way through the cow paragraphs, how funny and I have never seen a cow like that in NZ let alone anywhere else, I have a feeling they might be Scottish but I could be very wrong and probably am. Aren't they called "Long Horns"?

    I love the cane chairs Kooboo chairs as you called them and I love toile would love to see a closer picture of the faded toile your going to use as I have post sitting in draft thats all about toile. I have to add the links back then plan to post it within the next few days.

    You might be pleased to know I have taken masses of photos of Peonys for my future exhibition and they have turned out fabulous, lots of play on light and shadow. Will be sharing some soon. studio is exactly like yours as in annoying parts, but worse as nothing works in it and I want to makeover the whole darn/dang thing :).

  15. I am so glad you did not get trampled by cows. That would make for a bad day. That one cows horns are HUGE --I don't think I have seen that before. Love that sweet little brown cow--he looks like he could be on his way to having really huge horns too! Can't wait to see if you paint one of them.

    Your new chairs are great! Love the wallcolor in that room. Looks peaceful in there :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  16. Hi Cindy,
    LOVE those chairs,they look beautiful! isn't it great that now with blogger all us girls with ocd moments can hang out where ever we are in the world? and support each other ;)
    Wow that cow looks like something from an old painting,i love him! but cows are pretty scary,once we were laid in the sun by a river and a herd of cows came down the hill and i was scared,Steve said we would be fine but i wasn't sure so i waded into the river and climbed on a rock,the cows only came into the water!!!! i had to swim for it and climb out the other side with them following me and run up a hill,it took me so long to walk back on the road to Steve and he just sat shaking his head xx

  17. Cindy I love anything with with gingham to. Your chairs turned out beautifully, great sitting area. That's a fairly large steer, I believe that's what it is. I wouldn't get any closer. ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo

  18. ha oh man I would love to have seen you doing this nature photo shoot..and I would love to have watched mr. fractured watching you....i can totally picture it in my mind and it makes me smile. well i love the kooboo in your room, and i do agree that sometimes those things can just drive you outta your mind...looks like you got it figured out...

  19. O,Oooh!, Cindy,
    Ok I want to let you know the same OCD mental illness runs in our family as!
    I am going to be totally honest with you, although I love those little Italian made French chairs, I am tired of seeing them everywhere, they are and were a popular shabby chic-er find, pretty as they are not so unique anymore, and definitely not as inviting to come in a sit awhile.
    Now as for the Kooboos chairs, O, oh, o....I am loving them and I too was on the hunt for some, we lost our world market and would have to drive about 75 miles to one, but thank you dearly for finding them for me, now you have made my life that much easier to complete my look, as for now.

    Cindy you made no mistake here and it's a great cross over look from French country to Nordic in style, you can drape white fur on the seats for the holidays, plus you will have so much fun changing out cushions of all kinds, how easy is that. Make some over stuff feather clouded wrapped around foam with linen covers, Yummy!

    So love these chairs a million times better (Kooboos)
    Show more of them in your settings, adding the holidays around them, so Nordic French :)

    Lots of love

  20. Yeah....those chairs pretty much rock! And your right....if they are good enough for Joni then.....we should all have them!

  21. CINDY!!!
    That ain't no COW!
    Check out what's under his belly!
    You're married?
    How did you ever get preggers?
    Cows have udders.....
    Bulls have...................................

  22. hi - just found this! wow, your room looks so cute! i love that toile1!!
    thanks so much for the shout out. ok, i'm going to stalk your blog and see if you ever finished the room. :)


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